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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Increasing The Performance Of Mobile Smartphones Using Partition And Migration Of Mobile Applications To Cloud Computing

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Hatem M. Abdul Kader, Mohie M. Hadhoud, Salah M El-Sayed, Diaa Salama AbdElminaam



Keywords : Cloud computing, Mobile cloud computing (MCC), GPS, offloading, Partitioning and migration



ABSTRACT: With the increasing use of smartphones devices, mobile applications with richer functionalities are becoming ubiquitous but mobile devices are limited by their resources for computing and power consumption. Cloud the place for abundant resources. Clouds provide opportunity to do huge computations quickly and accurately so we can use cloud for mobile computations. Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) which combines mobile computing and cloud computing, has become one of a major discussion thread in the IT world in the recent few years. We developed an architecture that uses cloud to do computations that consume resources badly on mobiles. It aims at finding the right spots in an application automatically where the execution can be partitioned and migrated to the cloud. Thus, an elastic application can augment the capabilities of a mobile device including computation power, storage, and network bandwidth, with the light of dynamic execution configuration according to device’s status including CPU load, memory, and battery level. We demonstrate results of the proposed application model using data collected from one of our elastic application.



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