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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Impact Of Entrepreneurship Spillover On Organizations Profitability In Malete

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Alabi Gazali Olorunlambe, Funso Agbeyangi Abdussalam



entrepreneurships, spillover, industrial cluster, localization and globalization



Industrial localization is far phasing out given the level of globalization and the herald of off shoring and outsourcing in business activities. Nevertheless, small and medium enterprises still find it attractive to leverage on one another’s capacity and capability to sustain their joint and total existence. Thus, industrial cluster or at the minimal level enterprises spillover continue to command respect among entrepreneurships. To what extent is the issue of enterprises spillover is relevance in Malete? What are the impacts of such spillover on entrepreneurships success in the localities? The study shall look into the possibility of evolving a working atmosphere for spillover to leverage on entrepreneurships capability in Malete. It shall also try to investigate the benefit of localization on organizations profitability using spillover leverage as springboard. The research employs survey method using six by six matrices analysis model to generate data for analysis and test of hypothesis. The total population of entrepreneurship interviewed totaling 48 were used for analysis. The 48 entrepreneurships spread over six classes of enterprises. It is found that entrepreneurships spillover if properly managed can lead into industrial cluster such that it can be availed with all facility associated with industrial clusters.



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