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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

Mass Concentration Gradient Of Aerosol Across Selected States In Northwestern Nigeria

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A. O. Essienimo, M. Momoh, D. O. Akpootu



Concentration gradient, Mass concentration, Solar radiation, Harmattan dust, visibility.



A study of the mass concentration of aerosol across four selected states in Northwestern Nigeria during 2014 harmattan season has been conducted. The region which is located within latitude 10° and 14°N and longitude 2° and 8°E has a wide spatial variation in the mass concentration of aerosol. The mass concentrations of aerosol were observed to decrease as their distance from the dust source increases. In addition, it was observed that the mass concentration gradient of aerosol tends to be higher in the East-west direction with 9.36 〖mgm〗^(-3) per degree than in the North- south direction with 8.88 〖mgm〗^(-3)per degree. The intensity of solar radiation during the study period was also observed to be affected by the mass concentration of aerosol.



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