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D. O. Akpootu, H. T. Sulu

ABSTRACT: Solar radiation is a primary driver of many physical, chemical and biological processes on the earth’s surface. In solar applications, one of the most important parameters needed is the long- term average daily global solar radiation. For locations where no actual measured values are available, a common practice is to estimate average daily global solar radiation using appropriate empirical correlations based on available measured meteorological data at that location. In this regard, twelve (12) different empirical models based on Angstrom-Prescott model were selected to estimate the monthly average daily global solar radiation on a horizontal surface for Zaria, Kaduna State, North-Western, Nigeria (Latitude 11.060N, Longitude 07.410E and altitude 110.9 m above sea level) during the period of thirty one years (1980 – 2010) using the measured global solar radiation and sunshine hour. The twelve (12) selected models were compared on the basis of the statistical error tests; Mean Bias Error (MBE), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE), Mean Percentage Error (MPE), t – test, and coefficient of correlation (R). Based on the MBE and t – test equation 16 is extremely recommended. Based on RMSE equation 15 is extremely recommended and based on MPE equation 13 is extremely recommended. The newly developed regression equations (16, 15 and 13) for estimating global solar radiation in Zaria-Nigeria are based on the modified sunshine based models of the Ampratwum and Dorvlo, Newland and Ogelman et al. models and are also applicable in estimating global solar radiation in regions with similar climatic information where solar radiation data are not available.

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Elumagandla Surendar, Poreddy Prashanth

ABSTRACT: The existing fuel indicators installed in vehicles like Honda, Hero, Tvs, Yamaha are having the petrol indication in the form of points and analog meters, which leads to miscalculations to what distance vehicle can go with present fuel in tank. And one of the major problems with the kick less motor vehicles is that once battery gets discharged, the self-start motor will not respond making situation horrible to the user. The latest model cars present in the market also has an fuel indicator but it is not accurate in showing the petrol quantity in the tank. some of the four wheelers like FORD, AUDI, BMW, BENZ are costly and are having huge demand in market had a distance estimator in them, which will show an average of the car’s mileage for 1 kilometre. But if we go only in economy speed only the reading is appropriate. If we go with the maximum speed we may not get the exact reading that how much the can travel.To will overcome such unavoidable conditions, the pre-measure and sensor data would help user to play safe on the road. In this project, we propose a digital measurement system which constantly displays the different parameters like fuel quantity and battery health. The fuel indicator which we use gives us 100% accurate result by displaying the quantity of petrol in numerical format i.e. in millilitres. The heart of the project is the microcontroller which takes necessary decision depends on the sensor feeds and displays the results in the digital format. An analog type fuel tank level sensor is interfaced to the Analog to digital controller (ADC) which converts analog voltage output from the sensor to the digital form and feed to microcontroller. Then the microcontroller calculates the level depends on the digital value multiplied with the volume of the tank at that level and displays the digital numeric value on the screen.

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Rohan Appasaheb Borgalli, Hari Pratap Gautam , Winner George Parayil

ABSTRACT: This paper presents automated glaucoma detection techniques based on neural network and Adaptive Neuro fuzzy Inference system (ANFIS) Classifier. Digital image processing techniques, such as preprocessing, morphological operations and thresholding, are widely used for the automatic detection of optic disc, blood vessels and computation of the features of fundus image. Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve caused by the increase in the intraocular pressure of the eye. Glaucoma mainly affects the optic disc by increasing the cup size. It can lead to the blindness if it is not detected and treated in proper time. The detection of glaucoma through Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Heidelberg Retinal Tomography (HRT) is very expensive, this limitation is removed by this Glaucoma Diagnosis system with good performance. In addition to diagnosis of Glaucoma a Graphical user interface (GUI) is developed. This GUI is used for automatic diagnosing and displaying the diagnosis result in a more friendly user interface The results presented in this paper indicate that the features are clinically significant in the detection of glaucoma. Proposed system of this paper is able to classify the glaucoma automatically with a sensitivity and specificity of 98% and 95% respectively.

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Ahmad Zuhdi, Anna SN Dasril, Sri Yani Kusumastuti

ABSTRACT: Agribusiness system requires electronic business hub, i.e. information system portal, which is able to present all the information, data and knowledge, which are needed by the stakeholders. The portal will facilitate decision, policy and action making activities optimally, in the short term, medium and long term. Excellent information and knowledge about products, processes and businesses to provide the best agriculture practices is very valuable to stakeholders in the agribusiness community, in order to improve national and global competitiveness. Portal development information system requires the active participation of the Community of Practices (COP) in the community, who will share the latest excellent information and knowledge to the community, and can be utilized in daily operations. In the case study, we developed information portal for oyster mushroom agribusiness. The portal contains the latest important news, weather information, price, and excellent product knowledge, production processes knowledge and business knowledge. Test of the prototipe conducted by community activists who represent the key stakeholders, which previously granted the operation and maintenance training applications. Applications built continuously by enhancing functionality and performance to increasing its usability.

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Abdulfatah Badran, Dr. Salaheldeen Kamal, Dr. Abdrabbou El-Sinaary

ABSTRACT: This paper discusses the impacts of future loads behavior and its types on power distribution system. It is seen that increases the power losses, voltage drop and transformers loading ratio. The neglect of these increases in loads can lead to several problems. So it is necessary toface and solve these problems by pre-expectationfor the amount of these future increases in electrical loads . This paper has provided various types of electrical loads behavior in the future through the timeline for those loads , also provided a real example as a part of the electric distribution network in Egypt.Future loads estimation & its impacts on power system distribution study has been performed.This paper provides a solution to this problem by using distributer generators Technique.

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K. Naveenkumar, A. Arthi, K. Rajavelu

ABSTRACT: Power Quality Improvement is a major focus in recent electricity quality improvement technologies. Power factor correction is applied to the circuits that include induction motors as a means of reducing the inductive component of the current and thereby reduce the losses in the supply. The proposed BL-CSC converter is operating in a discontinuous inductor current mode; The Brushless DC Motor speed is controlled by varying the dc bus voltage of the voltage source inverter (VSI). Via a PF converter. Therefore, the BLDC motor is electronically commutated such that the VSI operates in fundamental frequency switching for reduced switching losses. Moreover, the bridgeless configuration of the CSC converter offers low conduction losses due to partial elimination of diode bridge rectifier at the front end. The proposed method is simulated in MAT Lab tool and achieved the expected results.

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Umeokwonna N.S, Ekpunobi A.J.

Abstract: Cobalt doped Cadmium Cobalt Oxide nanofilms were deposited by electrodeposition method using hexahydrated Cobalt Chloride salt as source of Cobalt ion, hydrated Cadmium Chloride salt as source of Cadmium ion, Citric acid as oxidizing agent, and Sodium hydroxide as pH adjuster. The deposition voltage was varied from 8.5V to 14.5V in intervals of 1.5V. Results of the work show that the optical properties viz; absorbance, reflectance, and refractive index are directly proportional to the deposition voltage while transmittance is inversely proportional. The film exhibits high transmittance in all the regions of electromagnetic spectrum but low absorbance and reflectance in the regions. It is a wide bandgap semiconductor

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B.Mahesh, D.Durgaprasad

ABSTRACT: Cloud computing has emerged as a popular paradigm that offers computing resources (e.g. CPU, storage, bandwidth, software) as scalable and on-demand services over the Internet. The multi-cloud environment can end the vendor lock-in of the consumer which is a trait in the single cloud. The significant zone of concern in this field is the understanding between the cloud service providers for collaboration of their services in multi-cloud. Data fragmentation plays an important role in data distribution. In this paper, we proposed a mixed fragmentation technique for data distribution through the collaboration multi-cloud model which holds an economical distribution of data among the available Service Providers in the market, to provide customers with achievable distributing merits which intern includes preserving confidentiality, integrity and availability(CIA) perimeters by making use of multiple distinct clouds simultaneously.

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Tharaniga Jeyakodi, Dillina Herath

ABSTRACT: Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is computerized medical information that provides means to create legible and organized recordings that allow access to clinical information about an individual patient. It represents an essential tool for improving the safety and quality of healthcare. Despite emerging evidence about the benefits of EMR, there are considerable barriers to adoption and use. The slow rate of adoption suggests that resistance among physicians must be strong as they are the main front line user group of EMR systems. Therefore, it is very important to study the physicians’ perception towards accepting and using EMRs in medical practices. This research attempts to identify factors that affect the physicians’ intention to use the EMR in Sri Lanka. The study model is based on Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology which is used to study the perception of users towards using a computerized system or new technology. The results indicate that the Performance Expectancy and Effort Expectance affect the Behavioral Intention of the physicians to use EMR in the healthcare settings of Sri Lanka.

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Idris M.C., Ogunleye P.O., Okunade I.O., Ismaila A.

Source profile of chemical elements is important for determination of natural baseline and anthropogenic input into soil characteristics. Undisturbed soils from Zaria and environ were analyzed for Al, K, Fe, Mn, Rb, Ta, Br, Sc, Cr, Co, Cs, Ba, La, Dy, Eu and Lu using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) Technique. Analysis of the data revealed that concentration of these elements increases with depth indicating that natural sources account for the distribution pattern. Specifically, soil in areas underlain by igneous rocks contain higher concentrations of Al and Dy in the 0-15 cm and K, Mn, Rb and La in 15-30 cm depth than soil in areas underlain by metamorphic rocks. The broad variations in elemental concentration in the Zaria soil is attributed to differences in parent rock chemistry and constituent minerals, local variations in Eh-pH conditions of the environment and continued alterations by other soil forming factors.

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Dr. James Aransiola ISHOLA, Mrs. Aminat Olaitan OYEBODE, Funso Agbeyangi ABDUSSALAM

Abstract: The issue of marketing concepts has been a long standing one in line with theories of marketing and efforts to treat it were dressed over but the fact that it has been attempted in the past is there for all readers to see. Aristotle was at the forefront of marketing theorists and as of recent Williams also write on the issue. The study seeks to examine the connection between theories of marketing and marketing concepts applications. It shall also address the issue of theories of marketing to see if there is relationship between the two concepts. The objective of the paper is to evolve an outlook of interface between theories of marketing and marketing concepts applications such that it is possible to pin point direction to which the two are heading. This shall provide a platform such that if one concept is taken the expectation on the other can become predictive. This is an epistemology paper using descriptive method. The study is employing qualitative and quantitative approach such that two hypothesis shall be formulated. However, the paper shall use past literature to form the fulcrum of assertion such that other works shall be explained in this study using explanatory approach. The study concludes by establishing a co habitual relationship between the marketing concept applications and theories of marketing such that it depends on the approach or the perception of then users in term of positivism or realism. The established relationship is that of a direct relationship with constant direction and time not minding the effects of fashion, spiritual, civilization and culture.

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Baki Dervishi, Silvana Dervishi

ABSTRACT: The objective of study was to study the most appropriate concentrations of hormonal stimulants for rooting grafts and their effects on addition of rooting. The trial was carried out in sampling yards of Pezë areas, Tirana District, in medium alluvial soils, rich to nutritious matters. The experiment was designed in four variants. Control group were represented by V1 and group of experiment was represented by V2, V3, V4 . The grafts, after cleaning their bottom parts, were inserted in solutions prepared according to the rate of concentrations and they were immediately planted. During the treatment, the temperature of environment was 17to180C. The trial was carried out for cultivars ”Shesh i Zi” with rootstocks Koober 5bb. Grafts callused and treated with heteroauxine, were maintained in shady places until planting. Hormonal stimulant, acetic B indolil acid was dissolved in alcohol (5-10 mg acetic B indolil acid was dissolved in 0.5 liter alcohol). This solution was maintained in glass container in dark and cool environment. Before using the solution was diluted with water in glass container according to certain concentrations. Results: rootstocks “Rupestris dy lot x Sheshi zi” and “41 B x Sheshi i zi, treated with acetic B indolil acid of 500 and 1000 ppm concentration had higher percentage of increasing (54 and 56 % ), compared to V1 (without stimulant), whereas as for V2 (250 ppm concentration), the increase of production of first class saplings for grafts “Rupestris dy lot x Sheshi i zi” is negligible (25-25.6%). Negligible results were also obtained from the callused grafts “41 B x Sheshi i zi”. The influence in rooting was lower than in 500 and 1000 ppm concentration (13.3 to 15.3%). Grafts “ Kober x Shesh i zi” callused and treated with acetic B indol acid of 250 ppm concentration had a increase almost equal to 500 ppm concentration. But also in this rootstocks, increase of production was higher than 1000 ppm concentration. Conclusion: Use of hormonal stimulant acetic indolil acid improves quantitative indicators of grape saplings callused and rooted.

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Mohammed Umaru

Abstract: Disaster (natural or man- made) make people flee from their original communities to another place for safety. When people are displaced, women and children happened to be the most vulnerable among others. They face a lot of challenges which include inadequate food, cloth, shelter, health and education among others. These challenges made them to live a difficult life in the camps or hosting communities pending when they would be resettle back to their original communities. Education in times of emergencies is organised to engage children in learning as a continue process until when they would properly be resettled either in their original community or elsewhere. This paper looked into the need for the children education in the time of the displacement and emergencies, the integration of ICT during the teaching of a particular creative concept (drama) for efficient and effectiveness, difficulties one might encountered when educating children in emergency situation and finally recommendations were also made.

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