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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research  
International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Optimized Power Consumption And High Bandwidth Utililaization For Wireless Networks

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M. Gopu



Index terms: bandwidth allocation, energy efficiency, optimization, QoS, Channel



Abstract: The availability of video streaming and other high quality multimedia applications increases the usage power in wireless terminals. In this paper an innovative bandwidth allocation method is proposed for wireless networks to reduce energy consumption. This method provides better energy efficiency by optimizing the channel allocation process. Rate of transmission of data is the significant factor which affects energy consumption. In turn, bandwidth allocation limits rate of transmission. So the efficient allocation of bandwidth with reduced blocking probability ensures reduced energy consumption. The existing methods to reduce the energy consumption have a difficulty of unexpected reduction in quality of service (QoS) and throughput. The proposed overcomes these difficulties and maintains required level of QoS and through put.



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