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Dr. Elizabeta Imeraj

In developed countries, especially the rich come to buy women legally and illegally. Until a few years, the largest number of women purchased in this way ensured by Asia and Latin America. But recently, this phenomenon is encountered in making post-communist societies and females sold are those that come from the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe, including Albania. When we talk about trafficking in Albania's history by many scholars it accepted that this phenomenon in our country has no history. Because trafficking saw closely associated with prostitution, we should take into analysis concluding that although prostitution in Albania is known at all times, compared with other countries has been a little more spread. The reasons which have led to prostitution are not a common form in our country always before conversions occurred in the 90 the, related to a number of factors relating to: Social traditions and customs, Weak position of Albanian women in society, The way of life in society. During World War II it comes to a public house that existed in Tirana, particularly in a place called Black Bird, who has received this designation because of this activity. Even during the communist era known prostitution has its own developments, but expressed in a hidden, however, even in this period we speak of a lower level of its development in comparison with other countries of the world.

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Margareta Maria Sudarwani

Mantran Wetan is a traditional area which is situated in the village of Girirejo, in the regency of Magelang, Indonesia. The unique of this traditional area is the natural landscape, the specific of traditional buildings which have ornament details that belongs to local architectural style. The purpose of a study on the visual character of Mantran Wetan in Magelang are to find the elements that form and influence a character of Mantran Wetan in Magelang and to find visual relation between some visual characters of Mantran Wetan. A study on the visual character of area, firstly must examine the elements of architecture physical character that discussed here as: building character, area character, and the integration of the both building character and area character. And secondly, must examine about non-physical character that form the physical chararcter. This research use rasionalistic approach with qualitative paradigm. The qualitative rasionalistic research approach is appropriate with the research problems to reveal and to understand the visual character of Mantran Wetan which haven’t known yet. According to the research conclusion, it is known that the visual character of Mantran Wetan in Magelang is based on the physical character as the main elements and the non-physical character as the supporting elements. Basic of all the visucharacter of Mantran Wetan is the environment pattern, the built environment formation, the socioculture activity, and the economic activity. Yet the Mantran Wetan’s traditional buildings, space pattern, beutiful natural landscape, rich farmlands, and Jaran Kepang Papat dance give Mantran Wetan sense of tradition, history and regional identification that remains resistance to the encroaching values of modern industrial society.

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Gurpreet Kaur

The knowledge management (KM) is not only the activity only for resources called knowledge, but to consider that how knowledge managers can utilize all the resources. The starting point of any discussion of KM strategy must be the organization’s existing strategy and how to support it for going forward. It stresses that the KM strategies and actions of the managers must be closely coordinated with those of the enterprises. This paper is an attempt in the area of management control system (MCS) which focuses on the need of KM in an Indian Organizations. In the given context, researcher suggest a design for the Management Control System by executing KM practices that suit the nature of the environment, culture and control strategies and examines how a KM strategy can and suit and fit with MC strategies. It suggests a course of action to enhance the knowledge base of managers to execute an appropriate KM strategy while designing MCS.

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Bedri (Niman) Durmishaj, Sylejman (Hamit) Hyseni

In this paper we presented some differences on mineral mining phases: Hajvali Badovc Kizhnica, and Artana mine. From our study, the four mines have high values of iron (Fe) content in sfalerite: Badovc 9.43% Fe; Hajvali 10.24% Fe; Përroi i ngjyrosur (Artana) 10.61% Fe; and about 13% Fe for Kizhnica mine. Low content of bismuth in sphalerite: Hajvali (0.03% Bi), Përroi i ngjyrosur–Artana (0.04% Bi), Kizhnica (0.06% Bi), and Badovc deposit < 0.01% Bi. The silver (Ag) contents in sphalerite of these deposits are very low: Hajvali and Badovc mines 0.015% Ag respectively 0.01% Ag. In two other mines Ag-content in sphalerite is very-very low or almost absent in sfalerit. Pyrites of these deposits characterized by low arsenic (As) content, except Badovc where its value amounts to 1.3%. Whereas regarding the silver (Ag) content in pyrites: the higher its content are found in Përroi i ngjyrosur-Artana mine (0.03% Ag), then Kizhnica (0.02% Ag), Hajvali (0.01% Ag), and almost missing in mine Badovc. Galena of all the mining containing antimony (Sb), bismuth (Bi), and silver (Ag). Generally characterized by low values of Sb and Bi, although the Bi contents are higher compared to those of Sb, and with antimony leads them Artana mines (0.09% Sb). Galena of the Hajvalia mine contains more silver (> 100g/t Ag), than other mines (which are very poor with silver).

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A. O. Essienimo, M. Momoh, D. O. Akpootu

A study of the mass concentration of aerosol across four selected states in Northwestern Nigeria during 2014 harmattan season has been conducted. The region which is located within latitude 10° and 14°N and longitude 2° and 8°E has a wide spatial variation in the mass concentration of aerosol. The mass concentrations of aerosol were observed to decrease as their distance from the dust source increases. In addition, it was observed that the mass concentration gradient of aerosol tends to be higher in the East-west direction with 9.36 〖mgm〗^(-3) per degree than in the North- south direction with 8.88 〖mgm〗^(-3)per degree. The intensity of solar radiation during the study period was also observed to be affected by the mass concentration of aerosol.

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Fiacre Mutumwa, Raymond Wafula Ongus, Haron Chweya Tinega, Constantine Matoke Nyamboga

Rwanda as a developing nation in East Africa has established Telecenters in rural areas in a bid to bridge the digital divide and as a vehicle to attain its vision 2020. However, there is no study done in Rwanda on the assessment of Telecenters in bridging the digital divide in rural areas. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to assess the effectiveness of Telecenters in bridging the digital divide in the Rwanda’s rural areas. Specifically, this paper will focus on the services and the challenges the users of Telecenters face. This study used questionnaires as a tool for data collection. For one month, the research data was collected from 200 Telecenter users of the Rulindo Telecenter, Rulindo district, Rwanda. From the analysis of the data collected, it was observed that the majority of Rulindo district Telecenter users are satisfied with the services offered by the Telecenters so far. However, it was clear that the Telecenter management should plan to sensitize the Rulindo District community especially the women and the young people aged between 19 and 30 years on the use of Telecenter. Finally, the respondents cited location, hours of opening and closing Telecenters, the cost of visiting Telecenters, Level of education and customer care contributes to the usage of the Telecenters.

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Vijay Kumar Patel, Prakash Kumar Sen, Gopal Sahu

A power plant engineer has many choices when selecting tubing materials for his condenser, feed water. Through this feed water corrosion may be occurs and this corrosion regularly dissolution of surface metal heater or balance-of-plant application. This paper provides an overview on a number of factors known to cause failure of a tube or pipe material. Knowing the limitations of material is crucial when making a selection for a specific application. Properties compared in this paper include corrosion resistance, stress corrosion cracking potential, thermal and mechanical properties, erosion resistance, vibration potential, and temperature limitations and various type of heat exchanger with their best suitable application and limitation are also listed in this guideline. Also some theories are included in this guideline.

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Dr Simbo J. Kimaro, Dr Moses H. Mkumbwa

In the recent studies done on the investigation of the parameters influencing the hydram’s pumping efficiency it was revealed that there were some other dimensionless parameters like (Po / Pz ) and (Vs / Vd ) which were also found to influence the hydram’s pumping efficiency apart from the previously known ones which are (h3 / H) and (q / Q). This work had also established the usefulness of the basic operational parameters of a hydram water pumping system for predicting its pumping performance than before.

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