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Aman Jagga

ABSTRACT: Amazon.com's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) offer enterprise class computing facilities to any organization or individual in the world with a valid credit card. This paper details complete understanding Amazon EC2, setting up an Amazon EC2 instance and using it for different purposes. It includes an analysis of the overall system, going into technical understanding of each feature, ease-of-use and to measure how secure is it. This paper also details of how Amazon elastic cloud can be different from the physical server. I conclude with a report of advantages of EC2 and steps to set up an Amazon EC2 account.

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Syed Murtuza Hussain Bakshi

ABSTRACT: Healthcare sector is the world's third largest industry and is facing several problems like excessive waiting times for patients, lack of access to information, high costs of delivery and medical errors. Healthcare Managers seek the help of process reengineering methods to discover the best processes for performing work, and that processes are reengineered to optimize productivity without compromising on quality. Business Process Reengineering refers to the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance, such as cost, quality and speed. The present study is carried out at tertiary care corporate hospital with 1,000-plus-bed facility. A descriptive study and case study method is used with intensive, careful, complete observation of patient flow, delays, short comings in the patient movement and workflow. Data is collected through observations, informal interviews and analyzed by Matrix Analysis. Flowcharts were drawn for the various work activities of cardiology department including Workflow of the admission process, Workflow in ward & ICCU, Work flow of the patient for catheterization laboratory procedure & Billing and Discharge Process. The Problems of the existing system were studied and necessary suggestions were recommended to cardiology department module with illustrated Flow chart.

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Michael Shadrack Mangula

ABSTRACT: - In today's global environment, organizations are constantly looking for the ways to expand and improve their business in terms of quality and quantity. Adoption and subsequently certification of these organizations with ISO9001 has revealed to be the pro-active strategy to improve organizational performance. This paper seeks to assess the impact of quality management system (ISO 9001) in improving the organizational performance in terms of quality and quantity (volume) of the products. A descriptive research design using survey was adopted in this paper. The sample size of 40 respondents was selected using simple random approach. Data regarding the impact of Quality Management System (ISO 9001) certification on the organization performance with respect to quality and quantity (volume) of the products were collected mainly using questionnaires. The collected data were analyzed using descriptive analysis such as mean and standard deviation where by inferential statistics were done through Chi-square test. The findings in this paper reveal that the quality of products as well its quantity (volume) has been improved in those organizations which have been certified with Quality Management System (ISO 9001). However the paper point out some quality problems such rework and rejects of some products which do not conform to customer requirements. For the sake of quality improvement this paper recommends that; top management should be committed and active in implementing the requirement stipulated in the ISO 9000 certification, regular training as well adhering to team work approach.

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V. Gopinath1, G. Navaneethakrishnan2

ABSTRACT: Performance of a gas turbine is mainly depends on the inlet air temperature. The power output of a gas turbine depends on the mass flow rate of air. Now days the atmosphere temperature is hot, so the air is less density, the mass flow rate will reduce and automatically the power output will reduce. A reduce of 1C temperature of inlet air increases the power output by approximately 0.7MW. To reduce the inlet air temperature by using the various techniques evaporative coolers, vapor compression chillers, and absorption chillers. In this paper the performance of 100MW model capacity gas turbine is compared by reducing the inlet air temperature from 35C to 25C. The results are taken from the GT PRO software and this software is mainly used for power plant design.

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K.Velmanirajan1, G. Rajaraman2, S.K.Karthikeyan3, D.Dinesh4

ABSTRACT: Some mistakes accruing between the assembly and manufacturing shops in Ashok Leyland ltd. Actually Ashok Leyland, one of the biggest and leading heavy vehicle manufacturers in India and also exporting some specified model vehicles. Every month they come across some customer complaints and sometime face those problems before dispatching in the pre delivery inspection. Even though, some mistakes go up to consumers. So, we received some frequently coming problems, about 12 from the PDI shops. Out of these problems, we took two important Customer affecting problems. Then we were analyzed and provided solutions through the "POKA-YOKE" techniques, it means that mistake proofing solutions for a particular problems.

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Harsimranjot1, S.B.L. Tripathy2, Hardeep Singh Saini3

ABSTRACT: FiberDistributedDataInterfaceNetworks was specially designed for use with optical fiber media for peer to peer communications.There are many parameters that influence the performance of the network; network latency, target token rotation time, token holding time, frame size and maximum access delay. The maximum access delay, the time between successive transmission opportunities, is bounded for both synchronous and asynchronous traffic.In our analysis, we set the value of TTRT and optimized the value of access delay. It is concludedthat long delays are not desirable and can be avoided by proper setting of network parameters.

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Abd Elrahim Elgizouli Mohamed Ahamed

ABSTRACT: The geodetic data used in the production of the topographical base map for any area in Sudan were observed and computed by the classical system related to the local datum (Adindan) of Clarke 1880 ellipsoid. At this time there are satellite receivers used in geodetic observations, where the data produced by the satellite systems are referenced to the geocentric datum (The World Geodetic System (WGS)). Now a days The Global Positioning System was replacing the classical local system which was based on Adindan (Sudan) datum. This paper describes a technique for evaluation the planimetric accuracy of 100,000 and 25,000 scale maps produced by Sudan Survey Department (SSD). The techniques are based on direct observation of ground control points using Trimble 5700 GPS receivers and arithmetic transformation algorithms. A set of 8 Ground Control Points (GCPs) has been selected inside the study area. The coordinates of all points have been observed by the GPS receiver and their corresponding values have been derived from maps based on the GIS Techniques. The area of the base - maps (scale 1: 100,000, and 1: 25,000), bounded by jebelawlia to Elsheikh Eltieb (south-North) and Jebel Madaha to the University of Khartoum (west-east), was plotted by the analytical plotter BC-2 and scanned by the Scan Plus III 4000T and manipulated by ARC/ INFO (ESRL-GIS software) to check the coordinate values of 8-points using both Adindan (Sudan) and WGS-84 datums. Statistical analysis shows that both GIS transformation and GPS processing produce the same planimetric accuracy.

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