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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research  
International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Small Scale Savonius Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

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O.V. Katkade, Y.G. Pawar, V.H. Ahire, S.G. Chavan



Keywords: Savonius wind turbine;Sustainable energy; Wind power



ABSTRACT: Industrialization and urbanization is increasing leading to deficiency of the mineral resources. Due to this energy deficient condition, world would get handicapped for its energy resource requirement. Now we need to focus on alternative substitute for this problem. Light, wind, and biomass could be the substitute for this problem. Wind could the suitable option for it due to its high abundance. Wind turbine industry is fastly booming in the world due to urge for sustainable and renewable energy resources. This paper focuses on development of proto-type of small scale savonius vertical axis wind turbine.This wind turbine would work under different enviromental conditions, mostly urban environment consisting of tall skyscrapers, environment with low intensity of wind. This would the best option for large scale commercial wind turbine which could not work under urban conditions with low intensity of air. This approach would change our attitude for sustainable clean energy resources bringing evolution in wind turbine industry thus achieving the real goal of this technology. This small scale savonius vertical axis wind turbine would be light in weight to work under average wind velocity.



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