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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Steganography Using DCT And Wavelet Transform

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S. Thenmozhy, Student, DR. S. J. S Paul, R.Suganya, DR. S. J. S Paul, S.Jayalakshmi, R. Rajasekar, DR. S. J. S Paul Memorial, DR. S. J. S Paul



Keywords: DCT, Wavelet Transform, PSNR value, Steganography



Abstract: Steganography is the technique used for communicating secret data. It is used for security purpose. The data can be image, video, aud io or text. We have kept secret data(image) under the cover image. In this work, we have used two algorithm one is DCT (Discret Cosine Transform) and the other one is Wavelet Transform.In DCT based technique insertion of secret information over the cover image depends upon the DCT coefficients. The main aim of our paper is to compare the PSNR value for DCT and Wavelet Transform. It is found that the PSNR value for DCT is better than the PSNR value for wavelet.



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