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Neyole Misiko Jacob

Abstract: The development in technology has brought about an increase in accessing to information, where a lot of scholarly work has been driven by the boom of the internet as an information source. Many people are now able to access any information via the internet at a click of the button from their mobile handsets, laptops or even desk tops within their reach. Many higher institutions of learning in Kenya are now adopting to using electronic books and other digital data as compared to the conventional printed books (c -books) from public universities libraries.This study tried to bring to the fore the usability of e-books among university student in comparison to the use of hard copy books in Kenyan public university libraries. The study employed a simple random sample from two (2) public universities where 400 student and 100 teaching staffs from each university under the study were randomly selected for the study. The study employed the use of self-administered questionnaire and face-to-face interview session as instruments of data collection to collect both the quantitative and qualitative data respectively. The collected data was analyzed and the results were presented in frequency tables, pie charts and graphs among other methods.The study found out that the level of c-book use wihin the university library was decreasing as the students progressed in their studies,the teaching staff on the other hand showed average use the c-books as well as e-books. The research also found out that the level of e-book use wihin the university library was increasing as the students progressed in their studies. On the accessibility and efficiency between c- and e-books utilization70.54 % of the undergraduates stated that using e-books was more efficient while 30.0 % of the undergraduates stated that c-books were more efficient for them. 37.69% of the teaching staff found working with c-books to be more efficient while 13.78% of the teaching staff stated that using e-books was more efficient for them. Among other reason on why the utilization of e- books was on the rise included the improved IT - infrastructure within the university, the availability of free and fast internet facilities, easy access to electronic books and reasoses free to download from sites such as 4shared.com and bookboom.com. The teaching staff reported that the use of e- books made it easier for t hem to teach as well as do research. The post graduates students too had a similaropinion they also stated that since they were carrying out research it was much easier for tyhem to carry e-books and share by use of memory tools such as the flash disks and virtual memory i.e. the cloud accounts. Generally the students and the teaching fraternity were able to access e-books on variety of platforms such as tablets, laptops, palm tops as well as smart mobile devices snd this made it easy fro the to do their study work as well a share the books.

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Abstract- A novel technique for miniaturization of microstrip patch antenna is proposed for Portable and multifunctional Communication systems. Our proposed design consists of double fractal patch, PI-Shaped slot on fractal patch with first iteration and combination of L-Shape and U-Shape slots on the Ground plane. . In this way we get smaller size antenna which is smaller than the conventional antenna. The most interesting feature of our proposed design is that we are getting multiband response in the frequency range of 1-8GHZ having Directivity in the range of 3.76dBi-6.52dBi , good gain and good impedance bandwidth for desired bands. As we have used the double fractal patch with double substrate in which 1st substrate is FR4 and 2nd substrate is AIR .Co-axial cable is used as a feeding method. We have design the PI-shape on both fractal patch. We also employed shorting pin between fractal patch and ground plane. By the combination of all these proposed technique size of antenna is reduced 79.12%s and it produces multiband response while the impedance bandwidth and gain are satisfactory for each band .We can adjust different bands by changing position of shorting pin. This type of smaller size antenna has applications in mobile phone forDCS/DPS, ISM band, C-band, L-band , S-band and also in Radar application.

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Abdul Mannan, Nasir uddin Khan, Asif Mansoor, Mushtaq Hussain, Mujtaba Hussain

ABSTRACT: Business Complexity is an abstraction for typical business-process problems un-resolvable by simple methods either through logical statement- implications or through mathematical methods or even statistical analysis or Database systems with statistical tools and it is a very strange fabric of Business-Rules verses Outcomes in terms of Commercial parameters such as profitability or credentials or any value-added entity, so a conceptual strategy is adopted to resolve the complexity by devising a "Multi-Parametric Mathematical tool" having multi-parametric relations from Mathematical inference as a solution to complex business problems A mathematical tool is more difficult to design over a semantic rule governing the flexible operation of a business entity or of a sub class of business entity selected as a main representative of the business operation model but it is more accurate towards many decisive relationships and "BRI" Business Rule Indicators

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Solomon Legesse, Fassil Assefa

ABSTRACT: The ability of indigenous rhizobia to nodulate a legume crop effectively was critical to successful establishment and growth of legumes. This study was aimed to evaluate the symbiotic effectiveness along with growth responses to varied conditionslike pH, salt, temperature, antibiotics, and carbon and nitrogen sourcesfor rhizobial isolates nodulating faba bean from Tahtay Koraro, northwestern Zone of Tigray. For this matter, a total of thirty-six isolates of Rhizobium were isolated from as many sampling sites of Tahtay Koraro using plant infection method in Addis Ababa University, Applied Microbiology greenhouse.The isolates were characterized morphologically and physiologically and tested on sand to evaluate their symbiotic effectiveness.Results indicates that culturally almost all of them displayed large colonies with diameters of 2 to 4.5 mm, generation time of >3.91 hrs and showed characteristics of fast growing rhizobia.The symbiotic effectiveness results on sand culture indicated that, the isolates showed shoot dry matter ranging from 0.47 (AUFR-9) to 1.5 g/plant (AUFR-17), with negative control of 0.43 g/plant and positive control of 1.3 g/plant. All the tested isolates were able to grow well within the ranges of 6-9.5 and 150C-350C for pH and temperature, respectively. The highest and lowest nodule number score was 91 (AUFR-5) and 17 (AUFR-36), respectively. The preliminary screening of the authenticated isolates for symbiotic effectiveness on sand culture showed 74% of the isolates were found to be effective, whereAUFR-8, AUFR-13, AUFR-14, AUFR-17 and AUFR-25, were rated highly effective, of these AUFR-25 was found to be phosphate solubilizer. The numerical analysis on phenotypic features revealed the existence of diversity among the test isolates and categorized all isolates into six groups.Generally, the present work shows the physiological and symbiotic diversity of the isolates in the traditional agricultural areas of the study site and the potential of these rhizobia to be used as effective commercial inoculants in areas where the indigenous rhizobia fail to do so.

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Dr.Abdelfattah Bilal Abdelsalam, Rehab Elmogira Hamza

ABSTRACT: In this research a computerized position control system for a Direct Current (DC) motor was built and tested for accuracy and repeatability. The angular position of the shaft of a DC motor was monitored and controlled using an optical encoder and a computer program written in turbo C. In the experimental setup the motor shaft was deliberately seized for a while, the program produced a message that the motor was not moving, when the motor shaft was released the program drives the motor to its target position. The research idea may be applied to stepper motors used in Computer Numerical Controlled machines and robots, to monitor and control their response to programmed commands, when not used within their specified range of load and speed, as well as many applications such as dc motor driven computerized wire winding machines, and electric passenger's lifts.

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Deepti Kanoujia, Vishal Moyal

ABSTRACT: Memory is the basic need of most of the electronic devices. These memories are mainly designed using CMOS transistors. As we talk about CMOS transistors power, area and speed of each transistor is a major issue of concern. But we know that there is a trade-off between these three factors. Still engineers and researchers are working upon these issues. Issue arises when we switch to lower technologies as within the same die area we have to implant more number of transistors which leads to high chip density and thus high parasitic capacitance. Scaling of transistors is another factor. Thus in this paper we will study about various works done in reducing power dissipation in 5T SRAM cell using different methods in different technologies, a bit compromising in area and speed.

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