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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Effects Of Faulty Construction On Building Maintenance

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Okuntade Tope Femi



Keywords: Maintenance cost, initial cost, constructions stage, faulty construction, building defects, functional life



ABSTRACT: The success of a building project depends on its performance, which is measured based on the cost of maintenance and the quality and standard of workmanship. Hence, the maintenance cost of a building during its functional life could outweigh the initial cost of a new building if maintenance has not been incorporated during the planning stage of the project. It is therefore of paramount importance to note that any decision made at the planning and construction stage of the project could have a substantial effect on the cost of maintenance. The paper seek to identify the defects caused by faulty construction on maintenance, a total of 115 structured questionnaire were randomly distributed to three (3) groups of respondents Builders, Architects and civil engineers eighty(80) were completed and returned. The severity index (SI) was used to rank the most severe defects on maintenance. While, the kruskal Wallis test, show that there were comparison and no significance difference in the opinion between the respondents. The results reveal according to the rank by the architects and builders that insufficient reinforcement bar concrete cover is the most severe defects while the civil engineers rank non-compliance with specification as the most severe defects. The study concludes that ensuring quality during construction process is dependent on teamwork and also the performance of contractor’s should be monitored to avoid defects, mistake or spot inspection



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