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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Heavy Metals Analysis In Solid Municipal Wastes

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Tsadkan Asgele, Kiflom Gebremedhin



Key words: municipal waste, heavy metals, stablization, mercury.



ABSTRACT: Heavy metals contents of solid municipal waste produce in high density towns showed higher levels of iron zinc, and cad-mium. There is no significant difference between the concentrations of other metal in high and low density towns. The inter correlation of those elements may have slightly difference of some heavy metals such as mercury, cadimium and arsenic. Contamination in municipal solid waste (MSW) and its treatment products is hudge issue that everone governs. The effect of heavy metals in mercury, cadmuim and lead which are most significant toxic elements of heavy metals and organic forms of lead are absorbition through ingestion by food and water. The source of heavy metals and their mobility in solid waste can consequence of he intended use of heavy metals in industrial product, heavy metals in solid waste contaminated soil and ground water to their leachability and manage by recycling municipal Solid waste, land filling and by incineration of solid wastes. By the stabilization through physical and chemical process in the environment, they may pose an adverse effect on the life of Human. Therefore, every person should control his environment from the contamination and their effects.



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