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Kowsalya.S, M.Phil Scholar

Traditionally, the construction industry has been faced with the problems of meeting project schedule, budget, and specifications set by the owner and architect/engineer. The proper utilization of internal and external resources is essential if construction companies are to make the best business decisions, maximize business goals, and survive in the competitive environment. Although the construction industry is one of the largest contributors to the economy, it is considered to be one of the most highly fragmented, inefficient, and geographically dispersed industries. To overcome this inefficiency, a number of solutions have long been offered including adaptation of information technology and information systems. Major construction companies embarked on the implementation of integrated IT solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to better integrate their various business functions. Each construction project is characterized by a unique set of site conditions, project team, and the temporary nature of relationships between project stakeholders. As a result, construction companies are required to have extensive customization of preintegrated business applications from the vendors of ERP systems. Unfortunately, such extensive customizations result in a greater challenge in implementing ERP systems. Therefore, finding the best ERP systems implementation strategy is needed to maximize the benefits of such integrated IT solutions for construction companies. Here I suggest an approach and implementation of mining paradigm in ERP system which provides the best solutions and better results. Since ERP deals with large volume of data and the challenge in that is its way of representation. By getting mining paradigm into its way there reside various approaches to bring the data in crisp and legitimate formats. My approach on this doesn’t end with getting the mining paradigm into ERP’s implementation; also I have developed a POC (Proof of Concept) on DBSCAN method of mining which depicts both functional and technical workings into act. To make this concept a proved one with real time workings, I have provided the facts and approaches that a construction company follows in real world and the data they dealt with. This paper also encloses how this DBSCAN method works over this business functionality in different dimensions to prove its working.

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Prasad M. Chavan, Tejas V. Bhutada, Swapneel S. Danayat, Shubham R. Ganbote

Decoring is a process of removing the sand cores from a casting. Decoring machine is used to remove the core by vibrating the casting by eccentric masses to loosen the sand followed by short period of hammering with a pneumatic system(mounted horizontally in case of horizontal decoring machine).The above device is housed inside a sound proof booth. Manual decoring of the casting causes damage to the parts. More over manual decoring is not effective in removing the sand. Another drawback of manual decoring is the loud noise generated .To avoid above problems the company requires a decoring machine. The machine can decore two castings at a time within much less time compared to the manual decoring. This is another advantage of the machine.

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Dr. Majli N. Hawas, Dr. Raaed K. Ibrahim, Ahmed J. Sultan

In this paper, an artificial neural network ANN is presented to enhance the transient stability of a single machine infinite bus based on model reference adaptive controller MRAC. Critical clearing time CCT is a main factor in analysis of transient stability that indicates of maximum permissible time period of fault in power system. Increment value of CCT has important issue to improve system stability. The simulation results using MATLAB / SIMULINK package show that the proposed ANN-MRAC can dramatically improve the dynamic system behavior and force the system to track the reference model and reduce the error between them. The comparison between conventional Range-Kutta method and the ANN-MRAC is demonstrated that the proposed controller scheme is increasing of CCT and damping of electromechanical power oscillations.

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Behrije Ramaj

The recession is exerting a broad influence on consumer trends and attitudes. The level of uncertainty in the economy and society is already high. Understanding the psychology of a customer their motivations, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, reasons, ways of processing information and making decisions and how they affect the customer or influenced by socioeconomic environment poses a substantial advantage in today's society . Recessions have impacts buyers, to individuals and to the enterprise. Consumer behavior is the study of how individuals, groups and organizations select, buy, use the goods, services, ideas or experiences to satisfy their needs and desires. The study of consumers creates opportunities for improving products or services or presentation, pricing, determination of the distribution network, communication messages and develop other marketing activities. Understanding consumer behavior is the key to a successful business. While it is important that the products or services that will be offered good quality, clear recognition of behavioral patterns will give customers the opportunity to refer to their needs as best it resulting in a business very successful. Understanding the customer's mind and heart is a very complex issue. If consumer behavior would be easy to explain, then the products will be sold as easily as projected, all ads would be effective, the economy would have efficiency and marketing would be a fairly easy prospect.

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Francis Michael R.T, Siva Pragasam. P

In the modern world of web service community expands its way with increasing the number of web services to facilitate their users. This expansion also comprises several problem like identification, selection and composition of web services. We have proposed and implemented a method that may give the solution to such problems. This method can be very useful when number of web services are very high in number. It is an agent based model that uses the dependency relation algorithm to identify the web services which are participate in the composition. The experimental part of the article shows that there is an improvement in the approach.

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Konwar R, BARUAH. G. D

The present work is concerned with the iridescent patterns of some specimens of molluscan shells and their intensity distribution patterns worked out with the help of software. The iridescence colours of shells have been ascribed to diffraction and their laminated structures. In this case earlier observations by Sir C. V. Raman in connection with the iridescent patterns have been critically analysed.

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Andres A. Regondola

The study aims to assess the effectiveness of production standards that products meet the best specification production wise by over viewing and re- evaluating the specifications of products, materials, dimensions, safety and improvements of quality management systems and to have good products with high quality according to the international standards. With the aid of SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences), the Pearson Product Moment Coefficient was used to analyze the significant relationship between the production standards the level of effectiveness of production standard. And the correlation among relationship between the production standard and the level of effectiveness of the production standards supports the null hypothesis of the study. On the basis of the research findings, it showed that they should develop local sourcing practices that would benefit to the economy in manufacturing business to produce sourcing materials, develop an industry-led strategic transformation plan that is focused on the perfume development of technological innovation and differentiation, and uphold the system integration and application of intelligent manufacturing as well as support by the research development for new innovation of different products you have in the company. From a country perspective, the business environment, which is ranked the 7th freest in the world, ensures transparency and efficiency in doing business. Bahrain’s business sector is supported by the most productive, highly-skilled bilingual national work force in the GCC. Finally, Bahrain offers an open, cosmopolitan society with the highest quality of life in the Middle East.”“The vision is that Bahrain will be seen as a highly competitive gateway to the Gulf for international companies seeking to serve their customer base in the region. In the past, the UAE and Saudi Arabia had been seen by international investors as leading locations for establishing their projects. The Ministry sees that this development firmly puts Bahrain on the map as a credible competitor for regional inward investment.

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