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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Application Of Steganography In Medical Images

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Archana Gupta



Keywords: Data Hiding, Data Embedding,Steganography,Cryptography.



ABSTRACT: Medical records of patients are extremely sensitive information ,needing uncompromising security during both storage and transmission.In addition , these records often have to be traceable to patient medical data such as X-ray or Scan (CAT,MRI etc.) images.While numerous security tools that hide the information and prevent unauthorized access to the data exits,the possibility of hiding the very existence of these records,using image steanography , in discussed in this paper.An improved version of a high capacity data hiding scheme, called least significant bits(LSB).This paper present securing the transmission of medical images.The presented algorithm will be applied to images. Confidential information are commonly stored in digital media and transmitted via internet due to the rapid growth of internet.If the information in images is altered then this may lead to wrong assumptions.Certain medical applications require information exchange over an insecure network where a small piece of medical information is modified intentionally for certain illegal purpose which may lead to wrong diagnosis.Therefore protection of integrity ,reliability and confidentiality of the secret medical data in images are the important issues.To protect the secret medical information steganography techniques can be used where the secret medical data is altered,even if the attackers get to know the data it was not be of any use without knowing algorithm.



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