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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Catalytic Activity Of Semiconducting Cuo-Fe2O3 As Spinel Nanoferrite On The Thermogravimetric Studies On Lanthanum Oxalate Decahydrate

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Himansulal Nayak, Ashish Kumar Jena



Keywords: Copper ferrite, Catalytic activity, Thermogravimertry, Inverse spinel, Valence induction



ABSTRACT: Lanthanum Oxalate decahydrate and Copper ferrites were prepared by chemical and sintering process respectively and the detailed investigation of their properties was carried out successfully at room temperature by FTIR,XRD,SEM ,TEM as well as by chemical methods. Catalytic activity of copper ferrite over the decomposition of lanthanum oxalate was studied non isothermally by TG-DTA after mixing the former with the later in varying mole ratios. Also a physical mixture of CuO and Fe2O3 was prepared for comparative study. It is found that CuO has catalytic activity whereas Fe2O3 behaves as negative catalyst for the entire process. But the physical mixture enhances the rate of reaction at the low temperature and as the temperature becomes high the solid solution of copper ferrite is expected to be formed by valence induction generating n- type semi conduction in Fe2O3 resulting in a ferrite having inverse spinel structure and having high rate constant. There is no appreciable change in activation energy during the process. It is inferred that the catalytic activity appears to be a function of semiconducting property of the copper ferrite. The formation of ferrite at high temperature is diffusion controlled best fitting third order law decomposition of Lanthanum Oxalate. The mechanism of decomposition has been proposed.



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