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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research  
International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Experimental Investigation Of Four Stroke Si Engine Using Oxyrich Air Energizer For Improving Its Performance

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D.R.Gaikwad, H.M.Dange



Keywords: four stroke multi cylinder S.I. engine (MPFI), Oxyrich air, Oxygen enricher, Air energizer, Catalytic conversion, Stoichiometry, efficiencies and emissions.



Abstract: Conservation of fuel is the key to any nation’s economic success, also limitation of pollution through such fuel combustion is a must for the nation’s health. The present investigation is to find performance and emission characteristics of a four stroke multi cylinder spark ignition engine (MPFI: Multi Point Fuel Injection) operating with oxyrich air energizer. The oxygen is blended in intake air with different quantity of mass flow rate 5 lpm, 10 lpm and 15 lpm in a four stroke multi cylinder spark ignition engine for different load and speeds. The speed is varied from 1000, 1500 and 2000rpm. For every speed range the load is varied in range 20, 40, 60 and 80N-m. The performance and emissions of engine such as, mechanical efficiency, brake thermal efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption, volumetric Efficiency, carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen are to be determined and compared with and without oxyrich air energizer. The aim of this paper is to increase fuel efficiency and to reduce exhaust emission levels.



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