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IJTEEE Volume 2 - Issue 7, July 2014 Edition - ISSN 2347-4289

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M. Morshed, M. M. Nabi, N. B. Monzur

ABSTRACT:The sparse representations of images have achieved outstanding demising results in recent days. But noise reduction in digital videos remains a challenging problem. In this communication we considered the coherent nature of the video frames for image processing. The imaging model shows that the video frames are corrupted by multiplicative noise. Simulation results carried out on artificially corrupted videos' frames and demonstrated performances of five previously available filtering approaches.

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Manpreet Kaur, Shallu Bajaj

ABSTRACT:The main design issues for a sensor network are conservation of the energy available at each sensor node. We propose to deploy multiple, mobile base stations to prolong the lifetime of the sensor network. In this paper, we look at communication protocols, which can have significant impact on the overall energy dissipation of these networks. We propose LEACH (Low-Energy Adaptive Clus-tering Hierarchy), a clustering-based protocol and integer linear programming, flow based routing protocol. Integer linear program is deter-mine the new locations for the base stations and a flow-based routing protocol to ensure energy efficient routing during each round and LEACH protocol that utilizes randomized rotation of local cluster base stations (cluster-heads) to evenly distribute the energy load among the sensors in the network. We compare the three schema result by using three methods.

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Anjna Paul, Anjali Chaudhary

ABSTRACT:The emerging technology of wireless sensor network (WSN) is expected to provide a broad range of applications, such as battlefield surveillance, environmental monitoring, smart spaces and so on. The coverage problem is a fundamental issue in WSN.In the paper, we propose an effective approach for coverage holes detection and removal which is based on grid based clustering.In grid based wireless sensor network, cluster zones are collecting all information which is passing through sensor nodes. The network is dividing into square shape zones .Every zone is the combination of several sensor nodes. Also we have done a comparative simulation in existing scheme and our proposed scheme. Simulation demonstrates that our proposed scheme detect and recover coverage hole, and guarantee full coverage.

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H.A. Khande, P.A. Narwade

ABSTRACT: In day today life we frequently come across some minor incidents occurring in case of two wheeler. This includes problems like damage to various two wheeler parts because of vehicle slipping, collapsing, and minor dash or due to impact of heavy weight. In such cases the handle of vehicle deforms or undergoes buckling/bending. This dissertation aims at studding the deformation taking place due to buckling by analyzing the stresses and reducing this stresses by making modification in dimensions or by changing material properties of handlebar.

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Rajashree Revaji Shinde, S.A. Shaikh

ABSTRACT: This paper presents a digital pen for handwritten digit and character for interactive printing applications. It is consists of an ARM processor, microphone, & camera. The drawing application lets user draw on any surface by observing the movement of index finger. Also can access or manipulate the information using fingers. Take a photo by Just make a square with fingers using color markers, & highlight that frame, and this system will capture the photo. Arrange these photos using own hands over free space. The device has a large number of applications, it is portable and easy to carry & that can wear it in neck. The camera also helps user to take pictures of the scene is viewing and later can arrange them on any surface. This system also used for reading a newspaper. Reading & viewing videos in news paper instead of the photos. Live sports can be updates while reading the newspaper. Users can use the pen to write digits or character. Our experimental results have successfully validated the effectiveness of the trajectory recognition algorithm for handwritten digit and character using the proposed digital pen.

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Jinka Sravana , Suba. S

ABSTRACT: In this paper we propose that R trees which is a spatial access method has the ability for indexing on multiple dimensions. The traditional Database Management Systems (DBMSs) like Oracle, Mysql do not perform well when multidimensional Non Spatial data is given since these DBMSs follows one dimensional indexing at different levels and it effects the retrieval time of queries poorly has sequential scan of the database is done. R Tree families are the most efficient among the indexing structures in data accessing methods in case of spatial data The multicolumn index structure available in the present-day DBMSs follows a single dimension indexing at multiple levels. Spatial access methods like R-Trees are capable of indexing on multiple dimensions R trees have a better performance in case of spatial data. Retrieval time of queries can be improved considerably compared traditional DBMSs methods.

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Vinjamuri Swathi, M.Sunitha Reddy

ABSTRACT: Recommender systems have been developed in variety of fields, including music recommender systems which are one of the most interesting ones. Because of the information overload and its varieties in music data, it is difficult to draw out the relevant music. Therefore, recommender systems play an important role in filtering and customizing the desired information. In the proposed system, association rules mining technique is applied to filter the similar users, and then the related songs are recommended to them. For finding the similar users Frequent Pattern Growth Algorithm is being used. Since, FP-Growth allows frequent itemset discovery without the generation of candidate itemset. After finding frequent patterns then association rules are generated. Finally recommendations are done to the users and the accuracy is checked.

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Ahmed A. Muhseen

ABSTRACT: In this paper a mathematical model that describes the spread of sexual infectious disease in a population is proposed and studied. It is assumed that the disease divided the population into four classes: susceptible individuals of males (S), infected individuals of males (I), susceptible individuals of females and infected individuals of females . The impact of contact between of population and external sources of disease for example (blood and other), on the dynamics of epidemic model is investigated. The existence, uniqueness and boundedness of the solution of the model are discussed. The local and global stability of the model is studied. The occurrence of local bifurcation in the model is investigated. Finally the global dynamics of the proposed model is studied numerically.

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Ratnesh Sharma, Shambhu Kr. Jha

Abstract: RMAN is a feature of Oracle Database product which is used to take backup, restoration and recovering physical files of the Oracle Database (like .dbf, .ctl and so on) and with the help of this we can easily restore the current session in any of the system, if any of the physical files required to startup the instance of the Database gets corrupt at any instance or by mistake the user deletes file. It also provides the facility of block level corruption detection during backup and restoration. Rman communicates with secure backup and clients media management tapes for backups. This research paper gives an idea about the enhancements done in the various versions of Oracle Database. This research paper put a light on the improvements in the Oracle database versions.

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K. Neeraja, V. Sireesha

ABSTRACT:Considering the continuity of a data stream, the accessed windows information of a data stream may not be useful as a concept change is effected on further data. In order to support frequent item mining over data stream, the interesting recent concept change of a data stream needs to be identified flexibly. Based on this, an algorithm can be able to identify the range of the further window. A method for finding frequent itemsets over a data stream based on a sliding window has been proposed here, which finds the interesting further range of frequent itemsets by the concept changes observed in recent windows.

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Joseph A. Anejo

ABSTRACT:The elements of the built environment are all products of construction. Construction uses materials obtained from natural sources or processed from raw materials obtained from natural sources. Concrete, steel and timber are used predominantly in construction. In addition to satisfying construction needs, these materials also bring about serious environmental problems. The purpose of this paper is to review the impact of the use of these three basic construction materials on the environment. It was pointed out that the negative impact could be reduced by the recycling and reuse of the materials which will reduce the consumption of new materials. The use of naturally occurring materials where available in place of these materials was also suggested as an additional means of reducing the impacts from construction materials. These were strongly recommended. It was revealed that timber is the most environmentally friendly construction material. Steel was shown to be capable of being reused and recycled many times and therefore should be preferred above concrete for structural purposes. Informed and intelligent material selection was given to be an important key as well. Proper understanding of the material environmental performance can be achieved with the use of Life Cycle Assessment. This provides a means through which the environmental impact of the materials right from processing through the use in construction, unto the demolition/deconstruction of the facility will be determined, and was strongly advocated.

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Mallya Ananth Mohan, Dr Mohandas Chadaga

Abstract: Activated Carbon is one of the foremost adsorbents. It is much sought after in almost all fields of pollution control and mitigation, owing to its highly efficient nature in adsorbing a wide range of solid, liquid and gaseous pollutants. Most commercially activated carbon is prepared from coconut shells. Since coconut shells have a variety of other uses, the perceived economic value of this raw material has seen a steady increase in the past few years. This naturally adds up to the cost of the carbon prepared from the shells, even though coconut shell activated carbon is still considered among the superior carbons. Therefore a lot of research has gone into making activated carbon out of food and agricultural wastes that as yet don’t have much perceived economic value. This paper takes a brief look at the physical and chemical activation methods used for preparing activated carbon from Cashew Nut Shells, and its efficiency in the removal of Methylene Blue (MB) dye from aqueous solutions.

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Mayank Sharma, Deependra Pandey

Abstract: In this section, we can obtain a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technique combining transmit antenna Selection and receiver maximal-ratio combining. In this technique, a single transmit antenna, which increases the received signal power at the receiver, is selected for non coded transmission. When we are using receiving diversity scheme then we found MRC Technique is given better result and for transmit diversity we found transmit beam forming is better. After a overall conclusion we obtain that MRC at receiving end is best overall. The results output provides us that the less Bit error rate as the we is increases the antenna confrigation. It is shown that the MRC scheme outperforms some more different space-time coding of the same efficiency.

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K.A Yusuf, A.M Olaniyan , E.O Atanda, I.A Sulieman

ABSTRACT: Research has revealed that mechanical expression process could substantially improve the yield and quality of groundnut oil. In this study, experiments were carried out to study the effects of heating temperature and seed condition on the yield and quality of oil extracted from groundnut by mechanical means. The physiochemical analysis of the oil extracted was also determined. Samples of 3kg mass of grounded groundnut seeds were pressed at two different seed conditions (dehulled and undehulled) and four levels of temperatures (70,80,90 and 1000C) in a randomize complete block design (RCBD) and data obtained were subjected to statistical analysis using SPSS software. The result obtained revealed that oil yield increases with increase in temperature but tends to decreases as the temperature increase beyond 900C and maximum oil yield was obtained when the seeds is in dehulled condition as compared to when the sample was pressed with the hulls. The physiochemical analysis of the oil extracted also revealed that the PH value, specific gravity, refractive index, peroxide value, free fatty acid (FFA) and total acid value of the oil decreases with increase in temperature irrespective of the seed conditions.

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Adekeye K. S, Bada Olatunbosun

ABSTRACT: In the literature, the Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) and Exponentially Weighted Moving Variance (EMWV) control schemes have been used separately to monitor the process average and process variability respectively. Here the two are combined and applied on simulated process with different level of variation. The control limit interval (CLI) and the average run length (ARL) were evaluated for the combined chart. The combined chart performed better than the two independently. Furthermore, an algorithm was developed for the two control charts and implemented on visual basic VB6.0. The obtained results show that the combined EWMA and EWMV control chart is very sensitive in detecting shift in production process and every shift in the process mean is always preceded by shift in the process variability.

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Chukwuma Godwin Jacob Nmegbu, Lotanna Vitus Ohazuruike

ABSTRACT: The development of a three-dimensional, three-phase, multicomponent numerical model to analyse the microbial transport and fluid flow phenomena in a microbe-flooded reservoir is presented. The multiphase flow equations are solved in multi cases and in three-dimensional frameworks following the implicit pressure explicit saturation (IMPES) procedure in which the solution of the bacteria transport equations is solved implicitly whereas the nutrient transport equation is solved explicitly. The MEOR model was incorporated into an existing chemical flooding simulator (UTCHEM). The simulation results showed that the sharp increase of pressure after the microbial flooding is caused by pore plugging and the production of biogenic gas. As the time increased and water flooding continued, the permeability recovered slightly with the declogging of microbes in the pore space, resulting in a decrease in pressure drop.

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O. A. Adeboye, R.A. Iyanda, K.A. Yusuf, A.M. Olaniyan, K.O. Oje

ABSTRACT: Effects of temperature, pretreatment and slice orientation on the drying rate and quality of mature green plantain (Musa paradisiaca) were studied using an electrically-powered, experimental cabinet dryer. The product was dried from an initial moisture content of 62 % (w.b) to 11.9 % (w.b) with hourly moisture loss and drying rate values measured and calculated. A factorial experiment in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) involving three levels of temperature (50, 60 and 70 0C); three levels of pretreatment (blanching, boiling and control), and two levels of slice orientation (round and flat) were used. The results were statistically analysed using SPSS 16.0 and Duncan’s New Multiple Range Tests (DNMRT) to determine the level of significance among the treatment factors. Drying occurred in two phases of the falling rate period. Drying rate increased with increase in temperature for all the samples. Control and blanched round slices had the highest drying rate of 8.76 g/hr at 70 0C. The interaction between slice orientation―temperature was significant on the drying rate. The protein, fat and fibre content decreased with increase in temperature but the ash content increased with increase in temperature. Control flat slices had the highest protein and fibre contents of 4.33 % and 1.29 % respectively at 50 0C. Boiled round slices had the highest fat content of 4.05 % at 50 0C. Control round slices had the highest ash content of 2.15 % at 70 0C. Drying plantain at 70 0C with round slices for 7 hours with control or blanching pretreatment will be appropriate if energy, time and cost are major factors to be considered.

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Simran Singh, Saurabh Rawat, Okesh Chabbra

Abstract: Real-Time PCR—also called quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR)—is one of the most powerful and sensitive gene analysis techniques available and is used for a broad range of applications including quantitative gene expression analysis, genotyping, SNP analysis, pathogen detection, drug target validation and for measuring RNA interference. Frequently, real-time polymerase chain reaction is combined with reverse transcription to quantify messenger RNA (mRNA) and MicroRNA (miRNA) in cells or tissues. Traditional methods use Agarose gels for detection of PCR amplification at the final phase or end-point of the PCR reaction. To understand why traditional PCR is limiting, it is important to understand what happens during a PCR reaction.

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D.R.Gaikwad, H.M.Dange

Abstract: Conservation of fuel is the key to any nation’s economic success, also limitation of pollution through such fuel combustion is a must for the nation’s health. The present investigation is to find performance and emission characteristics of a four stroke multi cylinder spark ignition engine (MPFI: Multi Point Fuel Injection) operating with oxyrich air energizer. The oxygen is blended in intake air with different quantity of mass flow rate 5 lpm, 10 lpm and 15 lpm in a four stroke multi cylinder spark ignition engine for different load and speeds. The speed is varied from 1000, 1500 and 2000rpm. For every speed range the load is varied in range 20, 40, 60 and 80N-m. The performance and emissions of engine such as, mechanical efficiency, brake thermal efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption, volumetric Efficiency, carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen are to be determined and compared with and without oxyrich air energizer. The aim of this paper is to increase fuel efficiency and to reduce exhaust emission levels.

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Pandhare A. P., Chaskar S. T., Patil J. N., Jagtap A. S., Bangal P. M.

ABSTRACT: Skid Base Frame is a structural assembly consisting of beams of various cross sections and dimensions. The base frame is subjected to gravitational loading of all the components mounted viz. Compressor, Air Receiver vessel etc. The frame discussed in this report was designed with conventional CAD design practices and then analyzed statically with FEA software. The acceleration loads considered during analysis phase resembled the actual loading cases. The analysis was carried out to determine the induced stresses and the deflections at various locations on proposed frame. The structure was optimized to reduce weight.

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MaramReddy Divya, V. Punna Rao

ABSTRACT: The proposed system is for designing progressive lenses. This method permits generation of lens design based on the head and eye movements of an individual. For this a camera is used for imaging the head and eye of a person. It relies on tracking algorithms to robustly track a person’s head and eye movements. This system classifies rotation in all viewing directions, and detects head movements. Based on this information head frequency map is generated. Once the eye and head frequency map is generated they are combined to form a generalized frequency map. This map is then used to suggest the patient with the customized progressive lens.

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Ijeoma, N. B.

ABSTRACT: The rise in public expectations in Nigeria especially with the series of financial failures that occurred during the recessionary years of late 1980’s and 1990’s when banks were certified as being profitable and within a year or two recorded sudden collapse. Members of the public queried the role auditors played when these banks where presenting healthy financial statements when they were in serious liquidity and profitability crises. These questions arose as a result of the wrong perception of the main audit objective by the public. These leads to auditors being very cautious about accepting absolute reporting responsibilities while the users of account statements on the otherhand become afraid of information risk. This study revealed and identified that there has been an existing gap between the assurances auditors provide on management-complied financial information and the expectations of investor and other financial statement users. Recent efforts to close the expectation gap have focused on influencing public opinion on the role auditors should play and changing professional standards to ensure an audit designed to provide reasonable assurance so that material errors, irregularities and misstatement in financial statements will be detected and not absolute assurance as desired by the investors. Investors views should serve as a reminder to the profession and individual auditors that professional audit standard of absolute do not dictate public opinion.

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Olotu Yahaya, Rodiya. A.A, Evboifo Nathaniel, Okafor Micheal

ABSTRACT: Modelling of streamflow and discharge of river Awara under changed climate conditions using CLIMGEN for stochastic weather generation and WEAP model was used to simulate reserviour storage volume, water demand and river discharges at high spatial resolution (0.5°×0.5°, total 66,420 grid cells). Results of CLM-Based flow measurement shows a linear regression with R2 = 0.99 for IFPRI-MNP- IGSM_WRS calibration. Sensitivity simulation of ambient long-term shows an increase in temperature with 0.5oc thus the results of the studies generally show that annual runoff and river discharges could largely decrease. The projection of water demands 150 million m3 by 2020 against the reserviour storage volume 60 million m3 and decrease in rainfall depth by -5.7 mm. The output of the combined models used in this study is veritable to create robust water management system under different climate change scenarios.

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Amal S. Humidat, Iyad S. Khamaysa

ABSTRACT: Due to the increasing prevalence of hypertension, the use of herbal as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has become more common. This is because hypertension patients are interested in improving the quality of life by using herbs as CAM with conventional hypertension treatment. The purpose of this study is to investigate the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in the treatment of hypertension in humans in Palestine. A cross-sectional survey of hypertension patients was undertaken using semi-structured questionnaire. Results: A total of 83 patients with hypertension were interviewed. Of the participants, 59% (n=49) reported using herbs primarily bought from Palestine (60.2%).The most common herbal product was Allium sativum. Most Complementary and Alternative (CAM) users were more than 60 years of age, predominantly female, and living in rural areas of Palestine. Family member’s recommendation was cited as the main factor prompting participants to use CAM (32.5%).Conclusion: This study revealed that there is an appreciable prevalence of herbal use among patients with hypertension in Palestine.

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Rashmi S, Deepu R

Abstract: The objective of image fusion is to combine relevant information from multiple images into single image. The proposed technique fuses the multi-exposure images into a high quality image, avoiding the intermediate step of converting it into high dynamic range image. The acquisition pipeline is simplified by skipping the physically based high dynamic range assembly. The advantage includes avoiding the camera response curve calibration and increased computational efficiency. The technique blends multiple exposures using simple quality measures like saturation and contrast. The blending is done in multi resolution fashion to account for better results. Extending this to multi-focus image stack, the goal is to select only those pixels which are in good focus and thus are sharp. An efficient and low complex approach for fusion of multi focus images in the DCT domain based on variance is proposed. A non-reference objective image fusion metrics based on mutual information is used to for evaluation of fusion performance.

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Tassew Alemayehu, Assefa Sergawie

ABSTRACT: This article reviews about naturally occurring conducting polymer, Melanin. In this paper detailed explanation was included conducting polymers that have been developed with wide range of properties and potential applications due to their chemical, mechanical, optical and electrical properties such as sensors, electromechanical devices, batteries and electro chemical cell. In addition ist was also describer about Melanins that is serve as a free radical scavengers, antioxidants and photoconductors. However, some researchers have shown that cells containing small amount of melanin are more susceptible to damage from irradiation. This observation has been linked to iron content of melanin, in that when melanin is saturated with transition metal ions like iron it may actually produce free radicals and therefore accelerates cell death rather than protecting it. Therefore it is advisable to protect the melanin pigment from saturation with such transition metal ions (abstact).

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Balraj More, Pradeep Jadhav, Vicky Jadhav, Giridhar Narule, Shahid Mulani

ABSTRACT: In order to serious climate change, deep reduction in CO2 emission will be required in coming decades.CO2 absorption is one of the key technology to control the global warming. Global warming is caused by sharply increased greenhouse gases emission by human activities. In building industry, CO2 emission mainly come from cement production. Capturing of CO2 from point source, from ambient air and reducing atmospheric CO2 concentration by using Zeolite powder and Zeolite sand. Concrete with Zeolite as a supplement material can absorb large quantity of CO2.Introducing Zeolite material into the concrete absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere hence it will be eco-friendly. Absorb CO2 and reduces the air pollution, Keep environment clean and full of oxygen.

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Asma Mohammad Salem

Abstract: Facebook is recognized as the largest online social network system in the last few years, which is come up with billions numbers of users in the last 2013. The system is recognized as distributed system in its design, infrastructure and architecture .The datacenters behind this network system are huge, robust, keeping the system scalable, reliable, secure, and let the Facebook accessible from anywhere with highly availability

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Junayde Abdurahmen, Adamu Addissie, Mitike Molla

Abstract: Clients’ preference to place of delivery and types of attendants are important factors. Female patients prefer female professionals due to various reasons. Findings show that Women are not using available and accessible maternity services. This is illustrated by low institutional delivery compared to high antenatal care (ANC). Objective: To assess preference of place of delivery, delivery attendants and associated factors among women at Shashemene town. Methods: Cross-sectional study was conducted with mixed approach on a total of 288 women who have child less than one year of age during the survey. Multi stage sampling technique was used. Quantitative Data was entered into EPI info and analyzed using SPSS 16.0 software. Analysis was done using logistic regression. For 6FGDs and 2IDI Topic guides were reviewed manually and electronically, then responses were transcribed and translated later coded into categories and grouped into theme thematically. Result: out of 288 women of reproductive age 95.8% responded to the questionnaires. Only 34.9%, 22.6% and 42.5% of the women attended ANC during their first, second and third trimester respectively. Regarding place of delivery only 37.7 % of women gave birth at home. In multivariate analysis the likelihood of attending and delivering at health facility was high for women whose income 1021-1530/month [OR 4.2, 95%CI: (1.97, 9.32)], education greater or equal to secondary [OR 6.8, 95% CI: (2.9, 15.8)] and positive husband attitude toward health facility [OR 4.8, 95% CI: (1.3, 17.96)]. The chance of giving birth at home was high for those aged between 15-19 years (OR 6.3, 95%CI: (2.7, 14.9). 30% of women explained as they feel comfortable being at home as the most frequent reason for not delivering at health facility followed by to gain family care (29%) and lack of privacy (16.2%). Conclusions: Most women preferred female health professionals, still there are women preferred home as place of deliver. Socio-demographic and cultural factors found to be barriers to preference of services. Policies about maternity health care and education should take into account preferences of women. So, mitigation measure is in need to ensure right and informed choice.

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