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Tslalom Haileslassie, Kiflom Gebremedhin

Abstract: Heavy metal pollution is a problem associated with areas of intensive industry, road ways, areas of dumpsites and automobiles. Usage and their un controlled discharge in to the environment has caused last of hazards to man, other organisms and the environment itself. Over last three decades there has been increasing global Concern over the public health impacts attributed to environmental pollution, in particular, the global burden of disease. Improper management of solid waste is one of the main causes of environmental pollution and degradation in many cities , especially in developing countries many of these cites lack solid most regulations and proper disposal facilities, including for harmful waste. In high Dosages, these heavy metals are highly toxic to human, even deadly. The study was therefore aimed at evaluating the implication of Heavy metals on the groundwater surrounding a municipal solid waste. Different literatures dealt with heavy metals contamination on ground water were assessed. Contamination assessment revealed heavy metals to be extremely contaminated in the Groundwater. Heavy metals are found to be from anthropogenic source and correlated significantly with each other. Thus, Heavy metals if not checked could lead to major health problems like tooth discoloration, low mental development and kidney problems on the public.

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Tsadkan Asgele, Kiflom Gebremedhin

ABSTRACT: Heavy metals contents of solid municipal waste produce in high density towns showed higher levels of iron zinc, and cad-mium. There is no significant difference between the concentrations of other metal in high and low density towns. The inter correlation of those elements may have slightly difference of some heavy metals such as mercury, cadimium and arsenic. Contamination in municipal solid waste (MSW) and its treatment products is hudge issue that everone governs. The effect of heavy metals in mercury, cadmuim and lead which are most significant toxic elements of heavy metals and organic forms of lead are absorbition through ingestion by food and water. The source of heavy metals and their mobility in solid waste can consequence of he intended use of heavy metals in industrial product, heavy metals in solid waste contaminated soil and ground water to their leachability and manage by recycling municipal Solid waste, land filling and by incineration of solid wastes. By the stabilization through physical and chemical process in the environment, they may pose an adverse effect on the life of Human. Therefore, every person should control his environment from the contamination and their effects.

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Alem Gebreslassie, Kiflom Gebremedhin

ABSTRACT: The aim of this study is to determine preparations of cheeps from cactus fruits. Cactus (opuntiassp), cactaceae family is well adapted to arid and hot dry lands, where the plants have a marked capacity to withstand prolonged drought. Cactus fruit have many uses such as: - food popular, in medicine, for water treatment, for consumer health and etc. Re cactus pear also cactus apple, prickly pear Barbary, which is the genus opuntia and member of the cactus family (cactuceaes). It is most commercially mechanically de-pricked but some stinging invisible hairs remain and pears must be peeled before serving. And this cactus fruit is an excellent source of vitamin-C-and provides one dietary fiber as well, which has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels. About 5 kg of cactus was taken and the mosture content was calculated (60-80) % indicate good agreement with the previous study. Finally, cheep was prepared that can stay for morethan 5 days without any problem.

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Priyanka Srivastava, Pratima Jain

ABSTRACT: An efficient and facile synthesis of fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) using sunflower oil and methanol has been carried out in the presence of a solid base Mg-Al-CO3 hydrotalcite heterogeneous catalyst. This protocol promotes the environment friendly conditions as the hydrotalcites are non toxic, recyclable, takes less reaction time and is easy to work up. The hydrotalcite showed high activity for the transesterification reaction. The reaction parameters such as molar ratio of oil to methanol, reaction temperatures, time, catalyst loading ratios were also performed and the optimized conditions which gave maximum yields of 96.5% were at the molar ratio of 12:1 in 3 hours with 2wt % at 70 0C. The catalyst was recyclable and reused three times.

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Sandipkumar K. Patil, S. Shanmugasundaram

ABSTRACT: The changes occur during normal ripening of banana variety (Monthan) was studied for nine days of storage. Percent moisture content of whole fruit was increased initially and decreased after the middle of ripening period, but moisture content of pulp increased gradually. The gradual increase in TSS was observed till the end of storage period. Steep depletion in firmness was positively correlated with the reduction in peel thickness. Pulp to peel ratio and specific gravity was increased steadily with decreasing fruit weight. The percent finger drop was 33.37 at the eight days of storage. The prominent maturity indices in monthan variety are weight, TSS, and firmness.

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Kiruthiga. V, Magesh. R

ABSTRACT: The goal of this paper is to examine the influence of certain demographic factors (level of education, employee level) on employee perception regarding satisfaction among the star category hotel employees in India. As the hotel industry is linked with the tourism industry, the growth in the Indian tourism industry directly impacts the growth of Indian hotel industry. Sample of 500 employees were considered and they were asked to reveal their satisfaction level with the present job. Each employee was asked in person regarding the satisfaction with job (low, medium or high). The obtained data was analysed using cross tabulation and ANOVA. The results revealed that education level and employee level have relationship with job satisfaction.

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Er. Abinaiya N, Mrs. J. Jayageetha

ABSTRACT: The Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology is the most deployed technology by service providers over backbone networks at present. Majority of the carriers are deploying MPLS in their backbone networks to facilitate a number of services and applications such as virtual private networks, quality of service (QoS) and traffic engineering. The primary benefit of MPLS is to eliminate the dependence on a particular OSI model data-link layer technology such as asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), Frame Relay or Ethernet and eliminates the need for multiple layer-2 networks to satisfy different types of traffic. This paper presents a detailed overview on MPLS with its architecture, operation and working, benefits and the services that it offers.

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Bhagatpatil Varsharani V, V. M. Sardar

ABSTRACT: In this paper, we mainly focused on automation of Infant’s Cry. For this implementation we use LFCC for feature extraction and VQ codebook for matching samples using LBG algorithm. The baby crying samples collected from various crying baby having 0-6months age. There are 150 baby’s sound as training data, each of which represents the 30 hungry infant cries, 30 sleepy infant cries, 30 wanted to burp infant cries, 30 in pain infant cries, and 30 uncomfortable infant cries (could be because his/her diaper is wet/too hot/cold air or anything else).The testing data is 40, respectively 8 infant cries for each type of infant cry. The identification of infant cries based the minimum distance of Euclidean distance. The, classification of the cry in five classes neh – hunger owh – sleepy, heh – discomfort ,eair – lower gas, eh – burp.Here for classification of the cry our system is divided into two phases. First, in training phase, in which LFCC is applied for feature extraction, and then VQ codebooks are generated to compress the feature vectors. Second, is the testing phase in which features extraction and codebook generation of samples are repeated. Here, comparison of the codebook template of samples to the all the available templates in the database are carried based on Euclidian distance between them. LFCC effectively capture the lower as well as higher frequency characteristics than MFCC, hence we will get good results over MFCC.

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Usha Sivasankaran, Seetha Raman

Abstract: Experimental work on Double skin Concrete Filled tubes (DSCFT) are a variation of CFT (Concrete- filled steel tubular) with a hollow core formed by two concentric steel tubes in – filled with concrete. Six Specimens with three different volume fractions of steel fibers are cast and tested. Experiments on circular steel tubes in – filled with steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) and normal concrete have been performed to investigate the contribution of steel fibers to the load bearing capacity of Short Composite Columns . The main Variable considered in the test study is the percentage of steel fibers added to the in –filled concrete. All the specimens were tested under axial compression until failure state realization. This project presents the percentage Variation in the compression strengths of the 3 types of Composite members taken under Study. The results show that 1.5% SFRC in filled steel columns exhibit enhanced ultimate load carrying capacity.

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Vipin Arora, M P Yadav, S P Singh, Pooja Arora, Akarshak Aggarwal

ABSTRACT: Aim: To evaluate invitro the effect of post obturation materials on reinforcement of peri-cervical dentin (PCD) Materials and Method : Sixty extracted, maxillary premolar teeth were selected.After preparation of standardized access, crowns were resected so that a final dimension of 4 mm from one mm below highest point of proximal cervical line was achieved. Then, the enamel was carefully removed.After obturation with gutta percha and AH plus sealer, post obturation protocol was followed: Group 1: Obturation + nRMGIC, Group 2: Obturation + silorane composite , Group 3: obturation + temporary cement and Group 4: No obturation + temporary cement.The specimens were tested for fracture resistace in universal testing machine.Data was analysed with student ‘t’ test and one way ANOVA. Results: Samples restored with nRMGIC and silorane composite presented with higher mean fracture resistance values of 941.20 & 929.17 N respectively when compared to obturated samples with tempoarary (490.50 N) followed by unbturated samples with temporary(396.11N) Conclusion: nRMGIC and silorane composite significantly reinforce PCD.Obturation also plays an important role in reinforcement of PCD.

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Krishna Mohan Agarwal, Mayank Chhabra

Abstract: The transport systems are dependent on the fossil fuels especially liquid fuels and these fuels are depleting at much faster rate than production. The consumption of fossil fuels is very unstable and directly affects the economy of our country as we are importing it from other nations so this factor has urged us to find other alternatives to prolong the usage of petroleum. Thus, by using bio-fuel as alternative, the problem could be tackled. For this an experimental investigation has been conducted on air cooled 5 HP single cylinder spark ignition engine, fuelled with the various blends of gasoline-ethanol. Engine performance is also evaluated using gasoline fuel without any modification in a present engine. As far as the ethanol is concerned, India is the second largest producer of sugar cane, from which ethanol is produced. Experiments were conducted using different blends of gasoline-ethanol such as E0, E20, E40, E60, E80 and E100 and its effect on brake power, specific fuel consumption, break thermal efficiency and brake mean effective pressure with respect to the engine speed (rpm) were reported. The results of experimental investigation were compared with that of gasoline fuel. Results show that alcohol like ethanol in pure form or if blended with gasoline increases the thermal efficiency.

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Mesfin Mitiku Feleke

Abstract: Poor soil physical conditions were identified to be the main cause for crop failures in the irrigated soils of Melkassa Agricultural Research Centre (MARC). From the major soil physical properties, low water holding capacity as a result of poor soil management practices has proven to be the key reason of lower agricultural production. As a consequence, lack of sufficient soil moisture is found to be the main cause of crop failures in MARC, the later occurred, in due course of insufficient precipitation and non-uniform distribution of rainfall. As organic matter plays a significant role in soil physical properties the low organic matter content of MARC soils is found to be the major cause of poor physical soil conditions. In a response to this problem the feasibility of organic matter application as an alternative solution for the problem of irrigated soils of Melkassa Agricultural Research Centre (MARC) was assessed. By improving the aggregate stability of the soil, organic matter application is found to improve this problem The possibility of having sustainable solution for the existing problem, the presence of sufficient amount of organic resources and suitable climate for the decomposition are some of the potentials observed to consider this option.

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