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Ahmed Alahdal, Dr. G. N. Shinde

The segments which are a divided data packets do not have a specific segment size but mostly the default packet (segment) size is 1500 bytes. Which may be found less than the segment size of certain router on the path specified to the host destination, where unfortunately the maximum transmission unite (MTU) of each router differs from one to another, according to the protocol used and the type of network causing the segment to be fragmented by an intermediate router. This paper presents a novel cross layer design to eliminate fragmentation process from occurring at intermediate router, by providing information on the minimum MTU from source to destination in advanced to avoid the fragmentation process, that occurs when a segment (packet) is larger than the MTU of an intermediate router. The idea is to maintain information on minimum MTU allowance in forwarding table of every router. Therefore, for the purpose of maintaining information on MTU, the work proposes a routing table with four columns to perform path routing along with the minimum MTU on the path instead of the existing three columns forwarding table. which does not provide information on the MTU allowance.

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Thanvi Sebastian, Dr. Middi Appalla Raju

Financial literacy is a keyword that is used to denote the understanding of financial matters. This includes majorly the area of personal finance. In order to manage financial resources effectively & efficiently, appropriate knowledge and skills are required. This includes making personal financial decisions in the areas of investing, Insurance, Retirement, tax planning etc. Financial literacy also includes developing deep knowledge of various financial concepts like financial planning, Compound interest, Savings methods, time value of money, the mechanics of a credit card, consumer rights etc. Having a lower level of financial literacy can lead to taking financial decisions that can have negative impact on the financial health of an individual. In this paper, a study on financial literacy among working women in Kochi Region in Kerala is attempted. Assessing the knowledge of working women towards investments in various financial products is also a part of this research. A structured closed ended questionnaire was given to working women in Kochi to judge the level of financial literacy.

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Dieudonné Muhire, Raymond Wafula Ongus

Data security has been the main approach to deal with loss of data. The motivation of this study was inspired by the continuing concern of ineffective data/information security in companies leading to considerable monetary losses. The aim of this study was to examine the main causes of data insecurity and to establish how data security preparedness levels at Access Bank, Kigali, Rwanda affect online banking services. This study used questionnaires and interviews for data collection. All fifty nine IT employees and their managers at Access Bank represented the total number of population. Therefore the total population of fifty nine (59) was the sample size. As this was a small population size, a purposive sampling technique was used as a sampling method. After collecting data, the interpretation and the summary of quantitative data was done using statistics such as graphs, frequency tables, weighted means, standard deviations, and percentages to enable describe the relationships established. This was achieved by the use of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences Version 17.0 (SPSS V.17.0) software as the tool of analysis. Findings revealed that internal based attacks are the first major cause of data insecurity in the company as indicated by 50.90% of respondents. The multiple regression found that r the coefficient of correlation was 0.793. This meant that there was strong positive multiple correlation between data security preparedness levels and online banking services at Access Bank, Kigali Rwanda. Moreover the coefficient of determination r2 =0.628 indicated that 62.8% of the total variation in online banking services depended on stochastic model developed whereas the remaining 37.2% was attributed to factors beyond the control of the study. Since the correlation was strong, this relationship was found to be significant. Recommendations were to give regular assistance to customers to avoid identity theft, to provide training to every employee of the Bank and to introduce additional security measures stated in this study to deal with internal incidents.

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Dr Simbo J. Kimaro & Dr Moses H. Mkumbwa

A study on the hydram performance focusing on such parameters as the air chamber pressure P2m of an air vessel and the delivery flow rate q was recently done at the University of Dar es Salaam in an attempt to model them for their easy prediction. Both theoretical and experimental studies were conducted in addressing the problem and the outcome had been the establishment of two important model expressions which could utilize the basic hydram operating variables like the drive head H, length of drive pipe L and the beats f of a hydram pump. It was also found that the tuning of the hy-dram pump in order to acquire the best performance could easily be attained by mainly using the beats variable which was of no cost implications on the system.

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