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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

The Dynamic of Property Business in the Modern World

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Md Amanat Ullah, Dr.Seow Ta Wee



Keywords:The Developers or Vendor,Marketing Strategy, Environmental facility, Property, Price, Target Customers or Market, Total Deale andThe Purchaser.



Abstract: The housing property business is becoming a modern professional business in the property market. Most of the high level income group and educatedpeople are mostly looking for a quality of construction andnatural green environmental surrounding of housing complex. Malaysia, Singapore and UAE are the best example. Most of the luxury condominiums having the natural green environment and private security due to this natural environmental and security facility brings a big portion of foreign customerto buy the property. Malaysia is giving the second home facility, Singapore also givingthe Permanent Residencefacilityas a result the developers are getting foreign customers at the same times the banks also offered the house loans for them. The total coordination is amagnificent system to grow a national income and it could be a sustainable growth of economy in the particular country. This study can bring the benefit for both the developers or vendor and the customers to guide on the right track to buy and sale the housing property not only in Malaysia but also other part of the world.



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