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S. Karthika

ABSTRACT: Cloud computing is making a revolutionary change in IT industries and other organizations.Amazon, Hp, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce are the top cloud service providers.Cloud provides different types of services such as Saas, Iaas, Paas.Different organizations choose cloud because of its efficiency, scalability and high utilization. This paper deals with the various cloud computing services and applications.

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S. Rathinagowri

ABSTRACT: The Software Quality Assurance is an effective activity to be carried out in every software development life cycle. The lack of standard specifications, out dated models and related issues lead to the avoidance of SQA activities in many companies. We proposed a new model suitable for companies that cannot afford for SQA activities by overcoming major issues in SQA activities

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A.Manikandan, S.Rathinagowri

ABSTRACT: This paper highlights the research issues in wireless sensor networks and the current trends in overcoming such issues.

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N. Mahesh Kumar, K. Senthilkumar

ABSTRACT: Cloud computing technology use central server and provide applications as services to users. The organization can take advantage of reducing the cost of hardware and software ownership and maintenance. Many surveys proved cloud computing reduces total cost of ownership. But due to centralized server approach there is always risk to system security. All applications required by different set of users are stored in single CPU and there is a chance for attackers to hack important data. If organization implements separate central servers then it will again reduce the cost of hardware and software ownership. Our proposed system provides effective solution for this problem by placing grid in public cloud computing server. The grids are accessed only by authorized persons or organization with virtual private network. The applications and data's belonging to a set of users are placed inside the grids, the organizations or users from multiple locations are allowed to access the grids by using virtual network. If other user or any other resources in centralized public cloud server tries to access the grid environment, the system will deny the request. Our proposed system will secure private files and applications under public cloud environment using grid & virtual private network. Our proposed system is ideal to implement secured application in public cloud environment.

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Easwara M, Satish Babu J

Abstract: This paper presents an uncertainty based novel filter that integrates randomness and fuzziness, for extremely corrupted images by salt and pepper impulse noise. In real time work, high computational efficiency is the most important factor while suppressing noise with better edge and detail preservation. The proposed algorithm is bounded with all these aspects. In this scheme, the corrupted pixel is identified by the strong decision and replaced it by a weighted fuzzy mean estimation. Since, the Certainty Degrees (CD) of each pixels are soft values and are used as the weights, the noisy pixels are reconstructed with an appropriate pixel values. The simulation results show that the performance of the proposed filter is much better than decision based algorithms and cloud model based detection filter across a wide range of impulse noise, as high as 90%, with edge and detail preservation.

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Md. Ashrafuzzaman, Md Mazaharul Huq, Chandan Chakraborty, Md. Rafi Monjur Khan, Taslima Tabassum, Rashedul Hasan.

Abstract: Heart attack is a global leading cause of death for both gender and the occurrence is not always known to us. Usually Heart Rate Calculation has traditionally been conducted using specialized hardware or device. It used most commonly in the form of pulse oximeters or Electrocardiogram devices. though these devices have higher method and they are reliable to normal user. However, these devices require users to perform their process. In this paper, we propose a system capable of estimating the heart beat rate using just a camera from a commercially available smart phone and also using a mobile stethoscope to record heart sound for detecting the occurrence of heart attack and also some other heart related disease. Fuzzy Logic is used here, which is a part of Data Mining, the expert problem solution for human illness. In general, case people could not understand whenever they face this problem and this is the main cause of death. Our research is about to determine this problem earlier to reduce the death rate of heart attack. The advantage of this method is that the user does not need specialized hardware and he/she can take a measurement in virtually any place under almost any circumstances. In addition, the measurement can be used as a tool for health coaching applications or effective telecare services aimed in enhancing the user's well being.

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Kamil Ahmed

Abstract: Some of the prominent barriers for the transition towards Jatropha/caster plants based bio fuels in Ethiopia are technical gaps and lack of awareness about the advantages of the plants oil (especially, the jatropha) beyond the purposes of fences and lack of utilization technologies. In addition, since the seed productions are not yet sufficient and the engine driven presses or big centralized processing facilities are not feasible in rural areas, so that, small scale press, stoves, lamps and soap making systems were designed, developed , tested and used in this project as a live oil expelling, utilization and promotion systems in different parts of Ethiopia. The press powered by a hand and hydraulic jack was made in to simple operating mechanism. Single batch, 450 gram seed, pressing takes 4-5 minutes with the capacity of 1.2 -2 liters oil per hour. A simple stove was modified and adopted to diversity of fuel feed stocks and shows significant improvements of flame height, color and fuel consumption rate with reduced amount of smoke, especially in jatropha and caster bean seeds and pressed cake. The fuel consumption tests of using 0.5 kg of each fuels resulted in total burning time of 1 -1.30 hours, 7-12 minutes boiling time of 10 liter water and measured flame temperature of about 670-800 0c. In addition, the jatropha crude oil was also utilized in a developed simple stove and lamp, for soap making and also as a fuel in diesel engine, after standard laboratory tests of the oil chemical properties. Thus, this paper presents results of ways of developing, performance tests and promotional aspects of the devices, as low-cost and easy-to-use in the rural areas of developing countries, like Ethiopia.

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M. Gopu

Abstract: The availability of video streaming and other high quality multimedia applications increases the usage power in wireless terminals. In this paper an innovative bandwidth allocation method is proposed for wireless networks to reduce energy consumption. This method provides better energy efficiency by optimizing the channel allocation process. Rate of transmission of data is the significant factor which affects energy consumption. In turn, bandwidth allocation limits rate of transmission. So the efficient allocation of bandwidth with reduced blocking probability ensures reduced energy consumption. The existing methods to reduce the energy consumption have a difficulty of unexpected reduction in quality of service (QoS) and throughput. The proposed overcomes these difficulties and maintains required level of QoS and through put.

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Baraka W. Nyamtiga, Anael Sam, Loserian S. Laizer

ABSTRACT: Performing transactions using mobile devices is increasing rapidly in developing countries, Tanzania inclusive. USSD and SMS are among the technologies widely used in conducting mobile transactions. These two technologies have their strengths and weaknesses from perspectives of security of systems. They both utilize GSM Services and GSM Security is known to have inherent flaws in its encryption and authentication algorithms. A description for these platforms is given in this paper of what they are, their modes of operations, and an evaluation of their security as related to mobile banking systems. From the evaluations made; this paper suggests a method that is more secure for use in mobile banking systems. As a solution we propose some security features being added to the existing systems in order to improve data confidentiality, message integrity and user authenticity. The suggestions are based on the capabilities for the technology to accommodate these additional features to protect data that will supplement the protection offered by the GSM.

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Sukrut M Sompura

ABSTRACT: Abstract- Micro heat pipe was used to reduce the heat level in computers and laptops. There is no need any pumping system to reduce the temperature from sunk to sink. It can be used as an isolate component in a multiplexer. It is made from a number of cavity and bracket to support the structure. This multiplexer used to pass the radio frequency. We have found its use in multiplexer for space application. Multiplexer is widely used in satellite and there is temperature reduce and increasing to the face of satellite at sun and at moon respectively. So, a major problem to reduce the stress concentration by the use of different techniques. I have adopted here micro heat pipe as a solution to reduce the temperature gradient. I have used with different orientation angle and different working fluid like Methanol, Water, Acetoneand tilting angle O , 45 and 90.

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