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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Evaluation Of Different Herbicides In Gladiolus (Gladiolus Grandiflorus L.)

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Z. A. Bhat, M. Q. Sheikh



Keywords: Herbicides, growth, flowering, weed dry matter, WCE, gladiolus



ABSTRACT: An experiment was carried out at Regional Research Station, Wadura, SKUAST- Kashmir during 2012-2013 to evaluate different herbicides in gladiolus. The experiment consisted of eight different herbicides, cultural practices as weed control treatment and unweeded control and were replicated thrice in randomised block design. Among four herbicides i.e atrazine, metribuzin, butachlor and pendimethalin each with two concentrations, the better growth and flowering characters were achieved with pendimenthlin @1.0 kg a.i ha-1 and pendimenthlin @0.75 kg a.i ha-1 which were followed by butachlor and weed free treatments. Similarly, weed density, fresh and dry weight as well as weed control efficiency was recorded lowest in pendimethalin @ 0.75 kg a.i ha-1 treatments which were followed by atrazine and metribuzin treatments, while the unweeded treatment recorded highest values of these parameters.



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