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A. Boutakiout, D. Elothmani, M. Mahrouz, H. Hanine

Abstract: This study evaluates the effects of harvesting seasons on proximate composition, polyphenols, and antioxidant activity of cladode juice of the two species Opuntia ficus-indica (spineless) and Opuntia megacantha (spiny) selected in Morocco. Proximate composition showed that cladode juice is rich in ascorbic acid (22.88 ± 0.62 mg /100 mL) and potassium (409.35 mg /100 mL) but poor in sugar (1.45 ± 0.03 g/100 mL). Total phenolics and antiradical activity gives high values ranging from 455.65 ± 7.63 to 542.70 ± 1.35 µg GAE/mL and from 1.78 ± 0.03 to 4.10 ± 0.02 µmol TE/mL respectively. The highest analyses values were recorded in summer. Correlation analyses indicated that there were two significant relationships (p<0.05) between analyses and the month of harvest and a second between analyses and cultivars. Results of the present study confirmed that components of cladode juice whose phyto-chemistry and phyto-pharmacology should be investigated further in order to detect possible phyto-therapeutic uses.

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M. Sripriya, P.E. Thomas.

ABSTRACT: The prevalence of mobile technology and its ubiquitous presence had resulted in that it is not only a communication tool, but also enabler of development. The permeation of the mobile technology in development is discerned to be faster than any other communication technology in history. And, it is playing a vital role in the developing world. With its falling prices and increasing functionality, however, it is virtually certain that not too far into the future, most of the world’s citizens will have cell phones. This is reason enough for citizens to explore the possibility of making the cell phone an important tool in mobile journalism in the developing countries. This paper explores the possibility of citizen mobile journalism by the ‘networked’ citizens in terms of what we call SEENSAY i.e., what is seen as breaking news in one’s locality, be divulged to the whole world. It considers versatility of the mobile as a convergence medium that can help realise the need for participatory information dissemination and analyses the possibility of the citizen turning into a social “Foot Soldier” that leads to Information Democratization.

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Tesfaye Teka

ABSTRACT: The aim of this paper is to review the effects of doping on the electronic structures and photocatalytic properties of TiO2 including various types of dopants and doping methods currently available. It also discusses the detail of some selected preparation techniques of TiO2 thin films such as Sol-gel method, Liquid phase deposition (LPD) method, Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method

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Alimul Haque Khan, Anisur Rahman, Md. Moniruzzaman

Abstract: This paper is mainly addressing the design and analysis of a DC micro grid power system in a remote area in Bangladesh. Generation of electricity is not enough to serve its demand. Majority of the islands and the rustic communities are deprived from electricity and most of them are relying on some fossil fuels for searching their required energy. The cost of fuels is high and for this reason the cost of expected generating power is increased tremendously in rustic areas. By burning fossil fuels, increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) is rocketed into the atmosphere. It has raised national and international concern and efforts to develop alternative renewable sources of primary energy such as solar, biomass, wind, hydro and other green power technologies are being used to provide sustainable, affordable and comfortable sources of energy. In Bangladesh Solar Home System (SHS) has reached a great number of installations by the effective programs run by Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) which has been started about 12 years ago. SHS is popular when it replaces any lamp run by kerosene or wax. However, demand of customer increases day by day and old customers as well as new customers is searching a bigger power source than as in SHS. As a result it cannot meet the increased demand of customers with an affordable price. This paper also aimed to mention how to serve the increased demand of a customer with an affordable price by means of DC micro grid system.

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Khayumbi Ayub litsaliah

ABSTRACT: The study assessed GDP, energy demand, population, government expenditure, net government debt and government revenue to gain some insight into what exactly happens when changes occur to these economic planning variables. The research used descriptive and correlational design to determine and analyze the economic variables using available data. The study used purposive sampling to select the sample population and the sample. Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient and regression were used to analyze data in this study. The study revealed that the Kenyan population and net government debt have been increasing over the last decade and the trend is likely to continue into the next decade. Government expenditure is significantly affected by the GDP and population. The study recommended that policy makers and government to take into account the impact of GDP, energy demand, population, government expenditure, net government debt and government revenue in their economic planning in order to improve the welfare of its people as they strive to move the country forward in terms of economic development and recommended more specific research of these variables specifically tailored for Kenya.

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Abdul Mannan, Nasir Uddin Khan, Mushtaq Hussain, Asif Mansoor, Mujtaba Hussain

ABSTRACT: Business Model is an approach to resolve structural complications encountered during business process design or during modification to remove typical business-process problems in terms of process hierarchy or execution hierarchy or any other design related business rule implementation hierarchy Such problems are normally unresolvable by simple methods or through mathematical methods or even statistical analysis or Relational Database systems with statistical analysis tools But there is a need to resolve every such complication before the model is implemented for practical use or at least some optimization to reduce the effects of natural non-linearity on actual process due to multi-dimensional cross-linkage between the process parameters and liquefiable numeric weight values Although the structural fabric of Business Process design involve many cross conflictions in terms of Commercial parameters such as process profitability or profit-credentials or any value-added subentity in the context of business statement language when converted into model language such as Mathematical relation or statistical declaration or an approximate probability proposition So a workable concept is adopted to select the virtual linearity as simulated representation of a articular business process using statistical inference based on existing data model fitted on some running processes which has relations from Mathematical inference as a solution to common business problems. The tool is a direct rule based selective inference linked with virtual parameters assigned to simulate linearity keeping actual data affectivity on main process as to minimize the non-linear behavior as par as null or even void in certain short turned around processes loops A business model with simulate able virtual linearity may represent an easy and workable process to be able to repeat the process cycle multiple times without any noticeable drift of factor responsible for process outcome due to (VL-SIT)

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Lalla Hanae Alaoui, Dr. Aziz Arbai

ABSTRACT: Markov chains are a method among methods we can use to describe the dynamics of a disease in its different stages. While the theory and practice of modeling of Markov chains Epidemiology is not new, rather the basic application of this powerful tool can be used by non-mathematicians as well. In this work, we present the above theory by announcing the assumptions and conditions of use of Markov chains in the study of diseases and specifically breast cancer, which could facilitate the formulation of hypotheses, and understanding the evolution of the disease in a population. We focus on absorbing Markov chains in discrete time, and we are going step by step to calculate the probability of infection with breast cancer for an individual, the duration of each state and the life expectancy for infected people. These quantities are useful for characterizing the dynamics of a disease and can help researchers to explore key aspects of the evolution of the disease into a population.

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Ravindra Singh Rajput

ABSTRACT: This topic illuminates to develop the protection system for high power inverters using FPGA (field programmable gate array) software. The current system consists of thyristor for the high power inverters and according to the simulation results hardware implementation is done with FPGA controller board. For the reference values for FPGA code generation, one power circuit can be developed with ZCD circuit, according to the result of the power circuit FPGA controller will work in such a way that if any fault occurs in the system then the system will be protected. FPGA board can be interface with the hardware and in software of FPGA program can be developed for the feedback of the protection system. However the system which can be developed in hardware or power circuit can be modify also with other power ratings and according to that FPGA controller will work and the system for the protection of the high power inverters can be easily implemented.

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H. Rizki, F. Kzaiber, M. Elharfi, A. Nablousi, H. Hanine

Abstract: In this study, in order to know the variability for a breeding plant genetic diversity and relationships. Proximate composition, physicochemical and morphological analysis were carried out on sesame seeds (sesamum indicum), on 35 different cultivars from different areas in Morocco. The seeds were found to be a good source of protein with the values ranged from 26% to 28%, also the results showed that the seeds contained between 95, 25-96, 12% dry matter, 4,5-4,68% ash and 2,32-3,4% soluble sugar, the chlorophylls A, B were ranging between 0,090-0,112 mg/l and 0,115-0,113mg/l. the carotenoids compounds ranged between 0,070- 0,089 and the values of the starch were between 0,87 and 0,89%. The sesame seeds were a good source of dietary fibers yielding between 12,34-15,58% for the insoluble fibers and 5,09 -5,65% for the soluble ones. The traditional morphological descriptors of the seeds shows that the form large oval was predominated, the colour of the raw ranged from yellow to brown. The seeds length, width and thickness were ranging between 2,3-3,2mm, 1,2-2mm, 0,06-0,16mm respectively. Those results strongly suggest that due to its all favourable properties; sesame seeds and oil could be used in either food or cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

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A Boutakiout, D Elothmani D, M Mahrouz, I Hmid, H Hanine

ABSTRACT: The antioxidant activities of prickly pear cladode juice were studied by DPPH, TEAC and FRAP methods. The chemical composition of the samples was determined by liquid chromatography. The antioxidant properties of different cladode juice for different regions were studied. The region of EL Kelaa registered the highest values in antioxidant activities and total polyphenols: 13.19 mmol Fe2+/L, 70.21 mg Trolox/L, 4654.83 mg Trolox/L were done by FRAP, DPPH and TEAC assays respectively and 477, 95 mg Gallic acid / L in polyphenols content. Spiny cladodes had higher values for most analyses compared to spineless cladodes. A correlation between polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidant activity was observed, which indicates the implication of those components in antioxidant power. Results of the present study confirmed that bimolecular compounds of cladode juice can be used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.

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