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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Automatic Vehicle Speed Control With Wireless In-Vehicle Road Sign Delivery System Using ARM 7

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Gummarekula Sattibabu,, B.V.V.Satyanarayan, VV Satyanarayana Kona



Keywords: Automobile, RF, embedded system.



ABSTRACT: Nowadays accidents are occurring frequently, causing demise of many people by making modest mistakes while driving (in school zone, hills area, and highways). But sometimes it may not be possible to view the signboards placed by the Highway Department to alert the drivers in such kind of places and there is a chance for accident. The advancement in the processor technology and microcontrollers has opened a new system designed to prevent the accidents caused due to negligence of drivers in seeing traffic signals alongside the road and other anomalies on the roads. So to intimate the driver about the zones and to automatically maintain the speed is accomplished by means RF technology. The main objective is to design a Electronic Display controller meant for vehicle’s speed control and monitors the zones, which runs on an embedded system and can be custom designed to fit into a vehicle’s dashboard to display information on the vehicle. This system if adopted by some state can effectively reduce the number of road accidents caused by speeding vehicles losing control of the vehicle at speed breakers or by driver’s negligence towards traffic signals. This paper presents a new design to control the speed of the automobiles at remote places for fixed time. The project is composed of two separate units: Zone status transmitter unit and Electronic Display and Control unit. Once the road-sign signal is received from the zones, the vehicle’s Electronic Display Controller Unit warns the driver, to reduce the speed according to the zone, it waits for driver’s response and reduces the speed of vehicle automatically.



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