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Bhushan O. Dongarwar, Deepa Telang

Abstract: Earthquakes are major natural destruction, responsible for loss of life and damage of property. For decreasing these damages in multi storied building we can apply bracing. The Bracing is attached to provide lateral support to wall framing. Metal straps, timber or sheet bracing can be used for bracing. A typical G+14th story regular RC frame building is designed for various types of bracing like X-bracing, inverted chevron, braced chevron brace, k bracing and carried out through seismic analysis. Three types of different section for same cross sectional area. i.e. ISA,ISMC,ISLB sections are used to compare for same patterns of bracing with unbraced building. The principle objective is to arriving to suitable configuration, modelling, developing models for seismic analysis and design of Multi Storey Building.

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Abstract: Image recognition has become an integral and important part of today’s technical world. The various application scenarios give rise to a key technique of daily life visual object recognition. On-premise signs (OPSs), a popular form of commercial advertising, are widely used in our living life. The OPSs often exhibit great visual diversity (e.g., appearing in arbitrary size), accompanied with complex environmental conditions (e.g., foreground and background clutter). Observing that such real-world characteristics are lacking in most of the existing image data sets, in this paper, we first proposed an OPS data set, in which comprises of OPS images of different businesses which are basically collected from Google’s Street View. Further, for addressing the problem of real-world OPS learning and recognition, we developed a probabilistic framework based on the distributional clustering, in which we proposed to exploit the distributional information of each visual feature (the distribution of its associated OPS labels) as a reliable selection criterion for building discriminative OPS models. This approach is simple, linear, and can be executed in a parallel fashion, making it practical and scalable for large-scale multimedia applications. This project provides very simple and modified features, which are very easy to view and operate. This project is designed and organized in a very simplified manner to hold the details of images and return the geo-location of the image.

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Wala Salah Elden, Abubakar Awad Siddig, Barka Mohammed Kabeir

Abstract: This study was carried out to develop none-alcoholic beverage from traditional Sudanese fruits dom (Hyphaene thebaica) and gudaim (Grewia tenax) using Bifidobacterium infantis 20088. The fruits were cleaned by removing the dirt and foreign materials. The seeds were separated from fruits except for gudaim fruit was directly used. The growth medium was formulated from10% (w/v) reconstituted skim milk (the control); in addition to 7.5% (w/v) dom and gudaim supplemented with 2.5 g skim milk to provide the required nutrient for bacteria growth during the fermentation.. After sterilization of growth medium and cooling, the mixture was inoculated with a 10% culture of B.Infants followed by incubation for 60 h at 37 ◦C. The results obtained revealed highest growth of B. infantis in gudaim beverage, followed by reconstituted skim milk, and then fermented dom. That is because gudaim contained the highest level of glucose as compared to skim milk and dom fruit. In general there was significant (p < 0.05) increase in maximum viable count of each formula as compared with its initial level at the beginning of fermentation in al beverages. The increased viable number was accompanied by a significant p < 0.05) reduction in pH and total soluble solids (TSS). Hopefully the strain viable counts fulfill the number required to presence in probiotic foods, which at least 1×106 CFU/ml fermented product. Therefore gudaim and dom are suitable carrier for Bifid bacterium infantis.

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G. Temesgen Mekuria, J. Anand Rao

ABSTRACT: We consider a steady linear convection – diffusion equation in 2D, present the standard Galerkin (GK) approximation and the Streamline-Diffusion Finite Element Method (SDFEM) and give an analysis of a posteriori error estimator based on solving a local Neumann problem. The estimator gives global upper and local lower bounds on the error measured in the H^1 semi-norm. Our numerical results from GK and SD approximations show that the global effectivity indices deteriorate in rates O(〖Pe〗_K) and O(√(〖Pe〗_K )) as 〖Pe〗_K→∞, respectively i.e., the estimator is over-estimated the error locally within a boundary layer which is not resolved by uniform grid refinement.

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R.K.Fakher Alfahed, K.I.Ajeel

ABSTRACT: The chemical polymerization method was used to prepare poly(o-toluidine) (POT) which is characterized by ( FTIR, XRD, and SEM) and then the blend polymers of PVA/POT were investigated by mix different volume ratios of polymers as ( 1:1, 1:2, 2:1 PVA:POT). The optical properties of the blend polymers were studied after deposited it on the glass substrate by a spin coating method and this study appeared the energy gaps of blend polymers increased with increasing the amount of POT. The J-V curves of prepared photovoltaic devices (PVA:POT/n-Si) which were measured under dark and illumination (100 ) gave information about prepared devices performance, whereas the better power conversion efficiency was recorded at the ratio (1:2 PVA:POT) to be 1.567 with , , and FF equal to 13.3647, 0.32, 0.36634 respectively

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Belay Habtegebriel, Anteneh Boydom

Abstract: Faba bean root rot caused by Fusarium solani is one of the most important biotic stresses in the major growing areas in Ethiopia. The effect of indigenous Trichoderma species applied on soil and seed on faba bean root rot development was studied in glass house pot experiments. Seven individual species (T.viridea, T. hamatum, T. oblongisporium, T. longibrachiatum, T. atroviridea, T.harziunum and T.asperillum) and three combinations of species (T. asperillum + T. harziunum, T. oblongisporium +T. atroviridea and T. viridea + T. hamatum) previously tested for in-vitro antagonistic effects to the pathogen were used as bio-control agents together with untreated control. Sterilized soil in each pot was artificially inoculated with F. solani multiplied on faba bean seeds. The Trichoderma species were mass produced on wheat bran and applied to the soil or dressed to the seeds one week after inoculation of the pathogen. Five faba bean seeds of a susceptible local variety “kassa” were planted per pot and observed for mortality. Only one treatment produced significant reduction in root rot incidence in each of seed dressing and soil treatment methods. Highest protection of seedlings (only 14% mortality) was obtained from seed dressing with combinations of T. oblongisporium + T. atroviridea. In the case of soil treatment, T. hamatum resulted in significantly low mortality (51%) of seedlings. All the other treatments were not significantly different from the control in terms of mortality. Field experiments consisting of similar treatments are recommended to confirm the efficacy of the bio-control agents for wider application.

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Dr.P.K.Srimani, R.Parthasarathi

Abstract: The problem of weekly nonlinear convection in a horizontal mushy layer under suitable assumptions and approximations in a gravity inclined environment is studied analytically by applying a modified perturbation technique. The finite amplitude solution for the weakly nonlinear problem is obtained under a near eutectic approximation, large far field temperature and for large Stefan number in a gravity inclined environment. Specific information with regard to the convective solutions are obtained with regard to the behaviour of the system. From the results it appears that the chimney formation gets promoted as the system gets destabilised when the concentration ratio is increased while, the formation of chimneys occurs at a larger Darcy Rayleigh number when the concentration ratio is decreased. Also, it is found that the gravity inclination reduces the tendency for chimney formation under the given physical conditions. It is concluded that by a proper choice of the inclination parameter and the governing parameters, it is possible to have a good control over the formation of chimneys convection so that the appearance of freckles in the resulting solid during the solidification process could be avoided. The results are in excellent agreement with the available results in the limiting cases.

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Sanjay Kumar Singh, V.Rastogi, I .L . Singh, S.K.Singh

ABSTRACT: PAIN is the most common reason that patients go to visit doctors. Pain is not an easy sensation which will be simply accessed and could be directly measured. To make the right diagnosis and determine the most effective treatment plan for patients presenting with pain, systematic and precise pain assessment is required. The visual changes reflected on the face of a person in pain may be apparent for only a few seconds and occur instinctively. Tracking these changes is a time-consuming and difficult process in a clinical setting. This is often why it's motivating researchers and experts from medical, psychology and computer fields to conduct inter-disciplinary research in capturing facial expressions. The facial expressions of children's (0-2 years) in pain and in non-communicative patients need to be recognized as they are of utmost importance for proper diagnosis. The direct measurement of pain is related to the computation approach whereas indirect measurement is by observers ratings. The aim of this study is to correlate the results obtained from the observer, practitioner, and machine. The results showed that the experts often underestimated pain intensity in comparison to the observer and computational approaches used. This will cover both spheres of psychological vulnerability and resilience to pain along with the advanced techniques used in machine learning thereby improving the quality of care by increasing its accessibility to physicians.

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Raziya Banu, Lohith H G, MD Danish Ali, Ramya H N

ABSTRACT: Black cotton soil is typical expansive soil have inherent property of shrinking when they are dried and swelling when water is absorbed. For any structure, the foundation is very important and it has to be strong to support the entire structure. In order for the foundation to be strong, the soil around it plays a very critical role. To work on soils, we need to have proper knowledge about their properties and factors which affect their behavior. Expansive soils always create problems more for lightly loaded structures than moderately loaded structures. In this paper the experimental results obtained in the laboratory on expansive soils treated with industrial waste Coir Pith (CP) as a stabilizer are presented. A study is carried out to check the improvements in the properties of expansive soil with Coir Pith in varying percentages. The test results such as liquid limit, Modified proctor compaction, and Unconfined Compression strength test obtained on expansive clays mixed at different proportions of Coir Pith as a admixture ranging from 0.1%, 0.2%, 0.3% and 0.4%. The plasticity index (PI) of 0.1 &0.2% addition of coir pith is less compared to untreated BC Soil. The max dry density (MDD) of 0.1 &0.2% addition of coir pith is more compare to untreated BC Soil, optimum moisture content (OMC) is reduced compare to BC Soil. The unconfined compressive strength (UCS) for BC Soil treated with 0.1 &0.2% of 0,7,14 days curing is more compared to untreated BC Soil.

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Megha Khatri

ABSTRACT: Power Quality has become an important issue of discussion after a decade of inception of power system. The aim of electric power system is to generate electrical energy and to deliver this energy to the end user equipment at an acceptable Level. The power quality detection, monitoring and improvement methods are explained in this paper under various sections. This study will be providing insight to the importance of improved power at user end and also the scope of further implementation of discussed methods in field applications.

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Lia Kurniasari

ABSTRACT: School readiness becomes important since a child who has had readiness for school will have benefits and progress in further developments. While the children who do not have the readiness, will result in frustration when placed in an academic environment. Early childhood education in Indonesia has grown in vary, one of the differences is in hours of learning in the classroom. The objective: To analyze the differences in school readiness of children entering primary school level from kindergarten with study hours 900 minutes per week and more than 900 minutes per week. Methods: This study was an observational-analytic study and used cross-sectional study design. The study was conducted on two populations of final preschool children with hours of learning of 900 minutes per week and more than 900 minutes per week. Results: The final Preschool children with learning hours 900 minutes per week and more than 900 minutes per week were fell almost entirely into the category of well-prepared, which were as many as 37 respondents (63.6%) and 31 respondents (96.9%), but for hours of learning of more than 900 minutes the same category fell for almost 100%. P-value of 0.001 indicated that there was relationship between the length of study with readiness to attend primary school level. Development in motor, cognitive, social, emotion and language can be used to observe school readiness of children. The result of regression test showed that these differences lied as results of the different stimulation provided by parents, the status of working of mothers and different learning system from each school. Things that can be performed by the parents are to constantly put concern to each child, since it will result to a better preparation. For early childhood educators, they should continue to improve the quality and quantity of the implementation of early childhood education as well as for the government that should provide wider information to rural areas.

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Khoiro Qonita

ABSTRACT: Background and Objectives : Trend of sexual violence to children has increased nowadays. From data collected by National Commision For Children Protection, on 2011 there were 329 cases. Meanwhile, it increased 226% and became 746 cases. On 2013, from 1615 cases of violence to children, 817 cases were sexual violence. The latest report until September 2014, the children sexual abuse number has reached 680 cases. Unfortunately, this phenomena also happened in Gresik Regency. There were 9 cases on 2010, 10 cases on 2011, 7 cases on 2012, and 4 cases in the end of 2013. The purpose of this study is to analyse the difference of effectiveness of Me and You program in Sunan Prapen Kindergarten and Sekar Kedaton Kindergarten in Gresik Regency. It is done as a preventive effort from sexual abuse for preschool children by observing the their cognitive, affective, and psychomotor level about sexuality, reproduction health, and self prevention from sexual violence. Subject and Methode : This experimental study used quantitative approach, specifically quasi experimental. It used pre and post intervention and also external comparison group. Technique for collecting data used questionnaire and observation guideline sheet. Preschool students aged 6-7 years old Sunan Prapen Kindergarten, as the experimental group and in Sekar Kedaton Kindergarten, as the comparison group. Meantime, the sampling technique of this study was simple random sampling. The sample was 26 children of Sunan Prapen Kindergarten and 27 children of Sekar Kedaton Kindergarten. Result : From data analysis, by cross tabulation and chi square test, it indicated that was significant difference for cognitive (0.000), affective (0.000), and psychomotor (0.000) before and after the program in Sunan Prapen Kindergarten, which became an experimental group. While, for comparison group (Sekar Kedaton Kindergaten), there wasn’t significant difference for cognitive (0.536), affective (0.446) and psychomotor (0.948) before and after the program implementation. Conclusions :”Me and You” program does have effective effect to improve student’s cognitive , affective, and communication skill about sexuality, reproductive health, and self prevention from sexual abuse in Sunan Prapen Kindergarten. It can be seen from difference result in student’s cognitive , affective, and communication skill about sexuality, reproductive health, and self prevention from sexual abuse in Sunan Prapen Kindergarten before and after implementation of “Me and You” program, meanwhile there is no difference in student’s cognitive , affective, and communication skill about sexuality, reproductive health, and self prevention from sexual abuse in MNU 9 Sekar Kedaton Kindergarten before and after implementation

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Mehtab Singh

ABSTRACT: In this paper investigation has been done on the performance analysis of different schemes of dispersion compensation using dispersion compensating fiber (DCF) namely post, pre, and symmetric compensation at a particular power level of transmitting laser using different modulation formats such as NRZ modulation format at 2.5 Gbps data rate. The value of eye height, Q- factor, BER was observed in every case using help of eye diagrams. It was observed that symmetric compensation showed best performance with the highest value of Q- factor whereas pre compensation showed worst performance among the three schemes with the lowest value of Q- factor.

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Wiwik Widiyawati

ABSTRACT: Depression can cause the decrease of elderly’s life quality. Elderly exercise is a psychological therapy that can reduce depression. This study is quasi-experimental design, conducted in the health care centers for elderly in Sidosermo and Margorejo. The sample technique using to collect data from the test subjects is total sampling and random sampling taken from a control group. Each sample consists of 13 respondents. To the two control groups, pretest and post-test are given in order to measure level of the depression using the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS). The result of the analysis on the variable for depression is also tested using t-test to acquire P= 0.011. The conclusion of the study confirms that elderly gymnastics can reduce depression in elderly individuals. So it suggested that gymnastics program routines used minimum of 3 times per week by way of cross - sectoral cooperation.

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Rani Arjun Vantmure, S.S.Saraf, S.M.Keshkamat

ABSTRACT: Perceptual image quality assessment uses various computation models to measure image quality by considering subjective evaluation. In recent years, according to the psychologists, neurobiologists study has shown that, which areas of image will attract most attention of human visual system. If distortion occurs in image, it will largely affect its visual saliency map. By considering this feature, in project work simple metric called visual saliency based index (VSI) is proposed to analyse image quality. Visual system is used to indicate local quality of the distorted image and to represent importance of local region in image. Several computational models are exist for computing VS maps. Comparison of various visual saliency models has done to analyse image quality.

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Dr. Shalini Sharma

ABSTRACT: Human values are the basic principles by which a person leads his life but now it has been observed that there is lack of values everywhere in society. People are living their life blindly without knowing what is good for them as well as for the society. So an attempt has been made for the engineering students to inculcate values so that they can think first of all about their duty for the society and can give their best. Everyone should try to realize that they are nothing without personal, social and moral values.

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Habtamu Admassu, Wei Zhao, Ruijin Yang, Mohammed A.A. Gasmalla, ELmuez Alsir

Abstract: Emulsion stability and emulsifying ability are two important factors in the food industry. Emulsions are thermodynamically unstable systems & surfactant must be present to stabilize the system. Proteins are widely used as emulsifiers in the food industry due to their interfacial structure. However, protein-stabilized emulsions are highly sensitive to environmental stresses such as pH, ionic strength, and temperature & require modification to improve such functional properties. Many efforts have been made to develop new food ingredients with improved functional properties (emulsion Stability). Over the past few years, there has been growing interest in the modification of proteins with sugars & several methods have been reported for the conjugation of proteins with polysaccharides to produce better surfactants for emulsion stabilization. Preparing Protein–polysaccharide conjugates by means of Maillard reaction is widely used among those methods. Therefore, this review is focus on maillard conjugates of protein-polysaccharides to stabilize food emulsions.

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Sreenivasa Pisupati

Abstract: This document describes the Orthogonal Array (OA) technique used in software testing. Orthogonal Array help in improving the Software product testing.Orthogonal Array employs design of experiments (DOE), which is one of the most important statistical tools of Total Quality Management (TQM) for designing high quality systems at reduced cost. Some of the benefits of Orthogonal Array techniques are the productivity improvement, quality including high code coverage, reduction in the test execution cycle time and enhanced customer satisfaction. The actual essence of testing lies in designing the minimal set of test cases which can uncover the maximum number of bugs in the system and at the same time gives a comfortable feeling about the quality of the system. Orthogonal Array Testing Strategy is a kind of “Dream Come True” for the test designers to design their test cases.

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