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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research  
International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Production Standards Of Junaids Perfumes Company: Rising Through The Manufacturing Ladder

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Andres A. Regondola



Products, Materials, Dimensions and Safety



The study aims to assess the effectiveness of production standards that products meet the best specification production wise by over viewing and re- evaluating the specifications of products, materials, dimensions, safety and improvements of quality management systems and to have good products with high quality according to the international standards. With the aid of SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences), the Pearson Product Moment Coefficient was used to analyze the significant relationship between the production standards the level of effectiveness of production standard. And the correlation among relationship between the production standard and the level of effectiveness of the production standards supports the null hypothesis of the study. On the basis of the research findings, it showed that they should develop local sourcing practices that would benefit to the economy in manufacturing business to produce sourcing materials, develop an industry-led strategic transformation plan that is focused on the perfume development of technological innovation and differentiation, and uphold the system integration and application of intelligent manufacturing as well as support by the research development for new innovation of different products you have in the company. From a country perspective, the business environment, which is ranked the 7th freest in the world, ensures transparency and efficiency in doing business. Bahrain’s business sector is supported by the most productive, highly-skilled bilingual national work force in the GCC. Finally, Bahrain offers an open, cosmopolitan society with the highest quality of life in the Middle East.”“The vision is that Bahrain will be seen as a highly competitive gateway to the Gulf for international companies seeking to serve their customer base in the region. In the past, the UAE and Saudi Arabia had been seen by international investors as leading locations for establishing their projects. The Ministry sees that this development firmly puts Bahrain on the map as a credible competitor for regional inward investment.



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