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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Study Of Solvent Effect On Uv-Visible Spectra Of A Newly Synthesized Azo-Dye, 2-(3-Carboxyl-4-Hydroxylphenyl)-1-(4-Nitrophenyl) Diazene (PNA-SA)

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Hayelom Dargo Beyene, Ephriem Tadesse



Keywords: Paranitroaniline-salicylicacid, Solvatochromism, Band, Uv-visible Absorption, Charge transfer.



ABSTRACT: The study of solvent effect used to describe the pronounced charge in position of Uv-visible absorption band that accompanies change in the polarity of the medium. Para nitro aniline-salicylic acid (PNA-SA)is newly synthesized compound which has different position of Uv-visibile absorption band in the protic and nonprotic solvents. The study was aimed to study the solvatochromism, band appointment charge transfer, dipole moment. The wavelength and intensity absorption bands are both affected when a molecule is solvent environment. This is due to unequal perturbation of the ground state and exited state. The basic parameters of each individual band were proportional to the energy and the probability of corresponding transition. The absorption spectra Para nitro aniline-salicylic acid (PNA-SA) was found to be two main bands at which350nm which saw that hypsochromic/ shift with n→π* transition and 375nm shows bathochromic shift with π →π* transition which result high dipole moment difference between the ground state (8.2107D) and exited state(35.8877D) with the moderately efficient charectestic of charge transfer with 59% . Thus, it is possible to conclude that PNA-SA can be used as a good solvent polarity probe.



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