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ISSN 2347-4289

Characteristics Of The Course Of Postpartum Endometritis In The Presence Of Various Etiological Factors

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Mariam Kharaishvili, Platon Machavariani, Nino Chincharadze



Keywords: Postpartum endometritis, maternal sepsis, acute infection.



Abstract: Objective: The goal of our survey is early detection of symptoms of infectious processes related to the etiology of maternal childbirth and postpartum periods to prevent maternal morbidity and mortality. Background: We present three patients with severe clinical cases; puerperal acute endometrit was caused by different etiologic factors. Design: Retrospective cohort study. Methods: Women hospitalized for postpartum acute Endometritis during 01.01.2010 -01. 01.2012. Clinical investigation revealed early, delayed, and late clinical pathogenic stages of acute endometritis in the postpartum period. Conclusion: postpartum endometritis, caused by various etiological factors are characterized with different clinical symptoms, and in most cases primary symptoms are minimal, which is the cause of inadequate antimicrobial therapies and is the cause of inadequate assessment of the infection focus



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