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ISSN 2347-4289

Mineral Resources Metallogenic Zone Borovica-Vares-Cevljanovici (Bih)

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Mevlida Operta, Sylejman Hyseni



prospecting, lead, zinc, barite, iron, chromium, manganese, Vares, exploration, reserves, quality, genesis.



Metallogenic zone Borovica-Vareš-Čevljanovici is built of Triassic clastic and carbonate formations that established the presence of significant deposits of iron and complex sulphide-barite deposits. Metalliferous zone Triassic sediments Vareš area is located north of Sarajevo at a distance of about 35 km in a straight line. It stretches a distance of about 25 km and an average width of about 2.5 km. Triassic sediments cover an area approximately 70 km2, while the brighter part is about 30 km2. Systematic geological studies with shorter intervals were performed in the period from 1967 to 1989, when it was interrupted by the exploitation of the only open reservoirs Veovača. Summing up the results of research of complex sulphide-barite occurrences and deposits in the area are clearly distinguished three groups were identified: north-group deposits and occurrences (the village of Borovice), and the central group of deposits and occurrences-Veovača, Orti, Selište, Prijeljev, Droškovac, Brezik, Smreka south and south-eastern group deposits and occurrences: Barice, Brgule, Smajlova forest. Carried out systematic geological exploration works in the period 1967-1989 was executed evaluation of reserves of lead, zinc and barite deposits in Veovača, Orti, Rupice, Brestica-Juraševac, and other sites are only indicated which leaves room for further research. The environment Veovače, the localities Selište, Orti and Prijeljev obtained are indications interesting mineralization and ore, which would support future prospects in this area. The paper gives an overview of the results of research and quality of reserves of lead, zinc, barite, iron, chromium, manganese metallogenic zone Juniper-Vares-Čevljanovići. Displayed are the geological, mineralogical and chemical characteristics of these data explains the genesis of individual deposits. Previous geological, geochemical, geophysical and exploration drilling and underground mining works were found interesting mineralization and mineralization, indicating the perspective of this area.



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