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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Assessment Of Spatial And Temporal Distribution Of Some Physiochemical Parameters Of Ground water Quality Of Birnin Gwari, North West Of Nigeria

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Isa Zaharaddeen



KEYWORD: Spatial Distribution, Temporal distribution, physiochemical parameters, GIS, IDW, PCA, WHO



ABSTRACT: In four consecutive month along 8 stations, groundwater parameters such as turbidity, total hardness, temperature, TDS, nitrate, pH, E CON, chloride and BOD, were determined on the groundwater of Birnin Gwari North West of Nigeria. Aims to assess the spatial and temporal distribution of some physiochemical parameters of water quality. Inverse distance weighted method of the Geographical Information Systems is used to prepare the distribution map of physiochemical parameters of groundwater. The spatial distribution result was subjected to correlation and principal component analysis (PCA). The results of study show that the physiochemical parameters of groundwater quality varies both spatially and temporally in the study area despite that most of the parameter in temporal distribution area not conformity with WHO standard except for temperature and pH, while the spatial distribution of parameters such as turbidity, temperature, pH and chloride, clearly show that some area on the map have desirable limit value of WHO standard. The correlation result show that the parameter share a common origin source except for pH and chloride which uncorrelated with temperature and TDS with BOD. While the PCA result shows that does with strong loading are important parameter for spatial distribution of water quality.



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