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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Compressed Air Driven Vehicle

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Manjunath Minajagi Ambale Swapnil, Masal Kailas, Sandage Sushilkumar, Patil Tejesh



Keywords : Compressed air; 4-stroke; Hydrocarbon; Efficiency; Harmful gases



ABSTRACT: The latest trend in the automotive industry is to develop light weight vehicles. Every automotive industry is looking to reduce the weight of the vehicle as it helps in the better handling of the vehicle and increases the efficiency of the vehicle. Today, the heavy vehicles are known for producing a large amount of harmful gases like CO2, SO2 etc. which act as the major source for global warming. So research is going on to find a light weight vehicle which does not pollute the environment. The present study focuses on engine it is modified from a 4-stroke to a 2-stroke engine using a cam system driven by a crankshaft and the intake and exhaust valves have a small lift due to this modification. The electricity requirement for compressing air has to be considered while computing overall efficiency. Nevertheless the compressed air vehicle will contribute to reducing air pollution and tend to zero pollution level. Main advantage of this engine is that no hydrocarbon fuel required means no combustion process is take place.The design and experimental test result presented here can be used for further research and modification of the technique.



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