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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research

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ISSN 2347-4289

The Attitude Of School Teachers' /Mentors/ Towards Practicum Course In Debremarkos Town Primary School

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Abebaw Belete



Keywords: Attitude, teaching practice, practicum,



Abstract: This study is conducted in the primary schools of Debre Markos town. The attitudes of partner school teachers (mentors of college students) towards practicum course were examined. Similarly, the relation between the attitude of school teachers and evaluation of related factors of the teacher learning practicum were identified. A five point Likert type attitude scale was administered to the subject of the study. Mean of the respondents' score, percentages of the respondents who scored above and below mean to each categories, simple correlation and Chi square were used for data analysis. On the basis of the findings the attitude of partner school-teachers toward practicum and its instructional process are positive. Among the related factors of practicum course and its teaching process, teachers' knowledge and understanding of it was evaluated negatively (58.33 Percent). However, related factors of practicum course implementation such as assigned roles and responsibilities besides their teaching learning process, and the absence of incentives were evaluated negatively. All of the above related factors of practicum course and its instructional process taken in this study were found to have a direct positive relationship with the overall attitude to practicum course at the 0.05 better alpha level of significance of the base of Chi-square and simple correlation statistics



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