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IJTEEE Volume 2 - Issue 9, September 2014 Edition - ISSN 2347-4289

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M. Alfian Alaydrus, Mahfuddin Usbud, Agus Yulianto, Gandu Eko Julianto

ABSTRACT: Pattingaloang Health Center is one of the main centers where the area covers the coastal area where the occupants are dominated by diver fishermen. Recorded data shows 60 cases of illness due to divingactivity, 50% of them suffered paralysis with 10 people died. This observational research used Case Control Study approach. The population was divers who listed in the public health center BarrangLompo Island. In the case group, samples were fishermen divers who suffered paralysis due to diving acitivity divers, while in the control group were who did not experience paralysis. Purposive sampling were used in this research, with sample size 60. Comparison of cases with controls group at 1 : 2. Data analysis was performed with univariate and bivariate test of odds ratio (OR). The results of this study show that firts age diving (OR 5167; 95% CI 1616-16520), diving depth (OR = 9,14.95%. CI.1.10-75.98), diving frequency (OR 6231; 95% CI 1859-20878 ), diver medical examination (OR = 5:44% CI 1688-17565), and diver fishermen working period (OR = 5.40.95%. CI.1.09-26.61), is a risk factor of the paralysis incidence. This study suggests the diver fishermen to have more concern about their first age diving before they become a diver since age affects their stamina. Divers whoare too young considered as physicaly and mentally immature group, while the old diver consider their body resistance has decreased. For diver fishermen should perform routine health checks at least once every 3 months and any time they experiences health problems. Diver fishermen should know and apply the right technique for diving in order to avoid undesired event when they dive.

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Sarmin Khatun, A. Y. M. Anwarul Azim, Aminul Islam Mishuk, Md. Shamim Reza, Lusia Shafinaz, Mahfuza Pervin

ABSTRACT: Bangladesh is now well renowned for spinning, fabricating and garmenting capabilities. It’s not all about knit products that always remain in the lime light, the home textile sector is also flourishing and contributing to the “Made in Bangladesh” image. Bangladesh offers a splendid range of bedspreads, curtains, linen, cushion covers, table covers, kitchen accessories, bath linen, and other home textile products. In this issue, Market today is trying to show why the industry now needs capacity building to really capitalize on the upcoming opportunities to grab the world home textile market. Bangladesh has mainly exported bedspreads, pillowcases, cushion covers, curtains, carpets, quilts, kitchen aprons, gloves, napkins and tablecloth. The EU countries, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan and Dubai were the main destinations. Home textiles are considered as the highest priority export product by the government of Bangladesh and it enjoys some additional facilities comparing to the other textile export products. Bank loan with less interest, reduction in income tax, reduced air freight, bond facilities, technical support and help to search foreign market are some of them. In this work our main motive is to find out the prospects of Home textiles in Bangladesh.

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Paras Chouhan, Avin Chandrakar

Abstract: Agro industry plays a crucial role in the industrialization process of developing countries. Sugar industry is second largest agro industry in the world. In sugar manufacturing plants there are various processes for production of sugar i.e. extraction of juice, clarification, evaporation, concentration of juice, forming and separating crystals etc. These processes consumed energies in the form of mechanical energy, electrical energy and heat energy. So there are various sources of waste heat in sugar factory i.e. waste heat from hot flue gasses, hot water from evaporative body and boiler blow down. The large amount of waste heat passes from various devices of sugar factory causes decrease in the efficiency of sugar plants, and also increase the “Global Warming” which is very dangerous for our environment. The present cooling system for condenser is inappropriate & hence decrease vacuum in evaporators and pans. This will increase the boiling point temperature of juice. The proposed cooling system gives solution of both problems. The most important source of waste heat i.e. hot flue gases are use to run absorption chiller. The absorption chiller gives better cooling system for condenser. There will be improvement in condensation of vapour in condenser which will cause increase vacuum in evaporators and pans thereby reducing boiling point temperature of juice. This reduced boiling point temperature of juice requires less amount of steam for boiling, ultimately saving of bagasse and fuel economy can be attained. Thus this arrangement can be treated as the efficient method of utilization of waste heat for cooling condenser water in sugar factory thus saving further depletion of natural resources like coal, petroleum or else increasing its availability to other important processes and one can hope that the “waste heat recovery” may play an even greater role in the industrial development in this new millennium.

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Dina Ahmed Mohamed Ghandour

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this research is to investigate and focus on the high cost of microfinance loans which are provided by banks. The high costs are one of the main problems, facing the microfinance programs in its persuit to help the poor and the low income households. This research followed the descriptive approach, to investigate the problem of this research. Questionnaires were used as the main data collection tool, and statistical analysis was used to analyze the answers of the questionnaires in order to achieve the objectives of the research.

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Goodhead T.O, Abowei M.F.N

ABSTRACT: An isothermal plug flow reactor for the production of sulphuric acid over a range of degree of conversion, XA = 0.95 to 0.99 and reactor diameter, Di = 0.05 to 0.1m have been designed. The reactor which operates at atmospheric pressure is capable of producing 10,000 metric tons per annum. This reactor is designed with hastelloy because it possesses an excellent corrosion and sulphuric acid resistance properties. The reactor performance models are simulated with the aid of a Computer using MATLAB (R2007b).The results provided information for the functional parameters for the reactor which include; the reactor volume, space time, space velocity, rate of heat generation per unit volume of reactor, pressure drop, and length of reactor. The relationship between these parameters and the degree of conversion are presented graphically.

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Mahdi Imani, Seyede Fatemeh Ghoreishi, Masoud Shariat-Panahi

ABSTRACT: An innovative approach based on Simulated Annealing method to optimize the problems in continuous space is introduced in this paper. The Simulated Annealing is a popular method which finds the optimum value of functions based on temperature changes during its search. Specifying the trend of temperature change and step length is the most critical issue in the original SA method. The SA algorithm with large or small initial step length cannot reach the optimum value of the function efficiently. The initial temperature and its trend of decrease affect the results of the search in the space. In addition, swarm algorithms like PSO and GA are the powerful methods in optimization. In this paper, a new method called Cobweb Simulated Annealing (CSA) with swarm search in the continuous space is presented. The number of population, temperature and step length are adaptive during the search in this algorithm. The searching points spread to explore the entire search space especially in the first stages. This method is applied to several benchmark functions and the results have shown its reliability and efficiency to find the optimum value of functions in comparison with some powerful modifications of SA. CSA is able to search more extensive area of the whole space with less computational cost. The other significant capability of CSA algorithm is finding more local minimums than other modified algorithms.

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Mohsen Jafari, Mohsen Imani

ABSTRACT: This paper describes the design of a bandgap reference, implemented in 32 nm FinFET technology. The paper introduced new method for increasing stability of output voltage of bandgap circuit. In the proposed architecture extra feedback is used for setting the output voltage in fixed voltage. This feedback makesbandgap circuit more stable and speedy employing back gate biasing of the FinFET devices. This circuit generates a reference voltage of 300mV and has a variation about 0.041% versus temperature in TT corner. High gain OTA utilized in the feedback loop was designed by innovative bulk FinFET devices. FinFET OTA used in this work is very low power and high speed compared to conventional CMOS designs.It was tested with supply voltages between 0.7 and 0.9volt and between -40 ͦ C and +120 ͦ C. The variation of output voltage versus VDD variation is lower than 0.01% in TT corner. This circuit works in a current feedback mode, and it generates its own reference current, resulting in a stable operation. For resistor and diode connected transistor the technology elements were used instead of ideal components. The technology in use is 32 nm PTM.

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M. Morshed, R. Ahamad, R. A. Wara, J. Ul Islam, K. Md. A. Rahman

ABSTRACT: For analyzing non-linear and non-stationary signals Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) is introduced as an adaptive method like wavelet packet best basis decomposition. Huang et. al introduced the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) in signal processing in 1998. In this communication we investigated the performance of video denoising using bi-dimensional EMD along with wavelet thresholding. Compressed video quality is obtained with a satisfactory signal to noise (SNR). Indeed, the reconstructed video frames include residual noise and different realizations of frames plus noise that may produce different number of modes.

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S. Ashok Kumar

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) consists of a large number of sensor nodes which are densely deployed. Energy conservation and coverage preservation are two important performance metrics for a WSN. Routing is important in WSN in order to reduce the energy consumption of the sensor nodes. Multipath routing techniques enable the use of multiple alternative paths and also the energy consumption of each sensor node get balanced. Hence it helps in increasing the network lifetime. In many routing protocols, cluster formation is done at each round. Most of the multipath routing techniques does not consider the full coverage over a longer period. Hence the routing protocol which considers the overlapping degree in choosing a Cluster Head(CH) needs to be developed to provide full coverage for longer time. Event to sink directed clustering scheme form clusters only towards the sink which avoids unnecessary cluster formation. The Backbone network can be constructed by using the Load Balanced Connected Dominating Set(LBCDS) in order to balance the energy consumption of sensor nodes. The energy efficient wake up scheduling can be used to reduce the energy consumption of sensor nodes. Since the CH’s at higher level have large amount of data than CH’s at lower level, the wake-up time of CH’s at higher level is set to be higher than the CH’s at lower level, which decrease the delay and also increases the network lifetime.

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K.Gowtham, S.Hariharan, Dr. D.Mohana geetha

Abstract: In this paper the performance analysis of a multibeam antenna is presented. Now a days applications need different operating frequency antennas in single substrate. Multibeam antenna is capable of transmitting and receiving signals in all direction. Multibeam antenna is constructed using multiple array pattern. Each array is operating at different frequency. The frequency of [2.4-2.5] GHz for Wi-Fi and[5.3-5.7]GHz for WLAN. We designed the multibeam antenna for two different application. Design of multibeam antenna improves the directivity of the antenna. A directivity of 9.263 dBi is achieved which is a very high value.

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Sumati Baral

ABSTRACT: Blind Signature is an addendum of Digital Signature. It is a two party protocol in which a requester sends a message to a signer to get the signature without revealing the contents of the message to the signer. The signer puts the signature using his/her private keys and the generated signature can be verified by anyone using signer’s public keys. Blind signature has a major property called as untraceability or unlinkability i.e after the generation of the signature the signer cannot link the message-signature pair. This is known as blindness property. We have proposed blind signature scheme and its variation based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) in which major emphasis is given on the untraceability property. We have cryptanalyzed Carmenisch et al.’s blind signature scheme and Lee et al.’s blind signature scheme and proposed an improvement over it. It is found that, the proposed scheme has less computational complexity and they can withstand active attacks.

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Neyole Misiko Jacob

ABSTRACT: Poverty among women in Trans Nzoia district is mainly caused by poor returns from the sale of their farm produce, the main income generating activity of the women groups in the area. Poverty has also been occasioned by the small parcels of land which produce minimal yields, such as maize, vegetables and cereals. These women, a majority being old and semi-literate, are in dire need of high incomes to cater for the ever-growing needs. As it has been shown in other developing countries and elsewhere in Kenya, small-scale farming entangled with mobile money transfer technology can provide constant flow of income of up to three times what is earned from traditional marketing of their farm produce that is harvesting and taking to market for sale. Further embracing this fast rising technology provides high income through easy money transfer and transaction settlement. This paper will discuss the potential of mobile money, specifically to small scale farmers in fighting poverty among the rural women. High income translates to better standards of living, in that the women will be better able to meet the basic requirements of clothing, food, education and shelter for themselves and the orphans under their care. In addition by engaging in mobile money as a means of transaction of their farm produce will improve their negotiation skills alongside entrepreneurial skills.

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Dr. Deepika Nelson, Adinew Tadesse, Dr.Julia Devardhi

ABSTRACT: From the early 1960s English for Specific Purposes (ESP) has grown to become one of the most prominent areas of English foreign language teaching. It has constantly given insight into the structures and meanings of texts, the demands placed by academic or workplace contexts on communicative behaviors, and the pedagogic practices by which these behaviors can be developed. In this paper “ The Demand for ESP course in Ethiopian Context: Implication drawn from the studies on ESP” The study attempts to identify the deficiency analysis based on the recent research done by the master students of TEFL, in Haramaya University, Ethiopia. The purpose of this study is to identify the English language needs of the students in relation to academic requirements at Haramaya University. An in-depth qualitative content analysis was done based on the implications drawn from the study. . An ESP text evaluation checklist containing nine items was adapted from Cunnings Worth (1995), which states that the Instructional materials need to be evaluated to ensure that they correspond to learner needs, reflect real language uses and facilitate the learning process. To identify the students’ English language target needs, as in the case of the present study, Needs Analysis is the most appropriate method to know about the nature and content of the learners’ target language needs. It has been observed that General English does not address the needs of potential students who may be from different disciplines. Research on educational practices and projections about future needs in society contribute to current understanding of the structure of ESP course. Therefore It is the best timely to study this situation because of the growing grievance about the English language communicative abilities of students in the country in general, and college trainees in particular, by employers, teachers and other concerned bodies. This problem can be attributed, among others, to teaching students language courses designed without appropriate needs analysis survey.

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Dr. Amelia P. Balasan

Abstract: This study aims to determine the management practices of the banking Industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain and their level of effectiveness. Specifically, it will seek to answers the following sub-problems: (1) The status of the management practices in the banking industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain in terms of the following: a) Investment management, b) Operation management, c) Risk Management, d) Strategy Management, and e) Local and global banking; (2) The level of effectiveness in the implementation of management practices of the banking industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain in terms of the following: a) Investment management, b) Operation management, c) Risk Management, d) Strategy Management, and e) Local and global banking; (3) Significant relationship between the status of management practices and the level of effectiveness of the implementation of the management practices of the banking industry in the kingdom of Bahrain; (4) The problems encountered by the respondents in the implementation of management practices in the banking industry in the kingdom of Bahrain; and (5) Recommendations can be proposed by the respondents to enhance the implementation of the management practices in the banking industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain. There are common problems encountered by the respondents on the management practices in the banking industry such as: lack of seminars and training of credit staff and other bank employees, inability to correct problems and implement appropriate risk management practices, inability to correct problems and implement appropriate risk management practices, political influences when approving the loan. The least problem perceived was on management decision is not scrutinized by independent audit process. The following recommendations were: (1) Building good relations with the depositors is by giving trainings; seminars to the employees of the banks; (2) The policies must be in conformity to the rules and regulations of the banks specifically on risk management; (3) Strategizing it is not on the technology itself of the bank- the bank focus mainly to the manpower who has the know-how, expertise and skills; (4) Local/Global – Clients/employees are treated as co-owners of the bank, which will give goodwill to banks vice versa; (5) Globally banking industry in Bahrain open doors to invite people here in Bahrain invests attracting them, to invest in exchange of good privilege; and 6) Bahrain Bankers alliances are united as one to have annual seminars to improve and up-dates the banks regarding their performance that contributes developing in the kingdom of Bahrain.

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Amelia Balasan

Abstract: Family Owned Business identify, understand and address the future of the Business in Asia from the local perspective to global perspective. wever, to ensure the safety of the consumers they have to regulate policies to compliments the business owner as well as the consumer. Government policies assure the both side are protected. The Roots of the business that we see at the Shopping Mall, Citi Centers, Gaisano, Groceries and sari-sari store originates or came from families having the same vision to provide employment and sustained the government improving the lives of the consumer. The government dole out knowledge and financial support to the Business Owner to make them more competitive. All of these are built in incentives for them.

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