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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Wireless Body Area Network For Rural Healthcare

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Ashish Thawkar, Dhanshree Fukatkar, Harish Pathrabe, Vidya Zade, Ujwala Marghade



Keywords: Wireless Body Area Network for Rural Health Care(WBANRHC); HMS (Health Monitoring System);Health Parameters; Miniature Sensors; Physician’ Server Room. International Care Unit(ICU).



ABSTRACT: In this paper, Design and Implementation of Wireless Body Area Network for Rural Health Care (WBANRHC) Based Health Monitoring System (HMS) is presented. In the era of miniature and wearable gadgets monitoring of health parameters for patient with medical warning is essential. These health parameters are then communicated to physician’s server Room. The physician set various threshold values for the health parameters to caution the patient .A BAN, consisting of two nodes and a base station was successfully built and tested using open source and inexpensive hardware to measure pulse rate, body temperature, and patient’s location. Each node consisted of a pulse sensor, a temperature sensor, a GSM module Camera and a RF Trans-receiver Module.



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