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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Simulation And Modelling Of Climate Change Ef-fects On River Awara Flow Discharge Using WEAP Model For Effective Water Management

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Olotu Yahaya, Rodiya. A.A, Evboifo Nathaniel, Okafor Micheal



Keywords: Discharge, Simulation, Water, Storage, Climate change, Models, WEAP



ABSTRACT: Modelling of streamflow and discharge of river Awara under changed climate conditions using CLIMGEN for stochastic weather generation and WEAP model was used to simulate reserviour storage volume, water demand and river discharges at high spatial resolution (0.5°×0.5°, total 66,420 grid cells). Results of CLM-Based flow measurement shows a linear regression with R2 = 0.99 for IFPRI-MNP- IGSM_WRS calibration. Sensitivity simulation of ambient long-term shows an increase in temperature with 0.5oc thus the results of the studies generally show that annual runoff and river discharges could largely decrease. The projection of water demands 150 million m3 by 2020 against the reserviour storage volume 60 million m3 and decrease in rainfall depth by -5.7 mm. The output of the combined models used in this study is veritable to create robust water management system under different climate change scenarios.



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