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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Study Of Performance Parameters Of Single Cylinder Four Stroke Spark Ignition Engine Using Gasoline - Ethanol Blends

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Krishna Mohan Agarwal, Mayank Chhabra



Keywords: SI engine, gasoline–ethanol blends, performance parameters



Abstract: The transport systems are dependent on the fossil fuels especially liquid fuels and these fuels are depleting at much faster rate than production. The consumption of fossil fuels is very unstable and directly affects the economy of our country as we are importing it from other nations so this factor has urged us to find other alternatives to prolong the usage of petroleum. Thus, by using bio-fuel as alternative, the problem could be tackled. For this an experimental investigation has been conducted on air cooled 5 HP single cylinder spark ignition engine, fuelled with the various blends of gasoline-ethanol. Engine performance is also evaluated using gasoline fuel without any modification in a present engine. As far as the ethanol is concerned, India is the second largest producer of sugar cane, from which ethanol is produced. Experiments were conducted using different blends of gasoline-ethanol such as E0, E20, E40, E60, E80 and E100 and its effect on brake power, specific fuel consumption, break thermal efficiency and brake mean effective pressure with respect to the engine speed (rpm) were reported. The results of experimental investigation were compared with that of gasoline fuel. Results show that alcohol like ethanol in pure form or if blended with gasoline increases the thermal efficiency.



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