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R. karthik, D.Suresh, S.Ismail

ABSTRACT: The role of robotics in society is no longer restricted to assembly and manufacturing. Robots are finding their way into -a wide spectrum of tasks that directly link human and machine. Due to the modelling error or environmental uncertainties, robot motion may present a significant positioning error by using a conventional Computer-Torque Method. To improve tracking capability of robot manipulators, sliding mode control and nonlinear control algorithms have been introduced, but computation is costly, and thus a fast motion execution using simple computer sources is impossible. To resolve this problem, the resolution and position accuracy of magnetically suspended frictionless Hexapod multi DOF manipulator is designed and it will simulate with the help of Adams Software. From Reverse Position Analysis the system joint information can be obtained for a specified operational position. Forward kinematics for a manipulator is the process to calculate the position (or motion) of an end effectors when joint variables are specified. The process is carried out by multiplying sequentially the 4x 4 homogeneous transformation matrix of each joint and finding the transformation matrix Ti for the corresponding position The main objective of this Project is to Study the kinematic behavior of the Multi DOF Manipulator mechanism and to control the overall action and to develop a procedure for the optimal design of a redundantly actuated Multi DOF manipulator and to determine the geometric parameters and operating limits.

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Katya Uzundzhalieva

Abstract: Preservation of plantbiodiversityfromculturalandwildlifeis a priorityactivity of the Institute of PlantGeneticResources , Sadovo . Thisisthefirstscientificagriculturalcenter of Bulgaria, whereitbeganintroduction of newspeciesandvarietiesand todayin IPGR are collectedandstored atherichvariety of speciesand a variety of localandforeigngermplasm. Theaim of thepaperis to focusonthepreservation of existingplantwealth of usablegermplasmandestablishment of science-basedstrategyformanagementandconservation of biodiversity.

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S.C.Logesh, J.Sangeetha

Abstract: This paper introduces the use of the voltage multiplier technique and passive absorption circuit applied to the non-isolated dc-dc converter in order to obtain high efficiency and high voltage gain. A passive absorption circuit is inserted in the interleaved flyback converter to transfer the leakage energy to load. The operation principle of the circuit is explained. This paper also deals with MPPT controlled high step up dc-dc converter. The switching element used in the flyback converter is MOSFETs, which is completely on and completely off. This is because MOSFET has high power rating and high switching speed. Moreover, high voltage conversion ratio is achieved. The simulated results are presented with R load.

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Seid Guyo, Berhan Tamir

ABSTRACT: This study was conducted to assess cattle husbandry practices in the crop-livestock production system areas of the highland and mid-altitude and pastoralists in the lowlands of Burji woreda of Segen Zurea zone of southern Ethiopia. The cattle husbandry practices were assessed based on one time field visit, questionnaire survey and focus group discussions in highland, mid-altitude and lowland altitude. A total of 100 farmers were selected randomly from 10 peasant associations, which are selected based on proportion of peasant associations exist in each altitude zones of peasant association. The survey showed that the majorities 81% of household heads under investigation were males and the rest 19% were female. The average family size in the highlands, mid-altitudes and pastoral areas were 9.0±0.5, 9.4±0.3 and 11.1±0.5 respectively. Average livestock holding per household varied across the altitude zones, especially cattle and oxen holding per household in highland, midland and lowland altitude zones were, 13.7±2 cattle and 4.1±0.4 oxen, 11.6±1 cattle and 3.98±0.3 oxen and 29.3±2.5 cattle and 6.2±0.4 oxen respectively. Natural pasture is the major feed resource of the woreda, but communal grazing land in their area is dwindling at an alarming rate. Crop residues provided the second major feed resources for livestock, particularly during the dry season when biomass of natural grazing lands is very low. The constraints to cattle production system were feed shortage, drought, and diseases and parasites particularly Trypanosomiasis, shortage of grazing land, veterinary services, extension services, marketing and other infrastructures. Hence, more emphasis should be given to improving livestock productivity through strong extension services in proper management of the rangelands, feed conservation, crop residues treatment, healthcare and provision of credit facility.

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R.Sriram, P.Muthu Kumaran

ABSTRACT: This is the digital implementations of Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) generators based on analog circuits. The FPGA based SPWM generator is capable to operate at switching frequencies up to 3 MHz, thus it is capable to support the high switching frequency requirements of modern single-phase dc/ac power converters. The Existing design the switching operation is in 1 MHz. Additionally, in this proposed project it is modified to increase the switching frequency upto 3 MHz and flexible architecture that can be tuned to a variety of single-phase dc/ac inverter applications which exhibits much faster switching frequency, lower power consumption, and higher accuracy of generating the desired SPWM waveform.

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Mohammed Aamir Ahmed, Narendra Wadaskar

Abstract: In this paper, a controlling system is implemented for a wearable walking supporting device so called as Mechanically Automated Renovative Under Transforming Intelligence (MARUTI). The control circuit is implemented without considering the biological signals of the human body for the knee part, which is based on the knee joint moment from the human body model. The control and a driving circuits are implemented to assistive the knee as for the requirement of knee joint dynamics.

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Sree Vidhya I S, G.Sahaya Stalin Jose

Abstract: Mobile ad hoc network (MANET), flexible and self-autonomous wireless network architecture, is very promising to find many important applications in the daily information exchange, disaster relief, military troop communication, etc. In MANETS for long life and reliability the throughput capacity must be increased. This work deals the per node throughput capacity of a MANET, where the transmission power of each node can be controlled to adapt to a specified transmission range and a generalized two-hop relay with limited packet redundancy f is used for packet routing. Based on the concept of automatic feedback control and the Markov chain model, an Inter-MANET Routing protocol called InterMR that can handle the heterogeneity and dynamics of MANETs is used. First it defines an Inter-MANET address scheme based on a variety of node attributes .Next the contribution is to provide a seamless routing mechanism across heterogeneous MANETs without modifying the internal routing mechanisms in each MANET, by packet-level simulation, that the performance of InterMR will be improved by adaptive gateway assignment functionalities. From the routing values the throughput parameters is obtained. Increasing the transmission power of the nodes with this routing mechanism improves the capacity, and even at high packet rate increased throughput can be achieved.

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Jay Prakash Vijay, Nitin Kumar Sharma

Abstract: This paper presents a comparable study of different adaptive filter algorithm LMS, NLMS, RLS and QR-RLS applied in minimization of MSE. In this paper we considered two kinds of scenarios for analyzing their performance. The RLS algorithm has faster convergence speed/rate than LMS algorithms with better robustness to changeable environment and better tracking capability. As well as the MSE curve shows that QR-RLS algorithm outperforms other remaining algorithm like LMS, NLMS and RLS algorithm.

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S. Arun prasath, S. Cariline Jebakumari, M.E

Abstract: Media access control is an essential part of wireless communication. To achieve higher communication throughput multi-channel MAC has been studied. Adhoc wireless network's performance is always measured corresponding to the power consumption of the nodes. The overall network connectivity depends on the energy of the nodes. Researchers have proposed many energy efficient MAC protocols to resolve this problem. Altruistic protocol uses the concept of distributed information sharing to reduce power consumption and at the same time improve the throughput. Distributed Information Sharing(DISH) is a new cooperative approach to design multi-channel MAC protocols. It aids nodes in their decision making process by sharing information through neighboring nodes. It share control information with each other so that nodes can make decisions during communication. In a multi-channel network, DISH avoids collisions by notification from neighboring nodes about channel conflict and deaf terminal problem. Energy efficient strategy altruistic DISH is used. It uses multi-hop communication. Data retransmission is avoided with the assist of intelligent node. Priority is given to the nodes if it chooses the busy receiver. Altruistic protocol is compared with In-situ DISH, and find that altruistic protocol significantly outperforms. It conserves energy without compromising the throughput performance. Through simulations it shows that altruistic protocol conserves better energy compared to other. The experimental results confirm the viability of altruistic protocol and the idea of DISH. Hence by using DISH energy efficiency for cooperative multi-channel MAC is achieved.

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Roque, Anna Patricia D., Sioson, Jacquelyn Yvette G., Sy, Chelsea Mae Y., Tarrazona, Yssa Nicole S., Tolentino, Gerone Ann V., Trinidad, Ma. Sofia Blanca D., Calaca, Ninia I.

ABSTRACT: The number of graduating students had been observed to be much lesser as compared to the number of freshmen enrolling every academic year in the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Santo Tomas. This study aimed to identify and compare the number of attrition every academic year from 2009-2013 and to identify their reasons of dropping out. The data was obtained through the approval of the University Registrar and Dean's office to have access on the information needed. Consultation and some data were also acquired from the Guidance Office. Data gathered comprises the total number of drop outs per academic year and the reasons that elicited them to make the aforementioned decision. After the analysis of the quantified data, it was concluded that the primary reason for the withdrawal of the students in the said program is migration. Moreover, the accumulated data showed that the academic year 2010-2011 showed the highest number of attrition.

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Solomon Mwanjele Mwagha, Peter W. Waiganjo, Christopher A. Moturi, E. Muthoni Masinde

ABSTRACT: There has been little information in regard to agricultural drought prediction. This paper aimed at coming up with an efficient and intelligent agricultural drought prediction system. By using a case study approach and knowledge discovery data mining process this study was preceded by drought literature review, followed by analysis of daily 1978-2008 meteorological and annual 1976-2006 maize produce data both from Voi Taita-Taveta (Coast Province in Kenya). The design and implementation of an agricultural drought prediction system, was made possible by computer science programming for meteorological data preprocessing, classification algorithms for training and testing as well as prediction and post processing of predictions to various agricultural drought aspects. The study was evaluated by comparison of predicted with actual 2009 data as well as the Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) 2009 records. The evaluation of this study results indicated consistency with the KMD 2009 outlook. The results showed that the application of classification algorithms on past meteorological data can lead to accurate predictions of future agricultural drought. The recommendation is that future work can be based on designing a solution for multiple regions with multiple crops.

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Kiran Singh Sisodiya, Vandana Gupta, Kiran Sisodiya

Abstract: The coupled Fibonacci Sequences are first Introduced by K.T.Atanassov in 1985.Sequences have been fascinating topic for mathematics for centuries. Inclusion of missing terms in arithmetic, harmonic and geometric sequence has been formulated for a long time. other sequences like Fibonacci and Lucas Sequences could be solved using the Binet`s formula. In this paper, Derivation of formula in solving Fibonacci-like Square Sequence ,a derivative of Fibonacci Sequence, will be shown by finding important patterns from basic formula integrating with Binet`s Formula. Finding of missing terms in Fibonacci-Like square sequence will be answered easily using this formula

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Dharmendra Rishishwar, Laxmi Shrivastava

Abstract: Microstrip patch antennas are mostly known for their versatility in terms of possible geometries that makes them applicable for many different situations. The lightweight construction and the suitability for integration with microwave integrated circuits are two more of their numerous advantages. Patch antenna has a narrow bandwidth so it has a complexity in tunings, so there is a requirement to increase the bandwidth of patch antenna. This paper presents a rectangular microstrip patch antenna with FSS and Slotted patch to enhance bandwidth of 2.4 GHz simple rectangular microstrip patch antenna which work on IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g standard applications. This antenna is mounted on rectangular patch with air gap to enhance bandwidth for WLAN applications.

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Tamboli Amir S., Bhide Ameya D., Varhade Amit M., Mandlik Sachin B.

Abstract: The automatic fruit-transportation gyro car works in the economic forest; the designed Gyro car sorting, weighing & obstacle avoidance system based on ARM with GPRS control. Gyro is specially designed in such way that it moves from one station to another in forest. Gyro car has three compartments for three colors of fruit & Gyro car is provided with inbuilt sorting mechanism with a robotic arm with RGB Sensor. Sorting mechanism sort the fruit individually in the same gyro car at each station in forest on the basis of color of fruit. Our gyro car moves from one station to another on path follower mechanism. Gyro car stops at each station for a particular time period. It also provided with overload indication. Whole working is divided in two sections one as control room and another is working area where Gyro car moves. Real time weight of the fruits is seen on the LCD module. Communication between gyro car & control unit takes place through GPRS module. Our gyro car also provided Ultrasonic sensor which is used to avoid accident by obstacle in its path. When obstacle in its path, alert by buzzer in control room.

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P.Subitsha, J.Kowski Rajan

ABSTRACT: Software estimation accuracy is one of the greatest challenges for software developers. Software cost and time estimation supports the planning and tracking of software projects. The present paper is directed to design a model which should be accurate and comprehensible in order to inspire confidence in a business setting. Software effort estimation models which adopt a neural network technique provide a solution to improve the accuracy. However, no univocal conclusion to which technique is the most suited has been reached. This study addresses this issue by reporting on the results of a large scale benchmarking study. Different types of techniques are under consideration including techniques such as Multilayered Perceptron Network, Radial Basis Function Neural Network, Support Vector Machines, Extreme Learning Machines and Particle Swarp Optimization. Studies are made using COCOMO II data. Results are provided for MMRE and PRED (25) accuracy measures.

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Ahmad Issa Saleem Al Zoubib, Mohd Zalisham Jali, Norashikin Fabil

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the factors that influence e-learning adoption levels in a Jordanian education institution and modified the two theories of the DOI and D&M IS to examine the e-learning levels. This study identified the technological such as relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, information quality, system quality and service quality and organizational include top management support, structure and culture that influences the adoption of e-learning among working adults. A total of 502 adult workers currently pursuing their study at Arab Open University in Jordan were selected to be the sample for this study. Questionnaire was employed as the data collection approach for the present study. The research framework has been validated by a previous empirical study based on a questionnaire. Based on the results of this study, technological and organisational have a strong significant influence on learning adoption levels by different groups.

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A. Iyyanarappan, G.Tamilpavai

Abstract: Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. As glaucoma progresses, more optic nerve tissue is lost and the optic cup grows which leads to vision loss. Glaucomatous image classification can be efficiently performed using the texture features of an image. This paper focused on recent Glaucoma Classification techniques in Computer-Aided Diagnosis(CAD).Feature extraction is necessary to reduce the original dataset by measuring certain properties to make decision process easier during classification. Texture has been widely involved in many real life applications such as remote sensingbiomedical image processing, content based image retrieval. Representatives techniques and algorithm are explained to provide good idea about classification of fundus image which deals with 1how medical images could be analyzed, processed, feature extracted by 2D-DWT methods and classified by Neural Network(NN), 2how the techniques above could be expanded further to resolve problem relevant to Glaucoma image.

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Farha Siddiqui

ABSTRACT: The STBC will improve the performance which is degraded by increase in data rate. Our work will shows the probability of error decreases with the increase of SNR. The coding gain measures the distance between the descending probability of error curve from the ordinate axis and is an indication of how high the SNR is before the probability of error curve starts to fall. Our work shows that orthogonal code performs better than the Alamouti code. Simulation results show that full transmission rate is more important at very low SNR values and high BERs, whereas full diversity is the right choice for high SNR values and low BERs. Our work done on diversity analysis of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) space-time block codes using various receiving techniques in a Rayleigh fading channel, Performance analysis of different space-time block codes using M-ary phase shift keying (PSK) in a Rayleigh fading channel and Performance analysis of joint transmit and receive antenna selection in a STBC coded MIMO system by comparing sphere decoder technique with zero-forcing (ZF), minimum mean square error (MMSE) and maximum likelihood (ML) techniquesThe performance of the proposed OSTBC over frequency-selective fading channels we compare with other existing methods for MIMO-OFDM systems.

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Nikhilkumar B S, Kale Pallavi V

ABSTRACT: Short-term load forecasting method is the basis of optimizing the operation for power systems. Accurate load forecasting is helpful to improve the security and economic effect of power systems and can reduce the cost of generating electricity. Therefore, finding an appropriate load forecasting method to improve accuracy of forecasting has important application value. For this we have proposed a revised radial basis function (RBF) network combined along with the genetic algorithm. Fuzzy inference system is used in addition with this modified RBF network to include the sudden changes in load values. The proposed method is compared with feed forward neural network.

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Sonal Namdev, Nishant Tyagi, Himanshu Tyagi, Anuj Kumar

ABSTRACT: For "Car Monitoring and Tracking System" two most crucial elements are integrated, they are monitoring and tracking system. In case any intruder tries to breach security, this security system can send SMS and MMS if the owner is nearby. This system mainly features the use of MMS and database technology. Further, the local GSM/GPRS service provider can send photo of an intruder to user or/and police. Moreover, GPS is used to track the car when a theft has occurred. The implementation and testing results show the success of prototype in sending MMS to owner within 40 seconds and receiving acknowledgement to the database within 4 minutes. The timing and results are suitable to owner and police to take appropriate actions against intruder.

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Puttaraj Mallikarjun Hiremath, Shanmukha shetty, Navaneeth Rai.P.G, Prathima.T.B

ABSTRACT: There has been a considerable imbalance between the availability of conventional building materials and their demand in the recent past. On the other hand the laterite quarry waste is abundantly available and the disposal of waste plastics (PET, PP,etc.) is a biggest challenge, as repeated recycling of PET bottles pose a potential danger of being transformed to a carcinogenic material and only a small proportion of PET bottles are being recycled. In this work an attempt has been made to manufacture the bricks by using waste plastics in range of 60 to 80% by weight of laterite quarry waste and 60/70 grade bitumen was added in range of 2 to 5% by weight of soil in molten form and this bitumen- plastic resin was mixed with laterite quarry waste to manufacture the bricks. The bricks manufactured possess the properties such as neat and even finishing, with negligible water absorption and satisfactory compressive strength in comparison with laterite stone to satisfy the increasing demand of conventional building materials.

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Pramesh Kumar Choudhary, Nitin Gupta

ABSTRACT: In this paper a soft-switching boost converter with auxiliary resonant circuit is implemented in mat lab. The conventional boost converter generates high switching losses during turn ON and OFF, and this causes a reduction in the whole system's efficiency. The implemented boost converter utilizes a soft switching method using an auxiliary circuit with a resonant inductor and capacitor, auxiliary switch, and diodes. Therefore, the system efficiency is improved.

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ABSTRACT: Shopping is an inspired routine of every individual's leisure. Our project is to make the shopping more easy and interactive process. The shopper has to membership himself to any shopping malls where each member is given an RFID card. The shopper can login his account of the mall's database and enter the shopping list. The employees of the mall shall process our lists on basis of the item availability, shop number etc. Once the customer enters the mall and takes a shopping cart; he has to use his RFID card to access the cart. The display in the cart shall give the route details and the items details as served the mall. Whenever an item is dropped into the cart, the RF tag in the item taken shall be read automatically by the reader in the cart and gets billed in the customer's account. By the end of the purchase, the grand total of all the items taken shall be checked and delivered. The cart is again put back to position for the other users.

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Abstract: The present trends and spreads in data sharing in the internet and in social networks is unsecure .So nowadays people demanding for security .In such case, this paper helps to share the data in a secure way by encrypting the data and decrypt it .Though it has several features in decryption and encryption. Nowadays decryption done by using private keys .This common thing that is used is for security purpose .Thecypher textingis a new technique that is used forcryptographic purpose .Throughits work well it has only one drawback that is escrows problem. This problem can be solved easily by introducing new SFTP protocol.Hence implementation and proposed plan will manage and it will share the data securely on the internet .

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Berlin Russel, Jeyam Thilagar, Murugesan

ABSTRACT: Retrieval of music notations is one of the challenges which prevail even in recent days .The first step is to identify the scanned pages through optical music recognition by identifying the staff lines, musical object location, musical feature classification, and musical semantics. After identifications with various grammars they are categorised in order and trustworthy service evaluation system is enabled for the users to share their reviews of a particular music sheet they are buying through their smart phones or tabs in service oriented mobile social networks(S-MSN)without any third trusted party. Since there are no third trusted parties there are many chances for Sybil attacks and other modification review attacks which are to be avoided.

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Lincy J, Sivasankar Rajamani P

ABSTRACT: The increasing demand for battery-powered and green-compliant applications has made power management a dominant factor in SoC design. Clock power contributes 40% of total chip power.To get maximum reduction in power an algorithm has been proposed in which single-bit flip-flops are replaced with maximum possible Multi-Bit Flip-Flop (MBFF) without affecting the performance of the original circuit. Firstly mergable flip-flops are identified based on synchronous clocking and replaced without affecting the performance however replacement will change the location of flip-flops leading to timing and capacity constraint. Tanner EDA V13.0 has been used which reduces the power by 15%.

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ABSTRACT: In classification, discrimination is a type of treatment that includes denying the membership in one group opportunities that are available in another group. Discrimination based on age, religion, gender, caste, disability, employment, language, race and nationality. In this technique, direct and indirect discrimination is prevented using rule protection and rule generalization methods and BIRCH (Balanced Iterative Reducing and Clustering using Hierarchies) is used to perform hierarchical clustering for huge data-sets. To enhance privacy, we propose a virtual password concept to secure user's passwords in banking process. We applied user-determined randomized linear generation functions to secure user's passwords based on the fact that a server has more information than any adversary does. We are evaluating metrics for proposed methods that impact on information loss and data quality in data mining.

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Ashenafi Mitiku, Dawit Dalga

ABSTRACT: Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is the most important crop among food cereals. The experiment was conducted at south eastern part of Ethiopia to investigate the efficacy of three herbicides on weeds and growth and yield of wheat. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Complete Block design (RCBD) with three replication. Treatments were combination of 2, 4-D with pallase, Topic with 2, 4-D, pallase only, weed free and weed check were also included for comparison. The following data collected weed density, tiller number, weed biomass, spike length, seed per spike,1000g weight and grain yield. Statistical analysis of experiment showed that application of pallase exhibited the best performance with minimum weeds density (10.67m2) and higher weed controlling efficacy of 84.4% as compared to weedy check (69 m2) followed by combination of pallase with 2,4-D had 68.6% of weed controlling efficacy and hand weeding. Combination of Topic with 2, 4-D had moderate weed density and with weed controlling efficacy of 63.77%. Number of tillers (8.67/plants), grain per spike (63), spike length (8.67cm) , plant height (75.17cm), Maximum 1000g grain weight (66.67g) and (4161kg/ha) at maturity were recorded at Pallase treated plots. Therefore, application of pallase was recommended for controlling of weeds and increasing yield attribute of wheat.

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ABSTRACT: In this paper, electric vehicle technology which is recharged in the combination of multi sources (when it is plugged in to a power source from the grid and also from renewable energies like solar). However the solar radiation never remains constant. It keeps on varying throughout the day. The need of the hour is to deliver a constant voltage to the grid irrespective of the variation in temperatures and solar insolation. We have designed a circuit such that it delivers constant and stepped up dc voltage to the load. At various insolation levels, the load is varied and the corresponding variation in the input voltage and current to the buck-boost converter is corrected and noted. These electric vehicles help to keep the environment clean by reducing the amount of toxins emitted from standard exhaust systems and lower operating cost than the conventional internal combustion engine based vehicle. The main objective of this project is used to improve battery performance/efficiency as well as life together using converter and also monitoring the system using PIC16F877A. The effectiveness of the system is verified through the simulations using Simulink/ MATLAB (R2013a) package.

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