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Panchanana Gouda, A.J.Pattanayak, Prachi Pragyan Gouda, Chakrapani Patnaik

ABSTRACT: A method is described for the Biosorption of Pb+2 from aqueous solution as well as natural water samples by using biomass prepared from the seed powder of Cordia dichotoma. Parameter such as pH, bio-adsorbent dose, contact time and concentration of the metal ion in the solution were investigated. The adsorption equilibrium data were tested by the commonly used two parameter equations such as the Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption isotherms. The results indicated that the data of Pb+2adsorption on to biomass of Cordia dichotoma fits to the Freundlich model. The adsorption capacity (Qm) calculated from the Langmuir adsorption isotherm was 0.02 mg Pb+2 g-1 at a pH of 7. Adsorption kinetics data were analysed using the pseudo first order and pseudo second order equations. The graphs showed that the experimental data suited well to pseudo second order model. XRD spectrum of the Cordia dichotoma powder showed the presence of the fine crystals which help for the best adsorption of Pb+2 ions. The FT-IR spectral analysis revealed the presence of hydroxyl and carbonyl functional groups which are chelated in the bioadsorbent. It is very much effective in removing Pb+2 ion from water in presence of common metal ions like Na+ , K+, Ca+2 and Mg+2 etc.

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M. Anil Kumar

ABSTRACT: Analysis of time series of currents measured along the equator at 77E, 83E and 93E locations is presented with an emphasis on the semi-annual variability of zonal currents in the Eastern equatorial Indian Ocean (EEIO) during November 2004 July 2006. The observed currents are compared with the Ocean General Circulation Model (OGCM) simulated currents for the study period. Semi-annual Wave (SAW) harmonic is fitted to the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) measured currents at each depth (at 8m depth bins) in the upper 200m time series of zonal velocity revealed i) predominant semi-annual equatorial jets in spring (April-May) and fall (September October) with velocity ranging between 120 and 160 cm/s at 77E and 83E and weaker jets at 93E with inter-annual variability, and ii) eastward flowing spring and monsoon Equatorial Undercurrents (EUC) at around 80-100 m depth. The amplitude of the SAW is large (57 cm/s) at 77E and small (13 cm/s) at 93E. The Observed variation of zonal velocity is compared well with the model simulations at 77E and 83E, but deviated at 93E.

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Kishori R. Ghule , Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh

Abstract: Speech Recognition is the process of identifying words and phrase from spoken language and converts them in to machine readable format. This paper describes an approach of isolated words speech recognition by using Mel-Scale Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) and Dynamic Time Warping (DTW). This ASR develops for large vocabulary. MFCC extract the features of spoken words speech signals. For database 100 isolated words are taken from Marathi language and recorded from 100 native speakers with 3 utterances. Dynamic Time Warping algorithm is used for the feature matching purpose. DTW algorithm measures similarity between two sequences, which may vary in speed or time.

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Nmegbu, Chukwuma Godwin Jacob, Olaleye, Oluwaseun .E, Pepple, Daniel .D

ABSTRACT: A practical pressure transient analysis method is presented for a drawdown test in a well near a constant pressure internal circular boundary. The problem was mathematically posed and solved using the Laplace Transformation with the Laplace solutions presented in this work. Internal boundaries are viewed as circles with infinite radii and act as a known limiting case for finite radii internal boundaries. The time it takes pressure transient to reach the internal circular boundary and the permeability of the reservoir formation bounded by an internal discontinuity is estimated using generalized type curves. Using a new generalized type curve developed in this investigation, the bounded reservoir permeability and transient time to the internal boundary was determined by generalized semi-log type curve matching without using the usual double straight line technique

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Matthew Asare FCCA, Samuel Effah ACCA,

ABSTRACT: Electronic banking has changed the way banking is conducted across the globe and Ghana is no exception. Over the years banks have designed and rolled out many different electronic banking products and services in the Ghanaian landscape. In this study an attempt is made to critically examine how customers have accepted and adopted electronic banking products and services. The study was conducted using three banks namely Fidelity Bank, Zenith Bank and Access Bank. Data was collected from the administration of open ended and closed ended questionnaires. Additional data was also collected through interviews conducted with 150 customers and 50 staff of the banking institutions. A purposive and simple sampling technique was used to select the case study banks, customers and staff who participated in the study. Results of the study revealed that the factors which influence electronic banking include; ease of identification, ease of use, usefulness and interactivity. It also emerged that age, education and regular power supply contribute to electronic banking acceptability in Ghana. The successful adoption and acceptance of electronic banking is limited by challenges including; security concerns, high illiteracy rate, limited number of people with internet connection, unreliability and slow internet connection. Despite the challenges electronic banking will undoubtedly continue to offer new delivery channels for banking services now and in the future.

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Sreenivasa Pisupati

ABSTRACT: This document describes the Test Automation Architecture for mobile applications using SeeTest automation tool from Experitest. This framework is designed using Eclipse IDE of Java. It is a modular framework and follows Java project creation structure. This framework enables to run the automated scripts on different devices. Enhanced test coverage and reduction in the regression test cycles can be accomplished by running these automated scripts on different devices in parallel.Increased coverage reduces cost. Test teams can find defects earlier and avoid costly production problems. Some of the challenges faced in mobile testing like device, Operating system fragmentation and carrier connectivity are addressed in SeeTest frameworks.

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Bello, Stephen Adeyemi, Ojo, Roseline Funmilayo, Charles Bala Ocheje

Abstract: University-based institutional repository helps effective management of knowledge packaged in university community for scholarly communication if established in university library. The purpose of this study is to appraise the availability of university-based institutional repository in university libraries in North Central States of Nigeria. Questionnaire and personal interview were used as instrument for data collection. Simple percentage was use for data analysis where 50% and above was considered acceptable; where below 50% was considered not acceptable. The results shows that out of eleven (11) university libraries surveyed 3(27.3%) has university-based institutional repository while 8(72.7%) do not have. Recommendations were provided in three segments which are: factors to be considered when preparing institutional knowledge package resources for university-based institutional repository; general and specific university-based institutional repository resources required and their functions (Table 2); basic steps and activities there-in in setting up university-based institutional repository in university library (Table 3).

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Mehtab Singh

ABSTRACT: Dispersion phenomenon limits the performance of an optical fiber communication link very often, which causes the optical pulse to broaden as they travel through the fiber. These expanded pulses may overlap with each other at the output giving rise to Intersymbolic Interference (ISI). Dispersion posses a great hindrance to achieve high data rates and longer links in fiber optic communication system and hence dispersion compensation has become an issue of great importance. One of the methods to reduce ISI in signal is equalization of received signal. In this paper investigation has been done an adaptive equalization to reduce ISI caused by dispersion in optical links. Simulations are performed using Electronic Equalizer in order to monitor and suppress dispersion in optical links. Considerable improvement in the overall quality of signal can be seen in results of these simulations. Q factor before equalization was measured and found to be 64.037. Q factor was shown to improve after equalization and attained highest value of 102.843 when leakage factor was taken to be 1, step size 0.003, forward tap space 2, and no of forward taps 4.

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moez balti

ABSTRACT: A system on chip (SoC) is composed of a large number of intellectual property (IP) blocks on the same silicon. However, as the number of IP blocks on a single chip and their performance continue to increase, a shift from those classic interconnections to optical ones becomes mandatory. This article presents an OCDMA architecture on-chip. In this proposal, the VCSEL diode and the photodiode communication is implemented using VHDL_AMS language.

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Tewodros Getnet

ABSTRACT: Determinates Of Farmers Adoption Decisios of Improved Seed Variety In Dabat District, Ethiopia Tewodros Getnet Addis Ababa University, 2014 Intellectuals believe that in many countries augmenting agricultural productivity is the main, perhaps the only, means of meeting basic needs of alarmingly growing population. Productivity is a matter of intensive use of available resource by using improved technology. However, studies in Ethiopia demonstrate law level of farm technology adoption. Therefore, clear understanding of factors behind is important for policy makers. Thus, its the focal objective of this study. In the study, technology stands for improved seed variety. Here for this research the researcher use Years of use of adopted practices as a measure of adoption. Individuals use the length of the period of use of the technologies as a possible indicator for the extent of adoption of technologies. In order to achieve these objectives cross sectional biophysical; demographic and socio-economic data were collected from 129 randomly selected households in two selected kebles of Dabat Woreda. A two stage stratified random sampling procedure was used to select kebeles and households. The study is done manly based on survey data supported by case study, key informant interview and secondary data sources. The data were analyzed using both univariate and bivariate analysis. In this study different factors including demographic (sex, dependence ratio, education), land related (land holding, plot number, land fragmentation), income related (farm income and off-farm income), geographical (agro-ecology, plot distance) and farmers perceptions were considered and found to be statistically significant with different level and direction of relation. The major findings of the study give an idea about the importance of giving attention on the impact of these farm inputs rather than the quantity and numbering users. In addition to this, the finding calls attention to the importance of farm insurance and demonstration sites in the diffusion process of these farm inputs.

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N.S. Umeokwonna, A.J. Ekpunobi, P.I Ekwo

ABSTRACT: Cobalt doped Magnesiun Oxide nanofilms were grown by electrodeposition method using heptahydrated Magnesium tetraoxosulphate (VI) salt as source of Magnesium ion, Citric acid as oxidizing agent. Hexahydrated Cobalt Chloride salt was used as source of Cobalt ion and Sodium hydroxide as pH adjuster. The percentage doping was varied from 3% to 23% in intervals of 5%. Results of the study show that the optical properties viz; absorbance, reflectance, refractive index, extinction coefficient, electrical conductivity, complex dielectric constant and optical conductivity are directly proportional to percentage doping with cobalt while transmittance is inversely proportional. The film exhibits low absorbance, reflectance, and high transmittance in all the regions of electromagnetic spectrum.

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Salma Elzen Ibraheem, Barka Mohammed Kabeir, Limia Hashim Mohammed, Bhageil Taifour Bhagiel

Abstract: This study was carried out to determine the nutritional value of different roasted peanut based milk fermented with B. longum BB536. Roasted peanut and yellow millet were soaked in water (12 h), blended (5 min) and filtered using a double layered cheese cloth to prepare the roasted peanut milk and millet beverage, which was boiled to prepared millet thin porridge. Different formulation based on roasted peanut milk partially substituted with 15% (A), 30% (B), and 45% (C) with millet thin porridge was prepared. Formulations were sterilized (121˚C for 15 min), inoculated (3% active culture of B. longum BB536), and incubated (37 ◦C) for 18 h. Proximate composition was determined and energy value was calculated. Roasting facilitated the removal of the crust and decreased the peany flavor of peanut. The improvement in fat, proteins, fiber, ash and Carbohydrates of peanut by roasting was 0.23, 1.43, 0.32, 0.1, and 0.62%, respectively; due to decrease in moisture by roasting. Roasted peanut contains higher fat, protein, while in raw millet higher fiber, ash and carbohydrates have been recorded. The number of B. longum BB536 obtained in all fermented beverages was above the number required to presence in probiotic food which is at least 6 log CFU/ml. Fermentation increased moisture, protein, ash and fiber in peanut milk. While fat, carbohydrate and total soluble solids decreased. Fermentation increased protein, ash, fiber, total soluble solid, and carbohydrate but decreased moisture and fat in millet thin porridge. Fermentation increased moisture, and fiber but decreased fat, carbohydrate, and total soluble solid in blends A, B, and C. Protein and ash increased in blend A. The calculated energy value ranged from 61.19 kcal/100ml in peanut milk to 36.18 kcal/100ml in Blend C. It decreased by supplementation with millet thin porridge. However, serving with sugar could fulfill the daily energy requirements for adult men (3200 kcal) and adult women (2300 kcal). The fermented beverages fulfill probiotics requirement and provide energy and other essential nutrients.

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Patrobers Simiyu

ABSTRACT: In 21st Century, there is growing interests in the global power generation sector to integrate more renewable energy (RE) resources in least-cost generation expansion planning for security of supply and sustainable development. However, little has been done in Kenya yet she was endowed with enormous unexploited RE resources. For this reason, the study derived an optimal green least-cost generation expansion plan (OGLCGEP) taking 2010 as the base year to 2031 using the WASP IV model. The study findings showed that the OGLCGEP had a capacity of 1382MW at a peak demand of 1227MW in the base year. However, annual RE capacity additions over the planning horizon will raise the capacities to 19828MW at a peak demand of 16905MW in the reference demand forecast scenario (RDFS) and 26968MW at a peak demand of 22985MW in the higher demand forecast scenario (HDFS). Consequently a 71% to 78% green generation would be realized with 1.94 -3.02 % LOLP. Additionally, the envisaged RE system would supply 7721GWh to 105766 GWh in the RDFS and 143830GWh in the HDFS with a cumulative total of 18 to 23.6Mt CO2 emissions. Moreover, the energy systems cost would be US$ 14.62 billion in the RDFS; US$ 5.34 billion higher in the HDFS by 2031. Subsequently, the systems net present value would be US$ +2.16 billion in the RDFS; US$ +4.92 billion higher in the HDFS besides potential carbon credits. Thus, the OGLCGEP would be a feasible option and the future for high RE grid integration for Kenya. Therefore, the research recommends future studies to focus on modeling of the Kenya national-grid reliability and stability with high penetration of variable renewable energy sources.

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Patrobers Simiyu

ABSTRACT: The main concern in the global generation sector was the huge CO2 emissions from the conventional power generation. In Kenya, the sector prepares 20 year rolling least cost power development plan (LCPDP) for expanding the power system to meet the current and future power demands. The 2011-2031 LCPDP generation plan proposed a system expansion that would result in a 33% fossil fuel power generation posing a huge CO2 emission dilemma. Consequently, a green least-cost generation expansion plan (GLCGEP) was derived from the Kenyas numerous renewable energy resources. However, the question of whether or not the plan was preferable over the LCPDP and the way forward for the Kenyas generation sector remained unanswered. This study sought the answer to this question through a comparative study of the two generation expansion plans. The findings of the study established that the GLCGEP would have a relatively modest reserve margin averaged at 25% and more than US$2.16 billion net revenues by the end of the 2011-31 planning period. Nothwitstanding, the envisaged energy system showed ample social-economic benefits for green growth. Therefore the research recommended future studies on modelling grid reliability and stability with high penetration of variable renewable energy sources.

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Banzoussi Niaka Ursule Nudy

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of training practices on employees and organization performance in Congolese telecommunication companies. Following the empirical framework, a survey was developed and data collected from four telecommunication companies. Results indicate that training practices have a positive linear relationship with employee and organization performance. Furthermore, training practices have positive and statistically significant effect on employees and organization performance. Training activities of competences development is the most important factor for employee and organization performance. The reason is that organization needs to acquire the new competences to be more competitive. For employees, training activities competences development allowed them to increase the degree of their employability as well as to improve their technical competences.

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Gebretinsae Yeabyo Nigussie, Abi Tadesse Mengesha, Desta Gebremedhin Gebrehiwet

ABSTRACT: Ag-N/TiO2 nanoparticles have been prepared from commercial TiO2 (Degussa P-25). The prepared sample was calcined at 400 C for 4 hours. The composite was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis was carried out to determine the crystalline phases of the synthesized material, Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) used to analyze the size and morphology of nonmaterial, Ultraviolet Visible Spectroscopy (UV-VIS) to determine the maximum wavelength. The effect of calcination temperature, catalyst loading, initial pH and silver doping on the photocatalytic efficiency of the sample was tested using methyl orange (MO) as a target pollutant. Results shows titanate phase could transform to anatase phase at the calcination temperature higher than 300 C and with further increase in the calcination temperature from 700 to 900 C, the intensity of rutile phase increased. TEM images of Ag-N/TiO2 nanocomposite were measured and the size of the particles is in the range 1015 nm. While the absorption edge of the nano-composite was observed at an absorption band of 540 nm. Silver content has an optimum value of 0.5 M for achieving high photocatalytic activity. However, too much silver loading will result in a negative effect and photocatalytic degradation of MO decreases. Ag-N/TiO2- visible photocatalysts achieved the highest photodegradation efficiency with a MO conversion of 87.42% and 84.32% after 180 min of visible and UV irradiation respectively. The effects of pH on the photodegradation efficiency, which include optimum amount of Ag-N/TiO2 (400 mg/L) photocatalyst and fixed concentration of MO (100 ppm) the highest degradation was observed at pH 2.

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Parvez Daudi, Vivek Pandey

Abstract: Pyracantha crenulata is very important species in the forest ecosystem of Uttarakhand Himalaya. Recently it has been seen that modernization and climate change drawing adverse effect on its habitat. The objective of the present investigation was to develop nursery techniques of Ghingharu (Pyracantha crenulata) through seed and vegetative method for mass propagation. Therefore an experiment carried out by seed sowing in different mediums (sand, sand + soil, vermiculite) and different places (mist chamber, shade net, open beds) with different pre sowing treatments. Seed were presoaked in normal water for 12 hours and hot water for 12 hours. The results indicate that maximum 60 % seed germination was observed after normal water soaking for 12 hours with sand + soil (1:1) in mist chamber. The vegetative propagation was conducted with leading shoot cuttings of 2 year old seedlings originated from seed. Pretreated cuttings with different IBA treatments were planted in sand in mist chamber. The cuttings treated with IBA 5000 ppm, performed maximum 74 % rooting in comparison to other treatments. The IBA treatment with 4000 ppm and 6000 ppm reduced rooting percentage as 29 % and 72 % respectively.

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Archana Gupta

ABSTRACT: Medical records of patients are extremely sensitive information ,needing uncompromising security during both storage and transmission.In addition , these records often have to be traceable to patient medical data such as X-ray or Scan (CAT,MRI etc.) images.While numerous security tools that hide the information and prevent unauthorized access to the data exits,the possibility of hiding the very existence of these records,using image steanography , in discussed in this paper.An improved version of a high capacity data hiding scheme, called least significant bits(LSB).This paper present securing the transmission of medical images.The presented algorithm will be applied to images. Confidential information are commonly stored in digital media and transmitted via internet due to the rapid growth of internet.If the information in images is altered then this may lead to wrong assumptions.Certain medical applications require information exchange over an insecure network where a small piece of medical information is modified intentionally for certain illegal purpose which may lead to wrong diagnosis.Therefore protection of integrity ,reliability and confidentiality of the secret medical data in images are the important issues.To protect the secret medical information steganography techniques can be used where the secret medical data is altered,even if the attackers get to know the data it was not be of any use without knowing algorithm.

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Dr Rumki Sarkar

ABSTRACT: A River Basin is considered as an important unit to understand the geomorphic and geologic history of an area. The Rajmahal Traps have an interesting history of their origin and evolution. The adjacent areas of Rajmahal Traps have been subjected to face a number of events since the Upper Carboniferous to ongoing Quaternary. Lithologically the area is characterized by basalt, glacial boulder deposits, gravel bed, laterite and alluvium etc. It has unique and complicated geological succession. Geomorphic features like straight channel with sharp bend, river terraces, antecedent channel, springs etc. are commonly visible in the study area. In a tectonically influenced area, terraces and springs not only play an important role to understand the geomorphic evolution but also has geohydrological importance. Springs are formed where ground water table is influenced due to land subsidence, faulting, removal of surface soil cover etc. River terraces, generally considered as erosional feature are imprints of tectonic upheavals or rejuvenation. The Ghutkandar basin is characterised by a number of springs. Therefore, this work is a humble attempt to analyse the geologic and geomorphic evolution of the Ghutkandar basin, a portion of Rajmahal Highlands and to find out the geohydrological potentiality and importance.

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Ebele Mary Onwuka, Kelechi Enyinna Ugwu, Joy Itoya, Ngozi Margret Okeke

ABSTRACT: This paper investigates the relationship between entrepreneurship development and poverty reduction in rural communities in Edo State Nigeria. Taro Yamanis statistical technique was used to calculate the sample size of the population. Stratified random sampling was used to distribute the survey questionnaires, out of the 215 questions distributed to the respondents, only 211 were completed and returned back for data analysis. SPSS version 20 software were employed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to analyze the data and compare different population of mean existing within the groups and between the groups at five point-likert scale of strongly agreed, agree, undecided, disagree and strongly disagree. The result of analysis revealed that F- calculated (1270.644) is greater than F- tabulated (2.53) thereby rejecting the null hypothesis and accepts the alternative hypothesis that, there is significant relationship between entrepreneurship development initiative and poverty reduction in the rural areas in Edo State, Nigeria. The result of study also showed that entrepreneurship initiative has translated positively towards poverty reduction in rural communities through jobs creation, development of rural areas, establishment of small and medium size enterprises, youth empowerment through soft loan provided by federal government of President Good Luck Jonathans You-Win Program among others. The following recommendations were made; government of Nigeria should strengthen macroeconomic policies such as judiciary to prosecute corrupt government officials that loot government treasury. Secondly, government abandoned project should be recycled and resuscitated to avoid huge waste of resources and time wasted. Thirdly, there should be need for both government and private sector partnership through Private-Partnership Project (PPP) to complete most abandoned government projects such as skills and acquisition centres. This will help to achieve greater sustainability and economic growth in the country.

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Shampa Sarkar, R. K. Srivastava, Kalpana Sagar

ABSTRACT: The ground level O3 and SPM (PM2.5) are the two essential sources which change the quality of ambient air in the atmosphere due to which air pollution caused. The diurnal average of O3 and PM2.5 in 2013 and 2014 reflects the annual variations in their concentrations. The correlation of O3 and PM2.5 with temperature shows negative correlation (r=--0.6015 and -0.3392, r= -0.757 and -0.819) in 2013 and 2014.

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OUSLIM Sarah, MERABET Chahinez, BOUKHATEM Zinebfaiza, BOUCHENTOUF Leila, BEKKI Abdelkader

ABSTRACT: Forty renodulating rhizobial bacteria associated with Vicia faba were collected and isolated from different regions in West Algeria and characterized at phenotypic level. The analysis of their tolerance to salinity, high temperature, acid and alkaline pH, antibiotic resistance, and carbon substrates metabolism, as well as their symbiotic and cultural characteristics, highlighted a wide physiological diversity within this rhizobial population. The numerical analysis of phenotypic characteristics showed that the bacterial strains were grouped into four different clusters. Interesting stains for inoculation trials have been identified; they proved their efficiency in addition to their tolerance to 1 and 1.5M of NaCL concentrations and maximum temperatures of 40C.

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Mousumi Saha, Sumon Kumar Debnath, Prodip Kumar Sarker

ABSTRACT: Multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver are used in Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) system to improve the efficiency of wireless communication. MIMO technology has fascinated attention; because it can significantly improves data throughput and wireless link coverage without additional transmit power or channel bandwidth constraint. In this research paper, the performance of Rayleigh fading channel in 3x3 MIMO systems with channel capacity and probability error is studied and investigated. Space-Time Block Code (STBC), an effective and efficient transmit diversity scheme is implemented in MIMO systems to investigate and analyze the performance of fading channel. Simulation model is implemented and experiments are performed using MATLAB simulation software by varying the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). Simulation result shows that the Rayleigh fading channel provides significantly higher channel capacity and lower probability error with a very little fluctuation with increasing SNR. The simulation result also clarify that 3x 3 MIMO systems outer perform with respect to channel capacity and probability error than 2X2 MIMO system which will be very helpful for high speed wireless communication system.

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Neyole Jeremiah Wanyonyi, Henry M. Bwisa

Abstract: Agribusiness remains to be the most lucrative business where land fragmentation has resulted in the formation of small pieces of land that cannot support other forms of farming (Kinyanjui et al., 2008). From casual observation, this situation does not prevail in Trans-Nzoia County since the growth is very slow hence the venture is risky. Nevertheless, some few farmers have risked by taking the initiative of venturing into the cabbage farming business so as to seize the opportunity. The purpose of this study was to identify factors influencing entrepreneurial behaviour among cabbage farmers in Kiminini Ward in Trans-Nzoia County. The population of this study was determined by getting a list of farmers engaged in cabbage growing enterprises. Simple random sampling method was used to select 100 cabbage farmers from a list of cabbage farmers from the ministry of agriculture. The questionnaire comprised of closed and open ended questions. Descriptive statistics was used to collect data and included frequency tables. Further, a computer statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) was used in entering and analyzing the data. The findings indicate that age and marital status as factors under Demographic factors influence entrepreneurial behaviour of risk taking decision making and innovativeness of the farmer this is also true with social factors but education level of the farmer and size of land under cabbage has no influence on entrepreneurial behaviour .psychological factors have no influence on entrepreneurial behaviour

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Nakuleu Christopher Doye, M. Bwisa

Abstract: Entrepreneurial behaviour has significant influence on firm performance. It is on this basis that this study sought to examine the relationship between entrepreneurial behaviour and performance of camel rearing enterprises in Turkana County. This study utilized data from 200 randomly selected camel rearing entrepreneurs in Turkana central sub county. To test the effects of entrepreneurial behaviour on enterprise performance, the scales for the dimensions of Entrepreneurial behaviour and enterprise performance were adopted from the existing literature. Reliability and validity tests were conducted for the measurement of the scales. The specific objectives were to find out the relationship between innovativeness, competitive aggressiveness, risk taking, achievement orientation and enterprise performance. Factor analysis correlation was conducted and the findings showed that certain entrepreneurial behaviours influence enterprise performance. The study findings revealed that contextual factors did potentially shape entrepreneurial behaviour and that certain entrepreneurial behaviour dimensions and contextual factors were associated with entrepreneurial performance. These findings suggest that an increase in potential performance is possible through individual behaviour associated with an entrepreneurial behaviour. It is therefore evident that the male are more entrepreneurial than the female. Female are few in the business due to their culture and the role they hold in society.

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Archana Gupta

ABSTRACT: To easily access of medical information,maintain electronic record and high fidelity and also avoid misinterpreted tele-diagnosis we are adopt a steganographic technique of Least Significant Bit for embed the string in the digital medical image.While uses of medical image offer distinct opportunities of improving healthcare access,delivery and standards,security protection of the imag-es.Experimenal results show that proposed schemes provide us large data hiding capacities along with very high PSNR values as compare to exiting data hiding technique.Critically ill or injured patients can be treated locally by effective and secured communication between remote hospital and distance specialist.

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