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Meethaq. M. Abed

ABSTRACT: The main aim of this study is assess the wear resistance of polymer concrete composite (PCC).Polymer concrete composite is a composite material realized with resin and aggregates.The Unsaturated polyester resin was used for binding the aggregates.The silica foam and glass fibers were introduced in the composition as filler.The fiber percentage and silica foam was constant, the unsaturated polyester resin and the silica sand dosages were varied.The prepared specimens were tested at room temperature by using differents loads(4,6,8,10,12)N for constant testing time and differents times for constant testing load (12 N).The resulted wear rates were calculated for each sample apart with.variation the previous variables. To produce more precise idea about the wear characteristics of all test specimens when used them in tribology engineering applications, the study of wear rates was carried out for differents compositions at constant temperature when the above mentioned variables were fixed.

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Tesfaye Teka, Aynalem Reda

Abstract: Commercial ZnO was used as a catalyst for the degradation of malachite green in aqueous solution. The catalyst was tested under different light sources (dark, visible lamp and solar radiation). The photocatalytic degradation efficiency of the catalyst for the adsorbed malachite green was found to be higher effective (88%) under solar irradiation than visible irradiation (80%) considering both at the same time of irradiation. The photocatalytic degradation efficiency of the catalyst for the adsorbed malachite green in dark was found to be least effective. This implies that ZnO can use for degradation of organic pollutants simply in the presence of sun light.

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Azene Tesfaye, Yohannes Petros, Habtamu Zeleke

Abstract: To evaluate the effect of salinity on yield and yield related traits of Ethiopian lentil, greenhouse experiment, were conducted. Seeds of 12 Lentil accessions were grown at greenhouse (Pot) conditions with different levels of salinity (0, 2, 4, and 8 dSm-1 NaCl) for 12 weeks. The experimental design was randomized complete block design in factorial combination with three replications. Data analysis was carried out using SAS software. Plant height, number of branch, number of leaves seed yield and total biological yield were evaluated. The two way ANOVA for varieties revealed statistically significant variation among lentil accession, NaCl level and their interactions (p<0.001) with respect to the entire parameters.It was found that salt stress significantly decreases, Plant height, Number of branches per plant, Number of Leaves per plant, Number of pods per plant, Total biological yield per plant, and Seed yield per plant of lentil accessions. The degree of decrement varied with accessions and salinity levels. All accessions were sensitive to high salinity level and did not produce sufficient seed yield and total biological yield. Accessions Lent12, Lent1 and Lent2 were better salt tolerant than the other accessions up to 4 dS/m salinity level. As the result, it is recommended to be used as a genetic resource for the development of lentil accession and other very salt sensitive crop with improved germination and seed yield under saline condition.

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Raid Kamel Naji, Ahmed Ali Muhseen

Abstract: In this paper a mathematical model that describes the flow of infectious disease in a population is proposed and studied. It is assumed that the disease divided the population into four classes: susceptible individuals (S), vaccinated individuals (V), infected individuals (I) and recover individuals (R). The impact of immigrants, vaccine and external sources of disease, on the dynamics of SVIRS epidemic model is investigated. The existence, uniqueness and boundedness of the solution of the model are discussed. The local and global stability of the model is studied. The occurrence of local bifurcation as well as Hopf bifurcation in the model is investigated. Finally the global dynamics of the proposed model is studied numerically.

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Birtukan Aga, Gebregziabher Brhane

ABSTRACT: The study was undertaken to assess the status the metals in drinking water in the urban areas (Adigrat town) of the Tigray region, northern Ethiopia. A total of 7 drinking water samples were collected from the town. All the samples were analyzed for the two elements of Cu and Mn, using standard procedures and the results were compared with other international standards and WHO guideline values. Therefore, the results of the present study have shown the concentration all metals values (Mn with range of 0.139 to 0.427 mg/L and Cu with the range of 0 to 0.68 mg/l) were below the WHO (2009) recommended maximum admissible limits. Further works should be carried out in the toxic metal (like Pb, Cd, Cr etc) to check whether concentration is below or above the permissible level set by WHO guideline value.

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Kumar Kombaiya.A, S.Gnanasoundari

ABSTRACT: Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) where the nodes in this network come into contact with each other opportunistically and communicate wirelessly and, an end-to-end path between source and destination may have never existed, and disconnection and reconnection is common in the network. In such a network, because of the nature of opportunistic network, perhaps there is no a complete path from source to destination for most of the time and even if there is a path; the path can be very unstable and may change or break quickly. Therefore, routing is one of the main challenges in this environment and, in order to make communication possible in an opportunistic network, the intermediate nodes have to play important role in the opportunistic routing protocols. In this paper we proposed an Secure Fuzzy Spray Routing Protocol in delay tolerant network (SFSR-DTN). This protocol is using the simple parameters as input parameters to find the best path to the destination node. It dynamically adjusts the delivery probability for messages according to a new metric. Meanwhile, SFRDTN arranges the forwarding sequence and the dropping priority based on their assigned weight. The weight is determined by the Replication Density (RD), the Message Length (ML), and Message Remaining Life Time (MRLT). An extensive simulation of SFRDTN was carried out and its performance was compared to well known DTN routing protocols: PRoPHET, and epidemic routing protocols. Simulation results show that the proposed routing protocol outperforms them in terms of packet delivery ratio, delivery delay and message overhead.

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Haleh Alimohamadi, Mohsen Imani, Maedeh Shojaeizadeh

ABSTRACT: The present work is a numerical simulation of the blood flow around the atherosclerotic plaques in a two dimensional straight stenosis vessel. With assuming the plaque as a homogenous porous medium, the governing continuity, Navier-Stokes, Brinkman- Forchheirmer and energy equations are solved simultaneously. This analyze characterizes the effect of plaque porosity on the temperature heterogeneity and likelihood of vessel rupture. It was shown by diseases development and decreasing porosity from 0.8 to 0.4, the maximum plaque surface temperature increases 90% and also 2.35 times higher shear force is exerted to the distal region.

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Mohammed Yousef Ali Al-Malallah, Andres A. Regondola

ABSTRACT: This study determined the status and level of satisfaction of work attitudes of employees of Saudi Aramco. The purposes of the hypotheses are tested in the determining the status and level of satisfaction of the manager, supervisors, business & systems analysts and rank in file in terms of personal, initiative and accountability attitudes. There is confusion and debate among practitioners on the topic of employee attitudes and job satisfaction even at a time when employees are increasingly important for organizational success and competitiveness. “Happy employees are productive employees.” “Happy employees are not productive employees.” We hear these conflicting statements made by HR professionals and managers in organizations. This research aims at establishing a level of satisfaction as a basis for employee attitude; whether strongly satisfied, satisfied, moderately satisfied, dissatisfied or strongly dissatisfied. Assessment of the Corporate Business Applications Department of Saudi Aramco in terms of the status and level of work attitudes has shown that the respondents agreed and were satisfied with the status of work attitudes of employees of Saudi Aramco in terms of personal attitudes, initiative attitudes and accountability attitudes. It indicated that there was no significant relationship between the status and the level of satisfaction of work attitudes of employees of Saudi Aramco in terms of personal attitudes, initiative attitudes, and accountability attitudes.

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Md Amanat Ullah, Dr.Seow Ta Wee

Abstract: The housing property business is becoming a modern professional business in the property market. Most of the high level income group and educatedpeople are mostly looking for a quality of construction andnatural green environmental surrounding of housing complex. Malaysia, Singapore and UAE are the best example. Most of the luxury condominiums having the natural green environment and private security due to this natural environmental and security facility brings a big portion of foreign customerto buy the property. Malaysia is giving the second home facility, Singapore also givingthe Permanent Residencefacilityas a result the developers are getting foreign customers at the same times the banks also offered the house loans for them. The total coordination is amagnificent system to grow a national income and it could be a sustainable growth of economy in the particular country. This study can bring the benefit for both the developers or vendor and the customers to guide on the right track to buy and sale the housing property not only in Malaysia but also other part of the world.

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Konwar R, Baruah. G. D.

ABSTRACT: The present work describes the growth of a particular species(Uno) of molluscan shell in terms of moving vectors which ultimately give rise to phasor diagram similar to a Cornu’s spiral in optics. The appearance of the so called Fibonacci numbers in molluscan shells has been identified.

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Lamia Bakri Abd elhaleem Derar , Amin BabikerAbd elnabi Mustafa

ABSTRACT: This study adopted a simulation based network performance analysis to investigate the effects of the application of different voice encoder schemes on QoS of VoIP system ,deployed with UMTS network Through different network simulation experiments using realistic network scenarios in OPNET environment, the results indicated that the choice of suitable voice encoder scheme with a small number of voice frame size per packet have a significant impact over VoIP traffic performance when deployed with UMTS access technology the VoIP over UMTS network model has been developed, where a VoIP server development is connected in the UMTS model the QoS factors will be controlled and managed to ensure good quality in VoIP call , the design of layered coding and multiple description coding is employed to address the bandwidth fluctuations and packet loss problems in the wireless network and to further enhance the error resilience, this research provided an in depth network performance comparative analysis of VoIP over UMTS using performance parameters which indicate QoS such as end to end packet loss ,throughput ,end to end delay ,uplink traffic sent ,uplink traffic received voice ,downlink traffic sent ,downlink traffic received, voice packet delay, average in voice packet end to end delay by using the GSM ,G729A CODEC in frames (20, 30 ms). The obtained simulation experiment results indicated that choice of suitable codec scheme can affect the QoS of VoIP traffic over UMTS network.

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Tadesse Gebremariam, Gebregziabher Brhane

ABSTRACT: The aims of the present study were to assess the quality of local honey samples and discriminate pure and adulterated ones. The samples were analyzed for physicochemical parameters including pH, free acidity, moisture content, ash content, electrical conductivity, reducing sugars, sucrose content, and HMF content. The pH values ranged from 3.40 to 4.65 while the free acidity varied from 3.99 to 45.17 meq/kg of honey. The electrical conductivity (0.13 - 0.56 mS/cm), ash content (0.09 - 0.54 %), reducing sugars (50.31 – 79.56 %), sucrose content (2.24 – 12.21 %), moisture content (17.56 – 22.57 %), and HMF content (8.32-45.26 mg/kg of honey) were detected. During preliminary assessment, the commonly added adulterants by honey traders were identified and quick test methods suitable for local honey samples have been developed. Results obtained from this study showed that all honey samples obtained from apiary sites and many of commercial samples collected from local markets in the study area are of good quality and met the national and international standard limits. However, the physicochemical test results for some honey samples collected from local markets had higher level of certain parameters than recommended suggesting some level of adulteration is practiced by few honey traders.

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Ahmad Zuhdi, Anna SN Dasril, Sri Yani Kusumastuti

ABSTRACT: This paper describes a model of management information system to facilitate all stakeholders and to support decisions, related to performance improvement and business added value. This study emphasizes the analysis of the needs of each subsystem, starting from the concept that identifies the business benefits and consequences of efforts to be prepared by the stakeholders, more intensive identification of the existence of stakeholders and the need for support of data or information, as well as identifying the needs of the system, both from a functional aspect (processes or procedures of information processing), and non-functional. Agribusiness Systems Oyster Mushrooms have 5 subsystems namely production facilities providers, farm production, agro-industry processing, marketing and supporting institutions. There are 16 stakeholders, from the five subsystems.

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Dr. S.P.Mathur, Rekha Swarnkar, Yogesh soni

ABSTRACT : Working capital management plays significant roles in better performance in a firm. Every business organization requires some funds to carry on its operations and to produce goods for sale to earn profit. The dairy occupation holds a pivotal & premier position in our Indian economy The main objective of the paper is to understand the liquidity management of Rajasthan Dairy Federation Ltd. region as well the problems in liquidity management of these units. In this paper we use secondary data for analysis of working capital liquidity and profitability of RCDF five units. We included last five year data 2009 to 2013.For measuring and compare the working capital of different units we use ratio analysis.

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